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  1. I won't be able to give you any reference other than I believe it was in the then current Handbook 1. This would have been at least 15 years ago when I was in a leadership position. I no longer have access to that printing of Handbook 1, nor do I have access to the current Handbook 1. Though my memory of reading it and discussing it is not foggy, it still wouldn't shock me if it turns out that something like that isn't in one of the older handbooks. I have learned that human memory can often be significantly flawed, even hours after an event.
  2. Plein Air

    Mass Shootings

    The ACLU and others have made it very difficult to lock up someone who is a threat to themselves or society until AFTER they have committed a crime. It often takes dozens of trips to the behavioral unit in handfuffs or jail before our current mental health and law enforcement system can do anything longer lasting than 10 days of stabilizing the person with meds and turning them loose. But, isolating potentially dangerous people from society is really the only way we can significantly reduce stuff like this from happening and nothing can prevent it totally in a free society. I think mass killings will continue to happen more frequently as we move closer to the end. If we removed all the guns from society the carnage would not stop, it would just take on a new form of killing, possibly with far more dire results like what we saw recently in Japan and the good people would be left defenseless. Currently nothing can be done to protect the public from someone intent on doing harm, in most cases until they cross the line, and then it is usually too late. Regardless of what laws we might enact to help stem the tide, if that is even possible (I have my doubts), they should all be constitutionally sound and legal due process must be followed in every instance. Allowing someones rights to be abrogated simply on the say so of some relative, a teacher or an ex spouse is not something I want to see happening, yet it is going on now in states with this type of law. It is much easier today to take away someones property illegally and without due process, even if the right to possess said property is protected by the Bill of Rights than it is to lock someone up. I find it ironic that the ACLU in the not to distant past used to defend the ENTIRE bill or rights, but at some point they decided that the 2nd Amendment really shouldn't be in there so they threw it under the bus. The disturbing stories of so called gun related Red Flag laws that you won't see in the mainstream news, are growing in number. If such laws go nationwide, I believe that the abuse of legal rights will grow even more rapidly, particularly in states where the people in power hate the 2nd Amendment. If any other right in the Bill of Rights was being infringed by some kind of Red Flag Law, the liberals would be up in arms. Liberals are smart enough at least on this topic to know that if they called for a nationwide confiscation of semi automatic rifles or any gun capable of firing more than their magical 10, or is it now 9 round limit, likely tens of thousands of people would die in the effort, so they take little bites whenever they can capitalize on terrible events to further their warped cause. If someone is such a danger to themselves or the public, shouldn't THEY be locked up or their access to the public restricted in some way, rather than having their currently chosen tools of destruction locked up - sending them on a quest for new and possibly more dangerous and destructive tools? Anyone with reasonable intelligence can figure out how to kill a lot of people in less than 30 seconds without a gun if they have a strong desire to do so. Let's not forget that the adversary will be there to help them any way he can. I believe that no matter what kind of unconstitutional gun bans and infringements are allowed to be put into place, mass killings will continue to happen, literally nothing will stop the violence until Christ returns. Disarming the good people is clearly not the answer.
  3. Plein Air

