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  1. Mores

    Speaking as a train-lover...

    So, that's where Lionel Luther got his start.
  2. Mores

    Falling for a missionary

    I'm going to give you the best possible advice. I hope and pray that you might truly understand exactly what I mean by it. I hope and pray further that you will truly take it to heart. Ready? You may want to write this down and read it again and again to really fathom the meaning. ... ... Who the heck knows?
  3. Maybe. But be aware of upsells.
  4. Find a shop you can trust. If that is a dealer, then use a dealer. Be aware that dealers will always cost more than a shop for relatively the same work. And I've NEVER had a dealer give me honest service. They're ALWAYS trying to upsell and give you services you don't need. Individual repair shops will also tend to be dishonest as well. But there are SOME honest shops. If you live in a low density area, then you have fewer to choose from. But you also have the benefit that everyone knows the good and bad shops.
  5. Mores

    Living the Law of Consecration fully

    It seems that one qualification of a zion society is one where we have no poor among us. It also seems to me that we are so very close to it within the Church.
  6. Mores

    Leviticus 21:16-23

    @Scott Even when I attended live temple sessions in my early years, I heard people say that they actually went out of their way to go to a different temple because they rolled their eyes at seeing amateurish acting from an older couple trying to portray Adam and Eve. It was just plain too distracting for them. Can you imagine how distracting it would be if any of the actors we're handicapped or had huge boils or pustules all over their bodies. We're not any better today than our ancient counterparts in that regard
  7. Mores

    Old TV shows

    Only Transformers? I remember my younger relatives watching Go-bots. Those are largely forgotten now. And good riddance. I only saw one elisode, and it was beyond iredeemable . BTW, I sort of liked War of the World's. But I thought it suffered from low budget.
  8. Mores

    1 in 4 Women have abortions

    When over 95% of them are voluntary (i.e. not included in the list of standard exceptions) the 1 in 4 estimate is still a pretty accurate number.
  9. Mores

    So How About Music?

    I was once owned the soundtrack to the movie Xanadu featuring the voice talents of Olivia Newton-John. While the movie bombed, the soundtrack was quite popular. Nowadays, the music certainly shows its age. But back then, it was pretty good.
  10. With scouting going away, it is now up to families and friends to do this on their own.
  11. Mores

    1 in 4 Women have abortions

    You're right. It makes no sense for them to include that in the statistics. The baby was already dead. You can't abort a baby that already self-aborted. This is largely a historical throwback. For centuries a miscarriage and an abortion were synonymous. And for many doctors, they are in the same category "an early termination of the pregnancy". However, the medical industry is responding to social and political winds. And they are being encouraged to separate the categories. There certainly is a big difference between the induced termination vs a self-termination.
  12. Mores

    1 in 4 Women have abortions

    From the link that MoE offered: The statistic does not make any exceptions. But I believe it is only induced abortions. It would include those abortions due to the standard exceptions that most pro-life people accept. The D&C procedure itself is usually not considered an abortion. But since it is often used when a baby "self-aborts" (i.e. miscarriage) then the pregnancy is considered to have been aborted. But the D&C "post-miscarriage" is not, in and of itself, considered an abortion unless that was the chosen method of an induced abortion. However, statistically, I don't believe miscarraige is counted in reports like the one linked to because, even though, technically speaking a miscarriage is an abortion, it is often separated because it is not medically or statistically useful to include them together. Notice the wording: A miscarriage is not a "procedure". Regardless, since the percentage of "voluntary" abortions is 95% or greater, the overall rate is still around 1 in 4.
  13. Mores

    1 in 4 Women have abortions

    It parallels, but is not equal to it. Apparently a small, but not insignificant, minority of women are changing to pro-life. I don't have the number for the linked article's time period (2008-2014). But the 2009 (it peaked this year) to 2013, there was about a 10% to 15% drop in pregnancy rates.
  14. Well, get another one. I ain't stepping up.
  15. And I'm apparently your 12th wife. (I'm the pretty one).