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  1. marge

    Conclusions from D&C 132: 16 - 17?

    @JohnsonJones Thank you, its making a lot more sense to me now. I appreciate the time you put in to answer me. Thank you for the Catholic analogy too, that helps me understand it so much better as that's what I was raised with.
  2. marge

    Conclusions from D&C 132: 16 - 17?

    Thanks @Vort that was really helpful 😊
  3. marge

    Conclusions from D&C 132: 16 - 17?

    I think you did answer it, I didn't word it very well at all so my apologies. I should have worded like this Were all the demons chosen at the fall in LDS theology? Is it just the 1/3 of the hosts of heaven that fell that are demons? Were all the hosts who fell human spirits? Or can someone who goes to hell become a demon? If so, do all those who go to hell become demons? So I think you're saying that someone can become a demon in hell, like Judas Iscariot as in your example could have become a demon when he went to hell.
  4. marge

    Conclusions from D&C 132: 16 - 17?

    More stupid questions! So if Angels and demons can be human spirits or angelic spirits, can demons also be angelic (not human) spirits? Were all the demons 'chosen' (bad term I know! English escapes me right now, apologies) at the fall or can a really bad human spirit (or angelic spirit) become a demon due to bad choices in free will?
  5. marge

    Conclusions from D&C 132: 16 - 17?

    thanks @JohnsonJones and @askandanswer I appreciate it.
  6. marge

    Conclusions from D&C 132: 16 - 17?

    I'm so off topic but I have to ask. What is the LDS doctrinal explanation of Angels? Can a human become an Angel in Heaven? Sorry if I sound like an uneducated idiot or if this has been asked before!
  7. Thank you everyone for your help. After a lot of prayer, prescription has been filled and I'm taking my medication, I wouldn't say it's guilt free, but I'm working on it 😊
  8. LOL, thank you, I'll try
  9. Hello everyone, I'm not really sure where to post this so I hope this is the right spot. I was wondering what the LDS view on contraception is? I was raised very catholic so was taught that contraception as a mortal sin. The only time it is acceptable to use contraception according to Catholicism (other than NFP, thats allowed) is in the case of health, and that the motivation for taking said contraception (like the pill for example) is for the health benefits and not for avoiding getting pregnant. I'm interested to hear the LDS view on this subject. I've just been prescribed The Pill to help with pre-menopause symptoms, and I guess the catholic guilt is strong! I'd love to hear a different viewpoint. Thank you Marge
  10. marge

    struggling with the law of chastity

    Are there other non-lds christians in your area? LDS are not the only christian church with strong rules about sex only within the bonds of marriage. Maybe try and make friends with like minded people who hold the same values you do, and lean on them for support when you find yourself struggling.
  11. marge

    Prayer: when you don't want to ask

    I'm sorry this is so hard for you Jane, but I think you are right to think of it how you would want your children to think about you, you want them to ask you for the things they need/want/desire. God wants you to ask him for the things you need/want/desire. But that doesn't mean the answer will always be yes, but God doesn't want that to stop you asking, just like you wouldn't want your no's to stop your children from asking you for things. Trust in God, he loves you
  12. marge

    Come Follow me 2020!

    this guy on youtube is pretty cool too, especially for a non member, he's very clear and easy to understand
  13. marge

    Come Follow me 2020!

    thank you so much, I've seen some of them on youtube, but get confused on the order so that playlist on the church's website is great
  14. I'm not LDS but my New years resolution is to stick to come follow me for the year, and its on the book of mormon, which is perfect, because I really should read the whole book. Anyone else excited for come follow me this year?
  15. Thanks so much for the responses. I was more interested in anyones experiences with young people and these courses. I think its a great thing for young men and women to do these sorts of courses, life skills don't seem to be taught to them in the mainstream school system. Do you think it helped the young persons chance of success? Do most of the youth do these courses? Is it expected that the youth participate in courses like this? Is it a cultural expectation of parents to want their children to participate in these courses? (sort like parents want their children to serve missions)