    Do not trust the Progressive movement

    Isn't it interesting how the liberals eventually learned to carefully choose the words they use to describe themselves and their desires / actions? Does anyone remember "The Coalition To Ban Handguns"? They soon learned that those words did not sit will with the majority of the population at the time, so they changed their name to something like "The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence". When I see the word Progressive it reminds me of the old bits Johnny Carson used to do, and probably Jay Lenno, that played on the "Truth in Advertising" rules of the FDA. Here are some Truth in Advertising changes for some of the liberal buzzwords and labels. Progressive = Socialist / Marxist Pro Choice = Pro Convenience Infanticide Common Sense Gun Laws = Let's Disarm as many citizens as possible LGBTQ Rights = Legitimizing immorality I could go on, but I am sure you get the gist of it.
  4. The consequences of putting ourselves in a position like this can reach beyond just the foolishness of the action alone. We are taught to avoid the mere appearance of evil. There could be a long lasting impact if say someone else who was not a member, or perhaps someone struggling with their testimony RE: The Law of Chastity - observed the event. For most young people there would be no need of talking to their bishop in my view, if they did this and nothing happened, but if that person was in a position of leadership or perhaps had a calling like a teacher of youth, there very well might be consequences for it. I do recall reading in the handbook a few years ago that church callings were not supposed to be given to members who are living with someone of the opposite sex even if it was a platonic relationship. I don't know if that is still the policy, but it does show that avoiding the appearance of evil is not just a suggestion.
  5. My personal feelings are that there will be significantly more accountability for some suicides where the individual has been taught by their parents or their society that we do not have the right to take our own lives yet chooses to do so for whatever reason, but without mental illness being a factor vs someone who is not thinking rationally, particularly when mental illness is part of the equation. But, we need to remember that only God knows the individual's heart and mind. Two of my family members chose to kill themselves. One was clearly mentally ill, the other was very sick due to alcoholism. I don't feel that their choices and actions will prevent them from obtaining exhalation if they desire it. Even those who murder another can obtain forgiveness from God, depending on their level of knowledge and understanding when the murder was committed.
  6. Quite a twist on the Ohio shooting. Some excerpts from the above article. I saw NOTHING about this on which is not a surprise. The Ohio gunman described himself on social media as a pro-Satan “leftist” who wanted Joe Biden’s generation to die off, hated President Trump and law enforcement, and hoped to vote for Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president. “I want socialism, and i’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding,” he wrote in one tweet, according to The Twitter account painted a picture of a left-wing anarchist and discontent, very far from the anti-immigration manifesto posted by Saturday’s El Paso gunman. Though he had a fascination for guns, Betts also was a fan of gun control and blamed Republicans for school shootings.
  7. Plein Air

    Thoughts on Westminster College SLC

    Correct me if I am wrong, but my perception has been that Westminster leans heavily to the left. Some estimates are that over 1/3 of the student body identify as progressives, almost 40% as liberals, slightly over 10% as Moderates and less than 5% as conservatives. The faculty seems to mirror the student body politically from what I have seen. That is not an atmosphere I would want my kids going into unless it was necessary for some reason.
  8. Congratulations on your decision to be legally married, your desire to start living the Gospel teachings and eventually to be sealed in the temple! Your Heavenly Father will pour out blessings upon you both as you obey His word and make these profound changes in your life. Everything might go smoothly but be ready for stumbling blocks thrown in your way. The adversary does not want you to do this and will pull out all the stops and will use anything or anyone he can to prevent it as you progress together. My only advice that I feel comfortable giving is that if you are both fully committed to the plan, fast and pray together about not putting off the getting legally married part of the process any longer. If you both get an answer, that can be a rock you can lean on as you move forward.
  9. Plein Air

