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  1. Yeah if I decide to stay with her after the baby is born then I hope she will let me take the child to church and she will come too, to help me care for them. I don't think she will though. I want to get a good balance of keeping up my church commitments as well as nog neglecting her or the baby, so it will be easy to achieve that if they come with me, if they don't then it will be tough for me to do both
  2. I could only find a manufacturer date on the seat I was given so I'm going to buy a new one to make sure the baby is safe.
  3. I have tried to before but she doesn't like the church in general, because she thinks it is a bit crazy. She also doesn't like me being part of the church because she thinks that I prioritise the church over her, which I have been trying to do but she gets so upset about it. I did try to reassure her before by telling her besides church commitments and my relationship with God her and the baby are my priority but she didn't like that either. I don't know if there is a way that I can reassure her.
  4. No I'm not okay with it, it makes me sad because practicing my religion is a big part of my life and it makes me sad that I can't share it with my girlfriend and that I will only have limited opportunities to share it with my child.
  5. Yes I can pray for the child as much as I want to It is just that she doesn't like it when I practice my religion around her because it bothers her. So I will have to pray on my own and bless the baby away from her.
  6. Yeah I love that she thinks of all the things that can go wrong because it means we can prevent the baby being harmed. I just want her to not be in a constant state of nervousness because that isn't healthy for her. I am going to pray and bless my child as much as my girlfriend will let me
  7. @Alia Thank you for the advice. Yes I am I think my girlfriend has really good maternal instincts so I think she will be fine mostly. I do want to help her stop worrying about things though because constantly worrying may detract from the joy she should have about becoming a mother.
  8. Yes she is just not an easy person to reason with but I am going to try and show her the necessity to save money is more important than having expensive items.
  9. Yes I am going to be there for the baby all the time, I will even sleep in my car outside my girlfriend's house (because my Bishop doesn't want me to live with her) so I can help her at night. We don't need to give the baby away because we are capable of caring for the baby. Giving the baby away is wrong because the baby is our responsibility and to pass that to someone else isn't right.
  10. I know that I am young but I will be 20 next month and I know a few people who had children at 20. My mom had my older brother when she was 20. We have money, we're not rich but it's not like we are living in poverty. I live with my mother she isn't absent. It's true that I don't have a relationship with my dad but that isn't my fault. That is true but only because his guidance is to get married. My mom will support me as well as she can. We are a bit naive but that is because we never had a baby before, but I am sure she is going to be a good mother. She is very caring.
  11. Yes I know it is more for my girlfriend to feel good about getting nice things for the baby than for the baby. It makes me feel good too, that I can buy the baby nice things but $800 is probably a bit much for me to spend on a stroller. I though $1000 would be enough to get everything for the baby.
  12. Yes but because the baby is going to be born in the USA I want to provide for them to the common standard in the USA, which I would say includes purchasing a stroller and other luxuries. I don't think everything has to be new or super expensive though.
  13. Also my mom is NOT Hispanic!! She is from Tonga and I am from New Zealand.
  14. Obviously, I am going to listen to her about somethings. If she tells me I am holding the baby wrong then I will listen and other things like that. I am sure I will leave the baby with my mom sometimes too, I trust her to look after the baby. All I meant was for somethings we have widely different views and she doesn't always understand the pressure of having a baby in the USA.
  15. I am sorry if I offended you. I don't think my mom is ignorant at all she is my queen. Also, I wasn't offending immigrants to the USA I myself am an immigrant.