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  1. Sensible

    A generous Fast Offering

    I have always had a concern for paying a fair fast offering. When we were raising 5 kids back in the day we lived paycheck to paycheck. Our meals were very simple and cheap so I felt the most I could pay was $2 per person per meal. Now that there's just my husband and I I pay the same amount so in my mind it feels generous. My question is how much does the average home cooked meal cost per person? When we go out to eat for breakfast or lunch we average $5-$10 per person per meal so would that be a generous fast offering? I really want to know what the average person considers a generous fast offering! It weighs on my mind that I don't want to cheat the Lord!
  2. Sensible

    Paying Tithing As A Married Couple

    As far as net or gross goes I consider my increase is all the benefits of government services. ie. Roads, highways. Schools Ect. Government officials/services and the buildings they work in that provide us those services. Etc. I also considered not paying on social security since we don’t know if or what we will end up getting back. So I will pay on what we get back. My question is about Fast Offerings...what is the average amount each person would pay for fast offerings?? Whenever we go out to eat for breakfast and lunch we average roughly $5-$10 a plate. Is that considered a generous FO per person?