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  1. Gallant Pioneer

    David Snell article: Why, David?

  2. Gallant Pioneer

    Emotional at civilization?

    I think I know what you mean, I get the same thing when I question my path in life like I did recently. I got the chance to go back to the first place I worked for when I first left school. I've been loving it but lately as the boss has turned out to be a bit of a case. I prayed and meditated on the purpose of me being back on the old stomping ground and after a few hours I could feel the gears moving through my head which seemed to clear my mental vision and ease my concerns. I was left feeling empowered and with a sense of duty that was something bigger than my own ambition or understanding. I don't think it's the same thing as I get when experiencing civilization but again... Its weird because it's not me. Thanks for sharing
  3. Gallant Pioneer

    Emotional at civilization?

    I'm feeling that, I'd say its more about the time and the place when these things happen rather than what it is that's happening. I mean it's not like I haven't seen snow before but on that night in that very moment, I was somehow connected to it a level beyond just that of snow. Something beautiful about cruising through the fog at night whilst everyone else is asleep. A kind of serene but earie poetry in motion. Maybe that's got something to do with it.. Like my reaction to civilization.. Maybe it's something to do with being out on the road when everyone else isn't. Walking a path when nobody else is etc. Hard to tell..
  4. This was my thought also, the kid might have been challenged and he's came across some material/questions that have rocked him slightly hence the wish to extend his stay, as a means to reestablish his testimony etc. Op, It really is guess work at this point but purely based on nothing more than my personal experience of people.. Could help just to let him know you're there for him and take a step back.. Sometimes trying to pull someone back ends up pushing them away. It's one of these weird things in life. You've done a good job in noticing. Continue to be normal around him. Invite him out and do his washing or whatever, show him kindness and charity and he'll come round. Sometimes young guys just need a little time to square things up inside. Easy for me to say but try not to worry, if he sees that he's having that affect on his family he might feel guilty. Give him a little time, he's had his horizons broadened of late. I wish you and yours well.
  5. Gallant Pioneer

    Emotional at civilization?

    Pretty much me trying to explain this.
  6. Gallant Pioneer

    Death Note

    Nate Rivers for the win!
  7. Gallant Pioneer

    Emotional at civilization?

    I hear you. Another thing for me, when I still had my retriever and I couldn't sleep at night I'd always get that weird feeling when I walked my dog and turned down a quiet street with undisturbed snow on the ground under the street lights and then I realize the only prints there are mine and my dog's. Weird.
  8. Gallant Pioneer

    Emotional at civilization?

    Happy new year to each and all, May 2020 be a blessing to you. And for those who keep an eye out for Chinese astrology, nod to the Rats! I have a strange one for you. Its something I do from time to time and it is almost always whilst driving at night. Upon reaching a town or city at night I tend to feel connected and emotional to everyone.. Houses and apartments with their lights on whilst others with their lights off.. Lone dog walkers and maybe the occasional wild life scurrying across the street. It's not tears nor is it sadness... Its something else... What is it? Recently I finished work late, 22:30, drove one minute down the main road and came to cross road where traffic lights are in the middle of the street surrounded by old buildings. There was a filling station to my right with the lights dimmed with only a handful being served... Again, I felt weirdly connected to the city and to everyone I see ... This feeling or whatever follows me home and often until I sleep.. Do any of my fellow saints feel me here? Happy new year guys.
  9. Gallant Pioneer

    Kwaku at Payson Bible Church debate

    Yep, the arrival of the four horsemen of new atheism. Everyone had a blog, book or brand to advance. Burning Qurans etc. I wasn't involved in any of that but I observed and sometimes when the mood suited me, I'd judge with a slight shake of the head topped with an eye roll. Especially during bananagate with the (Not so) amazing atheist.... Or the time Thunderfoot had to leave the heavily controlled atmosphere of his tightly edited videos narrated with his silky smoothe tone of faux sophistication. To face an actual adult and speak to them one on one. Guy sounded very nasally and couldn't look the adult in the eye, he opted to stare at his feet.Stuttered and thumbled every answer. And of course there was Peter Joseph's zeitgeist.....the conspiramentary that gave a migraine a headache. Then in came Richard carrier with his mythicisim. He promised to break the glass ceiling of theology and his first victim was going to be none other than William lane craig. Well, he hit that ceiling the same way a fly hits a windshield. Dawkins would tour the bible belt and annoy the Christians then cash his cheque. For anyone who has ever wondered why he spends so much time in the states its because nobody in Britain takes him seriously, not even his peers. So yeah, it was an interesting but fruitless time. I had believed in a God the entire time so it's not like I was looking for a hole in the fence. But after I stepped away from all the drama I bumped into two sisters in 2013 and here I am. I'll leave all the debating to the young lions, I've other things to be getting on with lol.
  10. Gallant Pioneer

