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  1. Junior

    Kwaku at Payson Bible Church debate

    Am I the only one who finds him absolutely intolerable
  2. Yeah she doesn't care if I have enough sleep, I don't think she gets much more though maybe a nap when the baby sleeps during the day. My wife took the baby to be with her cousin for a holiday and I have slept so much, seen my friends even watched rugby, but now I miss them and want them to come home. I can't win 😂 I think that seems the most likely solution 😂
  3. No bro you're helpful I don't like country music lol that's for Americans 😂
  4. basically I work 8-22 Monday-Wed Fri--Sat and Thursday I finish 19. On Thursday I still get home at 22:30 because it's time for me to spend with my mom and siblings. Yeah I have a plan, I'm working so many hours at the moment because I'm an apprentice and I need to get my USPTA Professional certificate so I can become a tennis coach. I have my junior one so I assist in teaching kids and I do sooo much club admin and I run the evening social sessions, but basically until I have the certificate I can't give private lessons so it's almost impossible for me to make enough money now. But soon I am going to get the certificate and then I will be able to choose my hours more. Yeah the thing is she doesn't like it if I go to bed early like before 00:30 because she wants to spend time with me, and then the baby wakes up at 5AM and then I have to care for her because my wife says I haven't seen her since yesterday morning. I can't get any me time 😥I do find caring for my daughter quite relaxing most mornings but it doesn't help with the exhaustion I feel . I have 14 hour work days and I know it's not good that I leave my wife and baby for so long but I can't afford to work less hours. and I think my wife should understand that I have to work all these hours and give me a break to be on my own and relax . Before the baby was born she always let me have time on my own, because she understood that's how I relax and it's not an insult to her I just like being on my own, but now she doesn't let me have time to myself
  5. We both like rocket league 😂
  6. No I wasn't forced to I just wanted to because after seeing her in lots of pain and when she was sick I realised that I love her and I wanted to marry her. I hope really really soon I won't have to work so many hours and late hours. It is a priority for me to be with my family more. I know she has unmet needs but I can't be expected to meet all of our financial needs and all of her emotional needs. I think her friends and family can help here with that
  7. oh I just realised, I'm crazy tired today lol
  8. Just if I want to reply to friends of mine who message me and I like to look on instsgram and play games on my phone it's how I relax. I am still spending time with her but I just look at my phone occasionally, but I do try not to because I know it upsets her. I don't ignore my daughter I only get to see her in the morning for a couple of hours and most of Sunday but I care for her then
  9. I come for advice and you just ask oh why aren't you listenting to everything I say well maybe I disagree with you genius
  10. Sometimes I think about it so I can go back to having time to myself but after a couple of days I think I will miss them. And it wouldn't be right to leave my wife alone with the baby
  11. It isn't that I don't want to spend time with her, but after I have worked all day I just need to rest. But she wants all my attention even if we are watching TV and I look at my phone she gets mad at me and if she is talking to me and I look at my phone she gets mad at me. When I am tired and she talks to me I zone out and when she realises she gets upset and I just need her to be more understanding. Also, I will just try to have some small time to read scriptures she doesn't like it that I ignore her and the baby, so that's why I was asking some way I can include her
  12. If I had a job that ended at a reasonable time this would be a good option I usually get home from work at 22:30 and I just want rest but my wife wants all my attention, she wouldn't even want to go out with her friends if I offered she just wants to spend time with me. On Thursdays I am allowed to see my mom and siblings so that's the time I get.
  13. I finish work every day at 9/10 pm, usually by the time I am home the baby is settled, I would like to have 2 nights where I come home and just go do my own thing in the house, like read or play video games etc. My wife won't let me do that she wants me to spend time with her. I do want to spend time with my wife too and more time with my baby, but the only day I finish early is Thursday but I go see my mom and siblings. Do you think it is fair that after I get home from work at 22:30 I can't just relax ? I appreciate she is bored and lonely but what can I do ?
  14. Yes when I get home I want to relax and do the things I want to but my wife always wants to eat with me and watch tv with me and talk etc Yes she has told me before that she finds it boring to look after the baby and she is lonely and I feel bad but I have to work everyday apart from Sunday and on Sunday after church I do give them all my attention. But she wants too much from me
  15. I told her lots of times that I want to see my friends and have time on my own but well she gets upset that I don't want to spend time with her, that's why I was asking some way I can tell her please let's have some times apart but in a way that shows her I want to be with her. And I want some way she can do spiritual things with me