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  1. thank you SO much. this is definitely some wisdom + advice I needed to hear. I love this gospel and you’re right. sure I would love + my dream is to go back to any part of the Lords vineyard to serve my last four months but I should just be content with whatever the outcome is. SO grateful for your comment — this is why I shared my story here! Thank you!
  2. hello! so four, almost five months ago, I was sent home from serving my mission that I had already been in + serving in for fourteen months. in the first six months of my mission I made a mistake with some other missionaries and ultimately that transgression followed me, after I left that area & I went to my mission president, confessed & after speaking with the area seventy that coveted my mission, it was advised that I go home, repent & then it was promised that after, I would have tHe opportunity to finish serving my last four months in my home country (here in then US — I served my mission in the islands of Polynesia). well, I’ve been working with my dale president and have never felt so ready or prepared to serve our father in heaven. when I first came home, I felt so embarrassed, so ashamed of myself & ultimately didn’t understand why Heavenly Father was giving me this ‘trial’ that was ‘too much’ for me to handle. since being home though, I have been more than grateful for the little time that I had to be home. I have been able to be here for my family with all the struggles + events I would have missed, I have grown a stronger and more testimony of the Atonement & last but not least, I have grown more appreciation for the missionary work and our sacred divinity of serving our father in heaven. almost two weeks ago, I met with my stake president and he told me that although it’s been a month short of six months since I’ve been home, he feels I am ready & that we should send our recommendations. we’ve sent the recommendations of myself, my bishop’s stake president’s off to the Brethern in Salt Lake. After sending the recommendations, my stake president told me that there is a possible chance (50/50) that the brethern will reassign me to a mission in my home-country OR just release me and ‘thank you for your service’ because of the shorter time that I have left. Im seeking advice or any insight on this process. In my ward, an elder was sent home after see two months (he now is finishing his remainding 22 months after being home for six months. Im posting to hopefully see if anyone else has been through this process to share the likeliness I will be granted what wa spromised to me — a chance to go back. I have prayed SO much and just have that desire to go back fully repented & finish what I started & finish my mission. any advice or insights are helpful! Thank you!