    Second marriage and temple garments

    This is how I likely would have reacted to my bride to be wanting me to avoid the use of my existing temple clothing that I wore in a previous sealing. I may have blurted out that it seemed pointless to me, which it does now (as a guy) and probably would have then. Hopefully I would have been caring and smart enough to NOT mention that! I probably would have half jokingly asked if it would be OK if I continued to wear any clothing that I once wore in the presence of my former wife, or if it would be OK to continue to own and use any items that had been seen, touched or used by her during our marriage, or should I get rid of everything that my former wife ever touched, used or saw, such as our home, our car, appliances, artwork, sporting goods, books, yea basically everything that wasn't purchased after my divorce. Again, hopefully I would have kept my guy mouth shut RE: dumb jokes that always end up badly. If I had said none of the above, and she wasn't crying or hadn't stormed out of the room at some point, I would like to think that I would have gladly agreed to not wear those temple clothes at the sealing or ever again for that matter if that was what she wanted. My guess is that I would have gotten rid of them somehow, either donating them to the temple if they take such things as a donation, giving them to a friend or relative who needed or wanted them or destroying them so the troubling visual image would never come up in the future for my bride / spouse.
  10. When I saw the title of this article I did a literal double take. It reads like some kind of murder based long term economic investment plan! Where have I read about this idea before, only it was brother murdering brother, not fathers & mothers murdering sons and daughters. MEN WHO AVOID TEEN PARENTHOOD THROUGH PARTNERS' USE OF ABORTION GAIN LONG-TERM ECONOMIC BENEFITS, FIRST OF ITS KIND STUDY SAYS Jul 09, 2019 10:00 AM Studies have shown an association between adolescent girls’ access to abortion services to end an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy and subsequent educational attainment, avoidance of bad relationships and socioeconomic status. Now, a first of its kind study by a team of University of Utah researchers shows the girls’ teenage male partners also have higher educational attainment if they avoid becoming a parent through the use of abortion. Led by Bethany G. Everett, an assistant professor in the U’s Department of Sociology, the study provides insights into how male adolescents are “abortion beneficiaries”—a term used by Katie Watson in “Scarlet A: The Ethics, Law and Politics of Ordinary Abortion” to explore the social contracts at play and how abortions benefit individuals beyond the patient. The study, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, is timely given renewed efforts to limit access to abortion, Everett said. “It is important that we recognize the stigma women who have abortions and abortion providers face, yet there are people—namely, their male partners—who reap the benefits of this emotional labor and about whom we never talk,” Everett said. “What we found is that women’s use of abortion during adolescence increases the likelihood that their male partners will graduate from college.” Co-authors of the new study are Kyl Myers, research assistant professor; Jessica N. Sanders, adjunct assistant professor; and David K. Turok, associate professor, all with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine. The study comes as newly adopted state bans may be setting up a U.S. Supreme Court challenge to Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that established a person’s constitutional right to end a pregnancy. Alabama, for example, has approved a law that makes performing an abortion at any stage of pregnancy a felony punishable by 10 to 99 years in prison; abortion would be permitted only if a pregnant person’s life is at risk. Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio and Georgia have adopted laws banning abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which typically occurs around the sixth week of pregnancy; court challenges are pending in Mississippi and Ohio. Everett said the study demonstrates important implications in restricting access to abortion services that may be neglected in current debates. “One in four women will have an abortion by the time she is 45 years old, and in almost all cases there is a male partner,” Everett said. “Restricting access to abortion will not only negatively impact women, but has far reaching damaging effects for partners and families.” In the U study, the researchers analyzed data on men who reported a pregnancy before the age of 20 that ended in either a live birth or an abortion from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, collected in 1994. They then looked at follow-up data on college completion and income reported between 2007 and 2008 by the same group of men. Of the men who reported a live birth, about a third completed any form of post-high school education and approximately 6% graduated from college. Among men who reported a pregnancy that ended in an abortion, 59% completed post-high school education and 22% completed college. In comparing income data, the researchers found financial status of adolescent males who reported a live birth and resided with their children and males who reported an abortion to be comparable—and better than men who reported a live birth but were not residing with their offspring. “This could be driven by the fact that the men who have stable incomes are more likely to maintain a relationship with a partner and live with their children and have an extra push to be wage earners,” Everett said. The men who live with their children also may experience a “fatherhood bump” from employers who see them as more reliable and employable because of their parenthood. “Given what we know about the links between education and future income, it is likely that the wage gap will widen as these men age, allowing men whose partners reported abortions to continue to reap financial benefits from access to abortion,” Everett said. Brooke Adams Manager, Executive Communications, University Marketing and Communications Email: [email protected] Phone: 801-587-2130
  11. Plein Air

    Summer showed up!

