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  1. Okay well thank you for your input. I've never had anyone correct me on this since I joined The Church years ago, so I appreciate it 👍
  2. I can respect this. It's easy for us to judge others based on the little we know, but it's always better to actually talk to someone face to face and get real answers.
  3. Thanks for your explanation. I've heard the history of that group was pretty interesting, and that The Church could've gone that direction if it weren't for Brigham Young. Upon reading I noticed that they do have some different doctrinal beliefs than we have, with some being completely different like that Jesus was not the Son of God (a false belief), but I noticed that they go to church on Saturday instead of Sunday to observe the Biblical Sabbath. My question is, how come we don't do this?
  4. Thanks for the links @Jane_Doe and @The Folk Prophet and @NeedleinA So they're not affiliated with the Community of Christ?
  5. No not at all. Just opinions on what they believe, the history, compare/contrast, etc.
  6. I just recently heard of the Strangite LDS Church, and was told it was a cult. What are all of your thoughts on them? Officially they call themselves The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Strangite).
  7. I feel like you need to go back to the beginning. Back to where you and your wife were dating and not yet married. Remember what drew you to her in the first place; there must have been a little bit of attraction right? Or what is it her personality that was attractive to you? Ponder it all, and write it down. That way you can review it at a later time and look at it on paper. We don't start out dating people that we don't like, or that we find unattractive. So that's why I'm telling you to go back to that time, because whatever drew you to her could help you out now. I've had issues with my husband too, and we've been married less than 2 years. I did what I'm telling you and it helped me realize that despite the issues of today, that person I married is still the same person I met several years ago. The same could be said with your wife I'm sure. The fact that she came from a single mother household means that she has some deep-rooted issues that she needs to open up with you about. When you find her in a good mood (or at least calm), talk to her about HER. Her past, how she feels every day, what her definition of love is...get to know her again. Getting her to open up with you will alleviate a lot of the tension that you're experiencing with her. Bring God into the marriage again. The problem with today's world is that people think they can have a happy, romantic marriage with lots of "love" but leave God out of the equation, and it doesn't help that movies and music portray that too. I'd say the first step to bringing God in is by praying together, every day. Even if neither of you feel like it; that's the time to get on your knees.
  8. That's so rude of those members to tell you which ward you "should" go to. That's none of their business. In regards to singles wards, usually they want singles between the ages 18-30 (sometimes 31, at my old singles ward there used to be a guy there who was 32). If you're older than that, then the family ward is the next step. Simple as that Again sorry that you were told that, it's so offputting but sometimes people don't have filters. What can you do.
  9. I've explored the forums before introducing myself, so I should probably do that huh Anyways my name is Morgaine. My husband and I are newlyweds and have just begun our new life together. We are both active members of the LDS church, and are working towards enriching our spiritual lives. I was brought up in a fundamentalist Christian home, and converted to the LDS church when I was in high school. Currently my husband and I are both working full time and working on finishing up our degrees. I love horseback riding, classical music, and family ❤️ Jesus comes first in my life, and I'm trying to get closer to Him. I've been a ghost follower since last year when this site was called MormonHub, and love to read the posts and give my input. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and explore. Have a great day!!!
  10. If he says he doesn't care whether you attend or not, give it time to see if he really means that. Why give up on someone you haven't gotten to know yet based on an assumption, you know? I'd give it a try if I were you.
  11. That's not the same thing. It says in scriptures that we cannot go to the Father without going through the Son first; it doesn't get any plainer than that. If this wasn't true, our church wouldn't be called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  12. I feel like it all depends on you and the guy. You can make it work out but it takes two to do so, and a lot of commitment from both sides. One thing to keep in mind is when you are marrying/dating someone of a different faith, that it will be 2x harder to keep the relationship stable than if you were with someone like-minded. Don't get me wrong, people with the same beliefs face their own problems. With that being said, it's good to start out getting to know each other's beliefs on small things. If you two mesh really well and actually have things in common in those topics, then it's easier to move on to getting to know their deeper beliefs. It's good to have this foundation before you follow through with something serious. To make it work out, I would suggest that you get to know each other's things that you have in common and dwell on those. Do things together that you like doing, go to church with him to be supportive (if it doesn't go against your beliefs to attend), etc. And he would need to do the same for you. That's why I stress that making it work needs to come from both sides. Another thing to add (I could go on forever trust me haha I'm trying to refrain myself) is that you need to have some respect for what he believes. You don't have to believe it, but accept that he does and that it's his life. And he must do that for you. This makes it so when he does things to enrich his spiritual life, that you won't get annoyed or angry at him. Vice versa. I hope it works out! LDS guys are great 😀
  13. Don't worry. I am totally against fornication and cohabitation before marriage that is a great deceit that exists in my generation and other generations before me, that living together is the way to go.
  14. This brings up another question to add to the OP's questions: When we say "Lord", who are we referring to?