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  1. My brother was quite isolated but yeah I think he did write emails to my mom most weeks. He was a bit weird though because he came home and immediately broke up with his gf he had been writing to for 2 years 😂 and he was genuinely quite sulky
  2. I didn't sorry I meant to reply to you saying someone would have noticed even if he hadn't said he was sad. Then tell @JKing my brother had a similar reaction. I didn't mean to quote both in the same message
  3. When my brother came home he wouldn't open up to me at first, but I found out he struggled to readjust because our family dynamic changed with me moving out and having a baby.
  4. I meant wouldn't someone have noticed he was having problems, without him saying anything? He won't open up to me.
  5. Junior

    What makes you a member?

    Bro you are like the coolest dude ever man.
  6. Junior

    What makes you a member?

    no that's not true.
  7. Junior

    What makes you a member?

    Yeah but when you're young you don't think about eternity or blessings you may receive, you only care about what the deal is for the night. To be honest even now when I think about only living a sanctimonious life it's kind of depressing and makes me want to go have fun, I just try not to think about it.
  8. Junior

    What makes you a member?

    Yeah this has always confused me. I was baptised when I was 8 or 9, but since I was 14 until I was 19 I didn't go to church and I didn't keep any covenants and I had no intention of ever going back. Yet lots of people would still refer to me as a member, especially my mom even after I told her I am not religious anymore, but that's probably just to make herself feel better. It is weird and it used to annoy me a lot, even when I would say I don't identify as a member people would still refer to me as an inactive member. Probably, unless you request to have your name removed or are excommunicated you will still be considered a member
  9. Ah yeah I explained that to her, I think it is the reason she is okay with our baby having one. If it was like a baptism into the church then she wouldn't let the baby have a blessing
  10. Yes I know I mainly want my daughter to have it, so when she is older she will understand that my religion is important to me and I want it to be important to her. And I want her to have a blessing
  11. We came to an agreement that she can take the baby for a baptism in her Methodist church and I can take the baby for a blessing. only because my wife won't want somethings to be said, even though she said the baby can have a blessing it's her baby too so I don't want there to be something she isn't comfortable with. oh cool I have never seen one before I want my baby to have that I mainly want to hold the baby because she is a screamer unless my wife and I are holding her
  12. Junior

    Kwaku at Payson Bible Church debate

    I find them all cringeworthy, one of the girls is cute but I have no time for them.
  13. Hi, I have a baby who is 7 months old now, I want to give her a blessing, but I can't do it because I don't have the priesthood right now. I did have it and I have prayed for my daughter lot of times, but my wife just agreed that she can have a blessing. Can I choose what is said in the blessing, even though I can't do it? Also, can I hold the baby during the blessing? Can my wife be there even though she isn't a member? Can I select who I want to give my daughter the blessing? What is the overall significance of it? I know I had one as a baby and I want to do the best thing for my daughter which is why I want her to have a blessing. I kind of know I should research this stuff but I am busy and I have heard some contrasting things from people I asked. So please help me