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  1. I think it does mean that. My wife does love and respect me, but she doesn't like the church. It isn't a personal thing against me
  2. His marriage failed, I don't want my marriage to fail. I do have faith that God will make a way for me to return to church soon
  3. That is a whole other issue, my wife has her own church that she is a part of and we haven't spoken about what church we will raise our daughter in but given my wife's dislike of the church I am not holding my breath. I have tried to explain that to her before but well it is hard for her to understand how I will be a better husband and father by spending less time with them.
  4. I was mainly waiting for my wife to be more settled as a mom and her to be feeling better. Yeah I want to go to church so much. I really don't want to upset my wife though
  5. Did it make you dislike the church even more, because you felt like the church was taking her away from you ?
  6. We've only been married 6 weeks it's not like we got married and magically the next day we were the perfect family. We're still figuring it out but I love and respect my wife
  7. I just turned 20, I am trying to be an adult but I'm quite mature anyway because since my parents divorced I've had to help my mom care for my younger siblings. I really don't want to hurt my wife and if I choose to go to church over taking her to her grandparents or even if I take her and then go to church it will hurt her that I'm choosing church instead of spending time with her and our daughter. I really don't want to upset her and she is still quite hormonal and she is vulnerable right now. She is still trying to find her feet as a mom, it hasn't been easy for her. I know God is more important to me than my wife but I don't want my wife to feel that way. It's not necessarily just about me being able to do what I want it's about her emotions. Don't get me wrong I want to go to church and I will try explaining that to my wife, but I can't just say I'm doing this whether you like it or not.
  8. I have a testimony that the church is true. I do try to put the church first
  9. Well my wife didn't want me to go and see my mom once a week but I convinced her without having to tell her I'm going to do it and I don't care about her opinion.
  10. I want to put God first but I can't let my wife know that because she wants me to put her and our baby first
  11. Yeah I know my baby can be away from my wife for a few hours but it would probably clash with her feeding time. Ok maybe I am making excuses but it's not because I don't want to go to church it's because I don't want to argue with my wife. Also, she is still not fully healed and I do need to drive her around still including to her grandparents on Sunday.