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  1. I have been carved out of a ward and out of a stake. I'm now in the stake next door. Well, it's my stake now. I was one of four households that got moved. I actually had some sort of premonition about the change as it was. I told my wife that I thought there would be such a change. She blew it off because of her reasons which I thought were reasonable. So, I ended up figuring that it would still happen, but it would still be several years away. The bishop at the time came with the stake president from the new stake and dropped the bomb. They were being very careful of the wording they used so as not to upset us. I just reacted with, "Hmm. Ok." They just looked at each other as if they didn't expect such acceptance. Sorry to disappoint. Now I'm finding that the other families that were affected by the boundary change were having a hard time of it because of friends and connections, etc. Is that common?
  2. The threshold of "compulsion" is where there is some use of "force". What sort of force is used in Testimony meetings? In today's Sacrament meetings we have time for maybe 7 or 8 people max to speak max. I don't see anyone glaring at anyone to get up and talk. In all other gatherings, we often see similar ratios of people attending to people speaking. I fail to see how this can amount to any kind of force.
  3. Mores

    Faith vs. Knowledge

    Yeah, I guess you're right. We ought to stop saying brief messages of truth because we simply say them too often. You might be making some kind of semantic argument about what a "platitude" is. But conceptually, I don't see much difference. The only thing that matters is if the saying relays a true message. I don't see how a true message can numb us of truth or take us from the path.
  4. Mores

    Faith vs. Knowledge

    I'd tend to think that diarrhea on a long road trip is worse than a poorly worded platitude.
  5. Mores

    Faith vs. Knowledge

    This is akin to people pointing out that Neil Armstrong misspoke about his footprint on the moon. Yes, both missed a proper phrasing, but they both "convey" a message that was meaningful, even if it was literally worded incorrectly. If the sign allowed for an entire essay, the wording would have been more accurate. But given limited space of the medium in question, words will be imprecise.
  6. Mores

    Did Face to Face answer questions?

