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  1. I was a bit surprised to see nothing about this story on any of the local or national mainstream news sources since it is touted as a "Major Win" for the sexual revolution crowd and a "Big Brother" outrage for many who support the traditional family unit. It has been ongoing since at least March. More hits from a Google Search
  2. Plein Air

    72 hour kits. Yes or no?

    Years ago I did an Elder's Q. lesson about self reliance / food storage. I brought up 72 hour kits during the lesson and someone mentioned that a 72 hr kit was not mentioned back then in any church publications as something every member should have such as a year's supply of food and if possible fuel. Are they now? I haven't read anything in that area for several years. Not many members around me did much about having a years supply of fuel on hand. Some had extra propane tanks, others large wood piles. Our home didn't have a woodstove, but we did have more than a years supply of propane on our property in the form of two 1000 gallon tanks. We topped them off whenever they would take the minimum fill amount which I think was 200 gallons for a free delivery. If you decide to go with propane, it is wise to own the tanks if you can. If the tank is leased, I was told by the propane company that they can come and take it away at their discretion, and pay you the going rate for any propane in the tank and there is nothing you can do about it. I did not follow up to check if that was actually true or not. I bought my own tanks so I could negotiate for the best price. They paid for themselves in about 3 years. I could get the propane for quite a bit less per gallon than if I were under contract. It came in handy several times when we were either short of cash or the snow was too deep for the propane delivery guy to bring us fuel. My entire house could run on propane other than the lights, hot water pumps for in floor heating, and the microwave. I could heat the house enough in the winter with built in a propane heater that required no electricity. I had a dual fuel propane / gasoline generator that could give us light and juice for the fridge for many months if needed.
  3. Plein Air

    Your vehicle, and your route out of town

    What happens to the electronic ignition systems in many carburetor fed engines when hit with an EMP? Does an EMP impact the old mechanical points and condenser distributors? I seem to recall reading that older diesel engines, such as the 12 valve Cummins will run with absolutely no electrical / computer systems required once you get them started. The fuel injector pump is turned by direct gearing. No spark plugs of course. I am pretty sure that the entire system is mechanical other than the starter motor and glow plugs. Is there any way a 12V starter motor with a mechanical switch and solenoid could be damaged by an EMP? Another plus for an older diesel engine is that you can run it on a mixture of diesel fuel, veggie oil, ATF or Motor Oil. A friend of mine ran an old 12 valve Cummins on filtered, used ATF and motor oil mixed with diesel fuel, for many years. If it comes down to siphoning fuel from abandoned vehicles, you will be ahead of the crowd being able to use ATF and engine oil drained from the pans of abandoned rigs or even junk yard vehicles as a fuel supplement. I watched my friend drive his Jeep Rubicon with a modified air intake through almost 4 feet of muddy water. It was flowing around the windshield as he drove through it. Only a few drops of water got into the cabin. If I had the $$ to buy one, I would own a propane/NG fired incinerating toilet. We were going to buy one for use in a home that needed a toilet where there was no sewer pipe but ended up selling the home. You end up with sterile gray ash that you can just throw in the trash or on the ground with no concerns. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After taking a look at a Unimog over by Moab a few years ago, I have had a hankering for one!
  4. The gist of the story - a young boy in Utah with an Ash Wednesday cross on his forehead was told by his public school teacher that face painting was against school policy and he would have to remove it. The boy unsuccessfully tried to explain what it was and was forced to wipe it off. I believe that the teacher was simply doing her job and following school policy. Only she and God know the intent of her heart, but I would be surprised if she had any intent to offend or discriminate against that kid. If the school policy did not have wording exempting religious reasons for face painting, then the school policy was wrong, but the teacher was not. School policy should have specifically excluded certain things such as the Ash Wednesday cross from the rules, but as far as I know it did not. She did nothing wrong that I can see unless not knowing about Ash Wednesday is somehow wrong. Unless you grew up around Catholics or are one, the odds are you didn't know about it either. I remember as an adult, telling a friend he had some "dirt" on his forehead only to learn what it really was. This event, to me is a prime example of how our society is too quick to judge, to quick find fault, too quick to run to the news or social media when we are offended by something, rather than talking to the person who offended us IN PRIVATE and working things out if we can. I think that whoever it was that broadcast this to the world was not justified in doing so. I feel they did something far worse than the innocent error on the part of the teacher, and yes, I realize that I am judging that persons actions. I would be very surprised if the 7 year old kid was the one who turned it into a national news event. What we should do if we are offended or mistreated by someone:
  5. Plein Air

    Self-defense poll for US Saints

    One of my ancestors experienced first hand what happens when you allow yourself to be disarmed. He was asked to surrender his gun to a colonel in the Missouri State Militia when he was told they would let him go free if he did. Immediately upon giving it to the officer in the militia, he was shot and killed by said officer with the surrendered gun, who then proceeded to chop up his body with a corn knife. I never really thought about self defense as a young man until I was robbed and knocked unconscious by some punks. Since that day I never go anywhere unarmed. My resolve to always carry became stronger once I had a wife and children. We know that the US Constitution which includes the bill of rights was not meant to apply only to the citizens of the United States. I desire, therefore, to speak to you about our divine Constitution, which the Lord said “belongs to all mankind” (D&C 98:5)“and should be maintained for the rights and protection of all flesh, according to just and holy principles” (D&C 101:77). The Constitution of the United States has served as a model for many nations and is the oldest constitution in use today. “I established the Constitution of this land,” said the Lord, “by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose” (D&C 101:80). I feel that the ideals in that document should be cherished and defended, especially by EVERY member of the church, and all those outside the church who want to support truth and freedom, regardless of where they live. If you choose not to use a firearm or any weapon for that matter, to defend yourself or others (example, the parents of the Stripling Warriors), you certainly aren't going against that inspired document, but when a person, group or government tries to take that right away from ANYONE else, they are in my view, most definitely walking on shaky ground and are acting against inspired teachings.
  6. Plein Air

    Self-defense poll for US Saints

    I thought that churches were the same as businesses in Texas. Allowed unless the church prohibits it.
  7. Plein Air


    Hello all. I am new here. I am a member of the church, living in the USA, semi retired from my day job and I enjoy plein air and studio painting.
  8. Plein Air

    Self-defense poll for US Saints

    Aish HaTorah, your post brought to mind this article I read many years ago. I too find it hard to believe that so many Jews are anti gun after what happened to them when they were disarmed by the government in Germany.