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  1. Plein Air

    Push for Utah to mandate statewide mask wearing

    Um, no. Sort of a weak attempt at humor I guess. It isn't the conservatives I can easily see going ballistic and hurting people over mask mandates......
  2. Plein Air

    Push for Utah to mandate statewide mask wearing From the article: So, it looks like as long as you can afford unlimited fines, you are good to go mask free! 💲 What are they going to do to you if you refuse to pay the fines?
  3. Plein Air

    Push for Utah to mandate statewide mask wearing

    Yup, I agree with you completely. If it happens, the bad will almost surely far outweigh the good. If the point is maybe saving lives, I can think of a dozen far better "mandates" to foist on us, some of which will absolutely save millions of lives every year.
  4. Plein Air

    Push for Utah to mandate statewide mask wearing

    Sorry to disappoint you even for a moment. Actually I am totally against making it mandatory and an enforceable rule or law - I was just trying to look open minded for the cameras! 😎 My apologies for the gooey mess on the screen that leaked out of my momentarily open mind.
  5. If the Governor enacts some kind of statewide mask requirement spawned by all the pressure to do so from various factions, mostly up on the Wasatch Front, if it isn't in the form of a law, passed by the legislature, or if martial law has not been declared, where does the authority to enact such a rule come from, not to mention the authority to enforce? More questions that are rattling about in my cranium. How is it going to be enforced? Who will be saddled with enforcing it? What will the consequences and/or penalties be for first time "offenders"? What will be done to people who are repeat offenders? What will happen if law enforcement departments refuse to enforce the rule or mandate? Might there be violent protests and rioting over this, similar to the looting and rioting nonsense related to other topics, that we are seeing even in Utah? How far do you feel the forced compliance might go? Escalating fines? Jail time? Property seizures if motor vehicles are involved? The use of Tazers, teargas or deadly force by law enforcement? Do you think we might see people being seriously injured or killed over this by regular citizens who are "triggered" by someone who disagrees with their stance, similar to the recent event of an apparently drunk Omar Johnson Levi, age 40, of Fillmore, shooting at people because they had pro trump flags on their ATV's? If anyone is curious as to where I stand on this - I am currently on the fence, but tipping towards leaving it up to the individual to decided for themselves. I can see valid points on both sides. I strongly feel that it is the correct, kind and courteous thing to wear a mask in public places, but I am not all that anxious to see rioting, looting and violence happening over it, or to see the mandate enforced at the point of a gun, which is literally what it will take for some people.
  6. Plein Air

    Taking Odds on the Election

    Whenever I have bothered to actually make a prediction as to who will win an election, I have been wrong every time. Maybe I could use those powers in this election! ⚡
  7. Please excuse my sort of on topic comment..... <----- is that a racist emoji? One family group in a branch of our tribe apparently decided to keep getting together for family parties with the whole extended family, grandparents, parents, ex spouses, kids, grandkids, significant others and more. One person brought it home from work and shared it with everyone else. 6 confirmed infections so far. A teenager is unable to breath on their own which was a surprise.
  8. Forbes magazine gives in to ecovangelist bullying - pulling what I felt was a factual, honest and heartfelt response to the current climate change hysteria.
  9. Plein Air

    Brigham Young statue vandalized

    Keep your arms and legs inside the roller coaster at all times, hold on and have fun! (Lagoon Employee circa 1967)
  10. Plein Air

    Update From My Son's Mission

    Great news!
  11. Plein Air

    Return to Church Guidelines

    Our ward is starting with under 100 groups next week split alphabetically, alternating through the month. Many of the members over 60 are likely not going to be attending at all, so the sub 100 number should be easy to achieve. On the "good ward" - "bad ward" teeter totter - I learned about 20 years ago that any ward is what I make it, but I will admit that there were a few wards we lived in that were definitely more enjoyable than others.
  12. Plein Air

    LAPD Budget

    Edit - clarification by Lego below. It still smells like PC crap to me. It looks like even the Lego company is jumping on the "De-Fund the Police" band wagon. This might backfire hugely on them. They stand to lose up to 50% of their sales in the USA. (Yes, even liberals like Legos!) Edit: I would like to see the actual letter they sent out if anyone can find a copy. Not generally but truly bad (and dare I include amoral?) teachers from K-12 up through college, can do a lot of damage over their careers. Un-armeded (bad?) teachers sit by and watch as their students are killed right in front of them.
  13. Plein Air

    My doubting daughter

    There is no pain like kid pain. One of my kids left and came back. It took about 5 years. We are so grateful for his return. Be patient. My paternal grandparents left the church many decades ago, but amazingly returned to full activity after something like 50 years. Currently one of my parents, half my siblings, one of my children, all of my cousins on the paternal side and several life long friends have either completely left or are not involved in any way with the church. If I dwell on it, I get depressed, so I basically try to do what CV75 said above. I find it very difficult to even be in the same room with some of them because they are so vociferous with their disdain towards the church and the things I value, but if I ask them not to talk about religion or politics in my presence they will usually comply and we can enjoy each other's company for a while. I did learn that none of them can stay off those topics for more than 2 days of being around them, so I limit the time together for my own sanity.
  14. Plein Air

    WHO Scientists feared being attacked by Chinese?

    Good catch. I meant to type "cases" not deaths. Fixed it and added "thousands of deaths'. I am guessing that before it is all over if it is ever truly "over" we will exceed deaths over 1 million worldwide.