    Sorry, I missed the "car" reference. You need a different CAR then. lol Car AC units are not all equal. My son's Honda Civic can't keep up with 90 F heat, but my Ford pickup can freeze you out of the cab when it is 115 in the shade with high humidity.
  12. Most of us tend to over think this stuff, bringing unnecessary stress and worries into the mix. Just remember that sealings between two individuals are not a "done deal", but rather something that MIGHT happen in the next life. The most important thing to remember is that any negative feelings one might have towards en ex of their own or their current or future spouse's ex will be GONE, if we reach the point in the next life where a sealing can become ratified and eternal in nature. We will be of one mind with our Father in Heaven and will whole heartedly accept His will. There literally won't be any bad feelings harbored or grudges held by us for ANYONE anywhere, nor will anyone there with us in the celestial kingdom have any bad feelings towards us or anyone else. We will all literally be of one mind and one heart. So, it doesn't really matter what kind of a person a particular "Ex" is now. If they make it to the celestial kingdom with us, we will without question accept them and love them completely. Try to keep that in mind when looking at the whole situation and you may see things with a different perspective. Interestingly, if we refuse to repent of our negative thoughts and feelings towards someone, refuse to forgive them and to love them, the greater sin will be on our heads. Ironically if that does happen and we are not exalted, but they do repent and attain exaltation, then guess what? We won't be there in the Celestial Kingdom with our current spouse and our children, we will not be sealed to anyone, but they will (maybe not to the same person they were sealed to in this life...) if they desire it!
  13. Plein Air

    Summer showed up!

    You need a bigger AC unit! If you can't keep the inside of your home near 72 F all day and night all summer, whoever installed your AC system, did not use the right equipment and or you do not have the necessary insulation. I have lived in places where 98 to 105 F and dripping humidity was the norm during the summer, but our AC was able to keep it 70-72 F inside all summer. My friend has a fairly new home where the contractor installed an anemic AC unit that was never be able to cool their home in the summer. It would run 24 hours a day and never catch up and would break down frequently. They burned up motors and other parts several times a year. He is now replacing it with a unit that will do the job but is going to cost him many thousands of dollars.
  14. Plein Air

    Saying sorry

    Did one of the students initiate the angry response either verbally or physically, or did they both spontaneously combust? Is the other student also being considered for expulsion or discipline from the school? Was it ever determined which person threw the first punch? Any video surveillance footage? Was it a mutual running into or was one of the students clearly run into by the other? Has either one of them admitted to any wrongdoing? Has either one of them apologized to the other and / or to the administration? Running into someone accidentally doesn't qualify someone as being labeled the aggressor in my view. They would have to have been the one to throw the first punch, the first expletive or the first shove. If they didn't start the fight or even the verbal abuse, then they literally have done nothing wrong. Nor is being run into an excuse to lose your temper and resort to violence. If it was an accident and the person run into was the one who started the attack, they were clearly in the wrong. I say that they are the only one who should be removed from the school or disciplined in any way. If it was a mutually culpable loss of control with no clear aggressor then I suppose both should be disciplined. Personally I think that a policy of expelling or suspending both parties when ONE of the two is clearly the aggressor and the other was clearly defending themselves is wrong on many levels. I realize this is pretty standard in most (all?) public schools and probably most private ones, be a victim and try to run away. Any attempt at self defense is "wrong". I told my kids when in school not to worry about getting suspended. If someone attacked them, and they felt they needed to defend themselves, do so but stop as soon as the attacker has backed away or when the attacker has been restrained or subdued by others. Everyone including kids and young adults has the right to self defense regardless of what the laws or the rules of the country, local government or schools say. Obviously if you choose to defend yourself in confused countries or localities who unrighteously deny that God given right, you will likely suffer some consequences from the government that might be quite severe, so pick your battles carefully and follow the spirit as best you can. Trying to run away is not always an option unless you want to die or be maimed for life. I told my kids to listen to the spirit and follow the promptings if they were ever in any kind of situation like that and they would have a clear conscience years later no matter what punishment was unjustly placed upon them.
  15. I was a bit surprised to see nothing about this story on any of the local or national mainstream news sources since it is touted as a "Major Win" for the sexual revolution crowd and a "Big Brother" outrage for many who support the traditional family unit. It has been ongoing since at least March. More hits from a Google Search