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  1. I think that is a good question. So while I'm still thinking about it, for me, there are several reasons why I pray. To feel close to heavenly father for one. Also to thank him for all he's done for me since i last prayed. Also to repent. I think this is a great question though, and ill still be thinking about it.
  2. I think this is probably true, I need to learn this. Please teach me!
  3. You mean if someone smokes for twenty years they will crave it for 20 more if they decide to quit?!? That's tough. 🤪
  4. Oh boy. This might be a lot less severe case but my mom is so annoying to me. She tries to involve herself in my life so much but I can't deal with her. This poor woman. I feel like all she needs is some attention but I feel like the way she neglected me as a child has made me resentful. I forgive her for everything but she erks me to no end and she's not even that bad, i wish I could hug her every day and tell her I love her. One day I'm going to overcome this. I've heard you should treat people like they are the best versions of themselves or who they have the potential to be at their best. My poor mom.😔☹️😭
  5. It was a hard decision and I question whether or not I made the right decision. Also, after I went to church I got the feeling I should have just stayed working there. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding what heavenly father wants me to do. But I used to have a job that was both making me happy and keeping me healthy although I lost that job due to my own mistakes I feel like there is another opportunity for me out there that will make me feel fulfilled. What can I do to get heavenly father to bless me again in such a way?
  6. It's all good bro, I also have no idea about those things but here's some hashtags. #career suicide #dramatic #self alienating #denial #attention whore #akward af #put me out of my misery #we make our own hell #help! #save my life #my poor manager
  7. Ok I guess I'm just hoping it's a false memory, to be completely honest.
  8. I feel like I might have said something offensive about twelve or more years ago to a co-worker before I started working there.i only started 3 or 4 months ago. I think they might have given me a hint but I can't be sure. I told my manager about it but she doesn't know how to help and I also told her that I might have to quit or get transfered. I might have said something or it might have just been an inappropriate look. It might not have been me also. It might have been someone I was there with at the time. She said it might be because I'm working nights. It feels like a guilty conscience. I don't know if I posted this before but the way that I started working here is sort of interesting too. I didn't have a job and I fasted and I had a dream of my wife's great grandmother who had passed and in the dream she told me to apply at a place like this and within a few weeks I was working there. I've been praying alot about working at this place ever since I started and I've never been so involved in a workplace before, at least not emotionally or spiritually. It's really messing with me.
  9. I think I read about someone on this forum who had possible false memories but I couldn't find the post. I almost quit my job today because I think I might have said something to seriously offend someone at my work 15 years prior to being employed there.i think I need a doctor to scan my brain.
  10. Hey my hours went back up today and I heard another complaint any thoughts?
  11. Am I tripping or is this other lady taking notes of my schedule?
  12. I think I might have been singled out because of the extra day I get. They took that from next week. They can have it. Although theyre gonna regret it with all the upper Deckers they get in that store. I'm the janitor btw.
  13. Ok who prayed for me? Things got better today. Probably anatess praying I get a brain. Jk anatess thank for your help.
  14. Ok guys I didn't mean it literally about snitches. I just meant that maybe telling on someone is kind of the childish way of handling the problem that might not end well. How can I make this person my friend? How can we work well together?
  15. Your right, it was harsh. But thanks anyway. I was hoping for more of ideas of how to help this person maybe idk. Something more important I guess then just ignoring them. Let me know if you come up with something.
  16. Ok guys I'm getting really upset at work and I really wanna figure this out. Just a little back story. When I was out of work I prayed and fasted and I had a dream and in my dream I was told to work at this place. I applied and got hired and now I really feel like I'm unfairly targeted. I know I do a good job I literally run from place to to save time I scrub on my hands and knees I sweat every day I been told by some that I clean more than anyone they have ever seen and others tell me I do very good as well. I don't want to quit for two reasons. I feel like I was put here for a reason, and also I just don't like the idea of quiting. Why am I getting the feeling of being squeezed out, I don't belong, or I'm being unfairly judged. Why so much drama in this retail environment. How much could actually be at stake here?!? I mean if this was a big $$ job then I'd understand, But this is southern California retail.
  17. I read in the bom profets who cried unto the Lord all day and all night, but how did they do it without being repetitive?
  18. Maybe I could just keep trying to be nice and goodness will overcome.
  19. Old enough to know, snitches get stitches