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    dprh reacted to The Folk Prophet in What in Sam Hill is the Point of there Being an LDS Church at All?   
    You know I realized I was just pasting a bunch of quotes from the same page. Just read the page yourself!

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    dprh reacted to Vort in What in Sam Hill is the Point of there Being an LDS Church at All?   
    Your entire premise is flawed. Other than Jesus Christ, no one "lives a life worthy enough to be admitted to the Celestial Kingdom." No one. There is no such man (or woman).
    Entrance into the celestial kingdom of God happens only because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. The atonement of Christ is received only on conditions of acceptance. Acceptance of the atoning blood of Christ means repenting and obeying Christ's teachings. Such repentance and obedience includes making and keeping divine covenants.
    Only Latter-day Saints are in a position to make and keep such covenants.
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    dprh reacted to The Folk Prophet in What in Sam Hill is the Point of there Being an LDS Church at All?   
    There are no ordinances in the life hereafter. All ordinances must be done in this life. That's why we do work for the dead.
    Edit: I realized I might have misspoken. More accurately: The saving ordinances we do in this life must be done in this life...etc. We don't really know if there are other post mortal ordinances. But the ones we do here, baptism, endowment, sealing and so forth must be done in mortality.
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    dprh reacted to The Folk Prophet in What if the USA's position on polygamy changed?   
    This is all correct, I think, except the very first statement, which is that it is odd for someone to think that. It's a very common idea. I've heard it a lot. It was particularly, even more so, common in yesteryear. It's fallen out of fashion somewhat nowadays...but not so much that it could reasonably be considered "odd" for someone in the church to think it.
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    dprh reacted to scottyg in What if the USA's position on polygamy changed?   
    Odd thing for the chap to think...but many missionaries are impressionable and like to research "deep doctrine", some of which is false. The word Restoration means returning something back to what it originally was. The first and standard marriage relationship is 1 man and 1 woman. Plural marriage will never be required of anyone...it is not something that is 100% coming back to the church someday. And, even if it does, no one will be required to enter into multiple marriage covenants...as one is all you need to qualify for exaltation.
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    dprh reacted to NeuroTypical in Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)   
    Fun story: My father was in WWII.  He was in the Battle of the Bulge, pushed into Germany, and witnessed the end of the war.  He helped liberate one of the lesser known, less-horrible POW camps full of starving prisoners.  He told me stories about how the average German infantryman was pretty much exactly like him - some poor SOB doing a job to try to feed their family.  He heard about the end of the war by almost shooting a Germain soldier who came running at them yelling "The war is over!" in German.  Getting ready to move into Germany from Belgium, he witnessed endless refugees flooding out of Germany - including one guy who paddled himself across the Rhine in a washtub.  My dad told me some stories when I was a kid, some more weighty stories when I turned 18, and the most horrible ones after I turned 21.  
    He was also part of the allied occupation forces for a while.  Processed a lot of surrendered and captured German military.  The German people were overjoyed things were over.  So were most of the military.   One of the stories I got when I turned 21, was the captured Nazi SS doctor.  "Everyone else was just defeated and wanting to go home, but that SS doctor, he had the cruelest eyes of any man I've ever seen.  Like they weren't even human eyes."  Nothing ever phased my dad.  But just telling the story and remembering that evil man, phased him. 
    For 40 years, we all learned about the holocaust, the "Final solution", the torturous medical experimentation, how they trained German Shepherds in the concentration camps to specifically target the genitals of whomever they were set on.  We've pretty much buried all our original storytellers, all we have now are a few 100+ folks, the endless records of history growing dustier every hour, and a cultural awareness that fades a bit more with every death and new birth.
    @clwnuke, I assume that you, like most people happily arguing away on message boards, have an interest in effectively arguing your points, perhaps persuading someone here or there, handing out links and facts and notions, hoping to have a beneficial impact on the grand debate.   Your ability to do so, is severely hampered if you're gonna push hogwash like you just pushed.   You might want to re-think your demonization tactics.  Because no matter how true your facts, how worthy your opinions, you run the risk of just plain old being "that guy who likens pro-vax activists to Nazis".  
    Don't be that guy.
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    dprh reacted to Traveler in What if the USA's position on polygamy changed?   
    My opinion - We will not see polygamy practiced in the church until Zion is established as its own nation.
    The Traveler
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    dprh reacted to Just_A_Guy in BYU - Call to Arms   
    The thing is, most “trafficking” these days doesn’t look like it does on TV.  Trafficking victims, by and large, aren’t being kept in dingy warehouses under armed guard by pimps who kidnapped them from loving homes.  They are being kept, by their parents, in their own homes.  A good bit of modern western trafficking is done by drug-addled middle-aged single women who trade their daughters (and often, their very young sons) for a hit of meth or for next month’s rent.  
    It’s so decentralized that it never even hits the radar of law enforcement agencies, or even dedicated organizations like Operation Underground Railroad.  In working with DCFS—I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case where we were called in to investigate trafficking and found conclusive evidence of trafficking.  Usually what happens is that we snag kids because of drug use or environmental hazards in the home, and four or five months go by until the kid is feeling safe enough in foster care that she starts to open up about what else had been going on in the home.  
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    dprh got a reaction from LDSGator in What if the USA's position on polygamy changed?   
    On my mission, in Oklahoma, we had a "don't ask" policy about immigration status.  I can't speak with any experience on this topic, but I could imagine a similar policy about plural marriage status in some countries.  Not saying it's right or not.  Just that I have personal experience with the church purposefully not asking a specific question.
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    dprh reacted to JohnsonJones in Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)   
    Most of your post is - FALSE....
    So....not sure who you are trying to convince except those already converted to your cause.
    The vaccine was NOT supposed to completely STOP you from getting COVID-19, though some media may have portrayed it that way.  It was to reduce death and harmful symptoms of Covid-19.  What they observed was that this was caused because you got a lower viral load affecting you (though the viral load that you initially got could be just as high if not higher).  This meant the symptoms you got were more likely to not exist or be mild symptoms.  It also meant that you would be over the virus in a much shorter time period (2-7 days rather than 9-21 days) and be less likely to spread it to others (though you could probably still spread it, just not in as high dosage or for as long of a period).
    1 - We do not know the answer to this yet...so saying True or False to this is actually not a right answer.
    2- It CAN help prevent you from infecting them, or at least reduces the time period of infection and the viral load they get from you.  HOWEVER, you can still infect others.  If you have 20 vaccinated people around one unvaccinated, that unvaccinated individual is going to be infected and probably have a good dosage of the virus. 
    3 - They have had "Breakthrough" infections from the very beginning.  They are only being sensationalized by a certain group of people who have no idea how vaccines work and thus are promoting against taking it.  The REASON Pfizer was only 95% effective on the original Covid strain was because 5% of people got COVID EVEN WITH the vaccine.  This is NOT some big mysterious secret.  In fact, they've been quite open about it.  The idea of herd immunity is that the virus lacks anyplace to actually go and kill people eventually becuase if you want a 70% herd immunity as it were, where you have 70% who aren't going to die from the disease, than you with a 95% rate you'd need around 72-74% of people vaccinated.  Delta variant is somewhat more resistant to the vaccine, but the vaccine is still effective at preventing death and serious symptoms in most individuals.  Delta is, however, FAR MORE infectious and getting infected by it is far easier than the original strain the vaccines were made for.
    4-  Yes it does.  What evidence do you have that it does not.  99.5% of the people currently dying from Covid-19 are the unvaccinated.  That seems to indicate the vaccine is better protection overall.
    5- Herd protection from dying...well...see point #4.  For the vaccinated it seems to be working rather well currently, even against a mutated strain the vaccine wasn't even designed against.  It seems REALLY good against the strain that it WAS designed against.
    6 -Not sure where you source is on this, so though it goes against what I've read, I'll say...I don't think that' been determined yet.
    7 - In most cases...this is true.  However, remember, the vaccines are not 100%, NONE of them have claimed to be.  There will still be those who have been vaccinated who will die from Covid-19, just like people who were vaccinated from a flu strain will still die of that flu strain in the year they got vaccinated.  It just tends to be far less than if no vaccination was ever taken or given.
    My take on it, which obviously won't convince you...but is far different than your stated ideas as well.
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    dprh reacted to The Folk Prophet in Musicals   
    Warning: some language.
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    dprh reacted to LDSGator in What is doubt and how can we know we have it?   
    My personal favorite quote on doubt: 

