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  1. Junior

    What's your first date stories?

    My first date with my ex was back in Tonga when I was 16 and we went to the cinema with her parents. It was so awkward I think we were alone for about 90 seconds, was my worse date by far.
  2. ooo that's cool I will buy it. I am not healthy right now I think I would be diagnosed with exhaustion
  3. I did suggest that to her once but she said she doesn't sleep well because she is always sort of listening out for the baby, so she is tired too. I do need some sleep soon though as I actually have had to stop driving my car on my own because I dozed off at the wheel for like 40 seconds, so now I ride my bike which tires me out more but is way safer.
  4. The way I see it is I can't win. I can either tell my wife I am going to church and I will take my daughter and I don't care about my wife's thoughts or feelings and I am that kind of man I hate. Or I let my wife choose which church to raise our daughter in and leave teaching about God up to her and I am that kind of man who doesn't get involved with his kids who I hate just as much. Well I truly believe God did make me this way so I could care for my mom and be a comfort to her. I'm not using my daughter as an excuse. I've been to the sacramnet meeting 2 weeks in a row now and I am trying my best to follow Jesus
  5. I already said my wife isn't abusive and I'm not abused. I am God's disciple. My wife won't want to hear about my faith, but I love methodists already. Anyway I think we can wait and discuss about raising the baby in what church until she is a lot older.
  6. Okay but what do I do? I can't just put my foot down and take the baby to church against my wife's wishes. Sure we can have a talk and maybe compromise on something but I am not going to make any demands and force my wife to agree to something she isn't comfortable with and if that makes me a door mat fine. If your husband said he doesn't want you to take your daughter to church anymore then would you continue to take her against his wishes ?
  7. I guess we still aren't 100 percent sure if our daughter has any health conditions. She has had 2 checkups and they have been fine but I think you never fully know the baby is 100 percent health wise.
  8. I have a daughter. It's strange how looked down upon a family bed is in the USA. It's pretty normal in Tongan culture, I don't know if we will do it but I think it is fine once the child sleeps like the parents. I slept with my parents until my younger sister was born and then I had to leave so she wouldn't wake me up but once she slept through I went back. I don't think it's bad for the child.
  9. 1) you're wrong 2) you have wasted your time because I won't read your answer 3) don't talk to me again
  10. When do you think the baby will sleep through she is 17 weeks now. My mom said after 12 weeks all of her kids slept through the night. My wife says that our daughter sleeps well during the day but at night it's so bad.
  11. There were so many times I rocked the boat with my girlfriend before we were married, like I moved out because I thought it was against the teachings of the church to live with her and she wanted me to stay living with her. It isn't like I am never bold I can be, especially if I think it is something against the teachings of the church
  12. Hi, I feel like I haven't slept in 4 months . How do you sleep when your baby wakes up all throughout the night. sometimes for feeding and sometimes for no reason. My wife brings our daughter into our room and settles her then takes her back to the crib but about the second time the baby wakes my wife leaves her in our bed. I can't sleep with the baby in the bed because I am so aware she is there and I'm scared I may squash her. Also, I can't sleep through her cries, usually I just get 1 hour of sleep and by 1AM that's it. Also, three nights a week I work a night shift so I can go almost 40 hours with no sleep as I go straight to my day job. Please tell me how you sleep with a baby? Also, I feel kind of guilty because I drink so many cans of energy drinks every day and take some caffeine pills. Do you think it's bad? I feel like it is bad if I am addicted but I don't think I am addicted because if I could get enough sleep then I wouldn't drink them or take any pills. Although, I have realised I need to drink more and more to keep awake now than I did a couple of months ago.