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  1. God gave me this verse from Hebrews 13. 17 Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you. I am going to try and be patient with my Bishop for a while.
  2. I am not sure because I now see that I was being impatient in my pursuit to go to the temple, but I still think he has misjudged me or at least he misunderstands me.
  3. I don't think I know better than them. I think my bishop has misjudged me and is being unfair, that isn't the same as me thinking I know more than him.
  4. But lots of people with a Temple Recommend don't always put God first because everyone is sinful, I don't think I am worse than anyone with a temple recommend. You don't have to be perfect to go to the temple. Also, I don't think God wants me to leave my girlfriend.
  5. I know that and if I don't marry her God will still forgive me, then as I will have changed, I will make sure I am married and sealed with my wife before I have another child. Then with that child I will fulfil every responsibility.
  6. Yes because sometimes she is kind to me and I want to be with her all the time. Sometimes she is so moody and cold towards me, and she puts so much unfair pressure on me and she nags me. So I need her to stop doing that and then maybe I can marry her. I always act the same to her, occasionally I ignore her but only if she is annoying me.
  7. My girlfriend and her family and some of my friends too. I am focusing on what they will think about me, but I would also feel bad about myself.
  8. No God is going to help my child! Through God all things are possible.
  9. Well I just want to wait and see what happens with my girlfriend because at the moment I am planing to break up with her once the baby is born. However, I am still praying to God to change my girlfriend to someone I want to be with more and to change me to be more tolerant. I don't think her hormones can get any worse.
  10. I decided to stay with her and see how it went, because we have both changed so much recently. I wanted to see if it would work but when I moved in with her she was unbearable so I decided not to marry her. If I left my pregnant girlfriend then I would look like the biggest jerk in the world. Also, I still have some hope we could be happy together, once the baby is born and her hormones chill a bit and we can focus on the baby. Maybe one day I will marry her but not now and if I leave her now there will be no chance of marriage.
  11. I know that it wont work between us. What is the point in marrying her and then getting a divorce in a years time?
  12. Me not wanting to give the baby away doesn't make me a bad person.
  13. In my opinion I have gotten over it because I used to be angry about it but I am not anymore. Also, it wasn't that my parents divorced that I found hard it was that my dad didn't want to see me. I wont do that to the baby I will always be there for them and I am working on improving myself so that I can guide them to be better than me.