    Kwaku at Payson Bible Church debate

    I can't say I'm a fan of his but fair play to him he's obviously enjoying himself and has an audience. Unfortunately I've got " debate burn out" due to being caught up in the new atheism wave of the early 2000s when it was edgy to boast and goad on YouTube. I think I've watched every debate there is and on every religious subject.... Probably unlikely but it feels like it. I hope someone besides book pedlars finds it useful and informative. These days I prefer chilled out discussions minus the ego.
  11. Gallant Pioneer

    Heart attacks are no fun

    I know I'm not a regular fixture on here as I spend most my time on here reading The archives for questions I have that have been asked a million times. But I am glad to hear you survived your event. My own father took a massive attack in his sleep over a weekend about 6 months ago. Strangely, he woke up due to hearing my mother shouting on him ( my mother has been dead 10 years) it was his startle that woke me up to hear him shortly have his attack. Whilst in the hospital he went into cardiac arrest and so I prayed. A very strange sensation pinged in the back of my head as I prayed followed by a strong sense of peace. Shortly after the doctors informed us he had survived and was being prepped to be transported to the best heart people in the country. Scariest yet most reaffirming weekend of my life. My father is sitting across from me as I type this, he has since gone vegetarian and is all up in those bananas. As a sign of support I'm upping my diet. Which is how I came across this thread as I wanted to ask about D and C dietary advice. Glad you are well, stay strong.
  12. Gallant Pioneer

    New boss

    Thank you each and all, I will put this down to a twitch of sort. I've had others tell me they find it dismissive or aggressive but to me it's so random and disproportionate to what's being discussed it's hard to feel anything about it. Reading through some of the twitches you guys mention makes for some interesting scenarios I'm sure. Thanks for your help, hope you're well and good.
  13. Gallant Pioneer

    New boss

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen I have a bit of a strange one for you. Recently my work has seen the arrival of a new director ( my boss) who seems to be very erratic when it comes to making a decision. Forever changing her mind basically. We, thankfully get on quite well and she sees me as reliable. However there is one trait she has that confuses me so I need your help. Sometimes when I or others say something she reacts with this curious twitch. Where she pulls her head back, tucks her chin in then raises her eyebrows and ever so slightly shakes her head... Its like.... An eye roll but with the head? It always comes with an air of disapproval. So my question is, what is that? I've never seen this before in a 40 something year old. She's highly educated, driven, intelligent, does a load of work for charity but she seems emotionally immature. She's the type who will cut people's hours for the slightest thing against her personally (which I've seen and heard her do in person) So this neck twitch thing..... What is it?
  14. Gallant Pioneer

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Finished watching the 2018 Predators movie....i know, but I was a fan of the mythology years ago as a kid. Anyways the predator movies have always had sprinkles of comic relief here and there but the writers seemed to be more focused on the jokes than the predator. It wasn't a bad movie as such but it didn't feel like predator. The predator from 2010 felt like a rerun of the 80s but it still worked. Anyways I'm rambling. Not really my type of thing anymore but it had its moments. I'm going to run my eye over the shape of water next.
  15. The work of Jeremy and Dehlin was some of the first literature that introduced me to the church. 99% there and just awaiting my baptism. Also, without making this into an attack but I want to say this anyway. Jeremy is a funny lad in my eyes. I remember when John Dehlin interviewed him on his departure from the church and he was sitting on the sofa with his arms stretched out and legs crossed looking proud of himself. A bit like the time he left the church and walked out into the parking lot where he was flanked by sound systems microphones and camera then announced that he "didn't want to do this" Sure... Thankfully, as more time goes by their followers have started waking up to the cult of personality that surrounds them with those two and their ilk. The ex mormon business model is an easy one.. Pitch up at the exit doors of the wards, set up some tables with leaflets and merch (or cruises) then tell any or every disgruntled member what they want to hear. Point to New horizons with one hand whilst picking their pockets with the other. Luckily I came in through the back door and wondered who the weirdos were and now am joining the church... God.... He moves in the most mysterious ways.