    I find this type of statement problematic in the real world. Many variants have been said. But they all miss the reality in favor of an idealized philosophical world in people's heads. Checklists are EXTREMELY helpful to the mind and heart of man. Let me be clear. Simply writing things down and checking them off is completely useless. But writing things down encourages a tremendous amount of focus and improves the memory. Hence -- the scriptures, journals, church records... This has the effect of increasing productivity. False/Misleading condition. How many people live in areas of the world where such are not even available? How many were late converts or baptized for the dead? How many live in branches or small wards where the program isn't effectively applied? Others didn't have the physical awards, but still did equivalent goals and accomplishments. Easy to satisfy your condition when you state it in such absolutes. -- Yes, even with your conditional about "when the Church subscribed..." Point being, many people simply couldn't through no fault of their own. If we were to modify that for universality, it may sound like: Would you bet your life on that? If you think I'm being unfair, how would you alter your statement to be universal?
  7. I'm wondering if you actually know what these things are. Some of them don't support your position or have anything to do with your position. We WERE in the elite group (better than 80%) prior to Obamacare. We dropped every single year of the Obama administration (except 2016). We've been rising very slowly since Trump took office. And in 2016 we were back above the 80% line. We slipped just a bit since then because of many other societal issues (such as LGBT activism suing businesses for people just wanting to run a business). Additionally, the Hong Kong Morning Post doesn't agree with the assessment that they are the freest. And they make a pretty good argument that the study seems flawed. Income inequality in and of itself does not tell us anything useful. It can be a sign that warlords and corrupt governments are hoarding all the money. Or it can be a measure of success. As the lowest participants in a modern economy rise (in real income) the income inequality will also expand out as well. So, what if Bill Gates makes more money? Good for him. I just want to know if MY income is increasing as well. And it has. You're joking right? Do you not realize that the longest term of unemployment occurred under Obama's watch? The most socialist President since FDR (possibly more so). Under the much freer market under Trump, we've virtually eliminated unemployment. Whenever it is less than 4%, it is insanely good. That 4% number represents people who are only temporarily out of work This is completely meaningless. Yup. This is a problem. And we need to address it. So, good on you. One out of twelve. Trump is actually trying to fix this. But there is a LOT of effort to stop him. We are the most in debt because of two things. 1) We GIVE more money to other nations than any four or five other nations combined. 2) We have more welfare than any other nation on earth. Misleading. All this does is compare using exchange rates. Using real purchase price parity, as well as cost of living indices and taxation, etc. We're somewhere in the top three or four. This is becoming less and less important -- especially in the US. Tertiary education is largely a liberal propaganda machine nowadays. What students get from college today is very often useless in actual economic terms. So, a LOT of US would be students are opting to go different routes. This index is clearly "false criteria". The US is 50th in contributions to science and technology? Are you kidding me? Peace and security 101st? Really? It was the US victory in WWII that created this "Pax USA" (if I can coin a term). And you think the world would be more peaceful without the USA in it? Take a look at what I wrote about national debt above, and try to tell me that we don't do more for the "good of mankind". Take a look at these: Most of the most significant advancements in scientific discovery that have had a direct, meaningful, and lasting impact on the world, came from the US. For those few that started elsewhere, the US made it available for everyone and spread that "good thing" to the world. Example: The automobile was being developed in other parts of the world. And there is still historical debate as to who got the first working model. But Ford's creation of the assembly line was the reason cars are now ubiquitous. Meaningless. Prior to liberals getting a hold of the US healthcare system (in the 70s and 80s) we had the best healthcare system in the world. Not INSURANCE, but CARE. Not everyone who received care was insured. But they received care. Remember that no system will care for 100%. But we did pretty darn good until liberal policies forced more government intervention to fix a system that wasn't broken. But for some reason, you'd rather have more insurance and less care. The best measure is preventable deaths. For this, I have to combine it with the following index item. This can be considered good or bad. It depends on why. For the US, the reason we have a slightly lower life expectancy than the rest of the world is our diet. We have so much food here and so much variety that we're a country of obese people. That's going to lower the life-expectancy numbers. Our life expectancy is NOT a result of poor healthcare or because of microbial disease, or sanitation, etc. When the US ranks very poorly on the "preventable deaths index" we need to keep in mind that the three greatest contributors to this number are: Cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Our crappy diet and abundance of desk jobs is making us unhealthy to the point that healthcare isn't really going to help. And that is the greatest contributor to those statistics. Cancer is something different. It is most often not related to diet and lifestyle. So here, we rank pretty well. Very high in all five categories, and highest in three of the five. THANKS TO THE US HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!!! SUMMARY: 1) Most of the indices are things liberals make as a talking point, but they're really meaningless in the long term. 2) Several items were because of liberal policies (primarily Obama) taking us down on the indices. So, like most liberals, they invent a problem and then propose even worse policies as a solution, which then create the problem that never (or barely) existed in the first place.
  8. Mores

    Where is Carborendum?

    It was bound to happen... I just met Carborendum. When I met a Korean who avoided coffee, I had to ask. Yup. It was him. And you're right... philosophically, he and I are virtual twins. Of course, I'm much better looking. He says "Hi".
  9. Mores

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    This is the sad truth, isn't it? Even if Trump accomplishes everything he hopes to accomplish... AND we assume it is everything we all hope it is... that won't change the fact that there is a HUGE political flywheel pushing forward that no one is going to stop for long. All we can hope for is that Trump will create a dam against the waters spewing forth from the flywheel. After his presidency, we can see a Trump presidency doing the same thing. But there is no way that Pence has the same acumen. He will not be able to push nearly hard enough. He will be over-run. It will go back to business as usual. No matter how much Trump can "drain the swamp", the fact is that the deep state has dredged out enough of our land that we are naturally in a state of a shallow water table. We simply don't have enough people that can get elected to finish draining the swamp and begin filling it in again to where we are on stable ground.
  10. Mores

    Can you please help me respond??

