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  1. Hi all, So, after considering it after sometime I'd love to come back to the church. However, I believe my name was removed about 8 or so years ago after I was baptized 3 years before that. Would it be alright for me to walk back into the nearest ward to where I live now in Los Angeles (since I moved to Cali from Florida where I was baptized)? I'm not sure of the process especially now since I was inactive for so many years dealing with a bad break up which partly led to me leaving the church but also moving across the country and building my career. I'd love some genuine input. I still keep in touch with some of the families and friends from my old ward in Florida but feel awkward reaching out to them about it. My heart just feels its right for me and have been really considering returning. Thank you guys for any and all your help!
  2. Well, I left after a devastating breakup and felt too much pain/hurt after it ended and felt that I needed to mend myself by being away from the church since it was my ex-gf that introduced me to it and her brother along with her family and missionaries that baptized me. After 4 years of being in the church I did however have my name removed from the records. What would happen now if I decided to come back?
  3. Hi there, Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Adam and I am 34. I grew up in Florida and was baptized when I was 22 but fell away from the church 5 years after my baptism and since then I've been building my career and moved to Cali. Was curious if anyone suggests I should return to church? Or am I too old to return? And why or why not would you suggest it? Just wanted some input since i've been pondering it alot and still have my BOM and bible and everything but not sure if I should based on my age and since I was inactive for so long and believe they removed my records because Ive been so inactive. Thank you and it's lovely to meet you all!