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  1. Good one! Check out my new response when someone wants to talk about COVID / Riots / Moral Decay - "Sorry, I am not really in the mood to talk about that this year. Let's try again next year."
  2. As the creator of this thread I vote to close it! ‚úč I am catching a whiff of dead horse stink.
  3. I am not talking about authority, I am talking about obedience to a request by church leaders. You seemed to have missed that as well. Honestly, I am not really interested in presenting my case any further to you. No offense. I disagree with you and that is the end of it for me.
  4. Perhaps you missed it that I am talking about Utah, where we were all told by the area presidency to wear masks not only to church but in every public area. And no, it isn't that simple. Sorry.
  5. My choice as to whether I want to attend church, regardless of my risk factor, should not be impacted by those who refuse to wear a mask contrary to the request of priesthood leaders. Despite the directive about high risk people staying home if they choose to, which I believe was inspired, the negative message is still there. Technically everyone is at risk. Let me rephrase them a bit. "My selfish desire to not wear a mask at church is more important than your desire (as a normal risk member) to attend church." or "If you as a normal risk individual want to attend church but are concerned about members like me not wearing masks, stay home!" It is wrong either way.
  6. What kind of message are we sending to the vulnerable members of our ward by not wearing a mask? Being one of those myself with maybe a 90% chance of dying from C19, the message I get is: "My desire to not wear a mask is more important than your desire to attend Sacrament meeting." or "If you feel the need for everyone to wear masks to church, you should just stay home." If someone has a problem wearing close fitting masks, then they should try something different such as a full face shield. They aren't as effective as an N95 masks, but they do block fluids from launching at high velocity over long distances from a cough or sneeze. Though I do not support mandated mask wearing, I do feel the right thing to do is to always wear a mask at church and in private businesses or other locations where they ask you to. I don't have to go to WalMart to stay alive. I can ask or pay someone to deliver my food. But to deny me the ability to attend Sacrament meeting in a relatively safe environment is very wrong in my view.