    Queolby: Do you have to be born in order to be saved? Parnter: Yes. Q: So, being born saves you? P: No, of course not. Q; So, some things are "required" without being the "cause" right? P: I guess. Q: And if being born is a "requirement", why is it so far fetched to believe that being "born again" is also a requirement? Jesus said as much. If a person thinks he can be saved without being born, then I'd like to see how someone who didn't exist can be saved. If he's just mincing words and considering the unborn embryo/fetus, then that's just being obstinate. And you can simply stop talking because he's just looking for a reason to disagree rather than having a free exchange of ideas where we "try" to understand each other.
  11. Mores

    New boss

    I'd second @Vort's assessment. Little things like that are not really "explainable". She got it from somewhere, or she developed it with some weird idea of what is "sophisticated" or "subtle-not subtle". Whatever it is, if she's the boss, well... you're kinda stuck seeing that. Be WARNED: If you spend too much time perseverating on it, you'll begin to display the same twitch. So, try to ingore it as much as possible.
  12. Why not both? Our leaders tell us that the process of the brethren unifying behind something, whether it becomes revelation or policy, starts with a lot of study and prayer, then a lot of discussion, sometimes argument. Not that much of a stretch to think the brethren started with a bunch of legal and insurance analysis by lawyers and risk managers, throw in scriptural analysis, prayer, discussion, arguments, and eventually the minds of the brethren, led by the spirit after all that study and work, aligned on what we now see as a revised policy? That's what I was going to say. I'd mentioned before that I've prayed about the new policy. And I've personally gotten confirmation that it is inspired. (Not that this means everyone ought to believe my personal revelation.) I guess that makes me the mirror image of MoE. I disliked with the policy. But I DO believe it is inspired. Elder Bednar actually answered this question. He specifically talked about some advice your mother gave you that was a pearl of wisdom. And at the moment when you needed it for an important decision, it came up in your mind. Was it your mother's advice or was it the Spirit? His answer: Why can't it be both? If it is a wise decision overall, then it would be the decision that the Lord would want you to make. I guess people have the tendency to believe that "inspiration" is only the type where God is sitting on His throne and decides which prayer he's going to answer that day and specially pushes a button that dispenses an instruction to follow a certain route. While it CAN happen that way, I don't believe it happens that way for the vast majority of the time. I tend to think of inspiration more like sunlight. The power of truth and wisdom is always present. It is only a question of whether we'll focus on feeling the sun's warmth and/or looking for the light.
  13. Mores

    Joseph was a bit of a jerk!

    BAM!!! You're absolutely right. Boy did I get that mixed up. Nevermind. I don't know what I'm talking about. Carry on...
  14. Here was one of those really weird "war makes for strange bedfellows" type of moments (no pun intended). I'm really trying to keep this from being too risque. But if it doesn't meet standard, sobeit. Keep the ideas of the book "Defending the Indefensible" as you read this idea which follows. I just read a news article mentioning that a man pretending to be a woman was given a contract to do an adult film. But when they saw "the goods" they realized that HE could not perform the expected role. So, they fired HIM. He decided to sue them for breech of contract. And the police are investigating it as a hate crime. Keep in mind, this is in the UK. I think the US still has "gender specific" laws that come into play which would still save the producers of such endeavors. So, I'm wondering if this scenario played out in the US, that the country is so full of debauchery that they would absolutely balk at the idea of this being reasonably "tolerant". If this actually became a real event in the US, I would hope they take it all the way to the Supreme Court. Schools, we know are all liberal whimps who roll over to the PC crowd no matter who else gets hurt by it -- as long as it's not the "disadvantaged person". Businesses are cowering in fear of public backlash over the issue. They don't know how to handle it. Even sports are all giving way to the insanity. But the porn industry would fight tooth and nail for this to be established. Such a change would threaten their very survival. If someone pushed it, the porn industry may very well be the only group with the combination of 1) Drive/motivation to take it to the top. 2) The financial means to do so 3) The public backing to have wide-spread cultural support to make it all the way. That would set the precedent that may protect us from going that final step into oblivion. I know it was a very strange line of thinking that got me here. But I thought I'd just posit this and see if it stirs the pot.
  15. Mores