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    dprh reacted to Vort in Media parading unfortunate Covid victims - who could have been treated!   
    There are two types of physicians: Surgeons and non-surgeons. Surgeons look askance at the drug-pushers and maintain that they offer actual cures, while the drug-pushers merely cover up symptoms for a while. The non-surgeons deplore the brutality of the caveman-trepanning butchers and extol their own enlightened virtues of improving people's lives with natural (derived) curative potions and poultices—you know, real medicine.
    mikbone is a butcher. Don't look for him to give favorable opinions on the milquetoast drug pushers. He will tell you that you need trepanning like you need a hole in the head, and then he will grab his big drill and offer to follow through.
    (If I had followed my original med school plan, I would have gravitated heavily toward the caveman side of things. Just fwiw.)
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    dprh reacted to The Folk Prophet in What is doubt and how can we know we have it?   
    I wasn't really planning on commenting in this thread, but in my scripture reading last night I came across this:
    "And because of the knowledge of this man he could not be kept from beholding within the veil; and he saw the finger of Jesus, which, when he saw, he fell with fear; for he knew that it was the finger of the Lord; and he had faith no longer, for he knew, nothing doubting." Ether 3:19
    And the distinct thought I had was this: Doubting is a part of faith.
    I know that's not conventional thinking. And semantics definitely comes into play with this sort of discussion. But that's what it says, right? He didn't have faith anymore, because the doubt was gone. The inverse is that as long as there's some level of doubt then faith is required.
    That actually makes a lot of sense with my other ways on thinking on faith. I believe faith is more akin too unknowing commitment, trust, and loyalty than it is to just sheer belief. Commitment without sure knowledge. At least that's how I have to reconcile it with various scriptures. Alternatively I can reconcile it by accepting that when the word faith is used by different authors there are some semantic differences. In certain ideas of the word faith never goes away even with sure knowledge. But in other senses of it, like the above, it does.
    Anyhow, I actually can't fully reconcile my thinking on the matter with everything said about faith from every church or scriptural source. And I'm not sure I need to. But what I thunk up last night on the matter I felt was an interesting insight at least.
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    dprh reacted to mikbone in Media parading unfortunate Covid victims - who could have been treated!   
    The critical care docs that I know. Nope.  Interestingly though, there is another LDS physician in town I know that took it.
    And my Mother-in-Law asked that I prescribe it for her immediate family.  I declined.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to prescribe Ivermectin for filariasis though.  The lecture series on parasites in med school gave me nightmares.

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    dprh reacted to The Folk Prophet in Musicals   
    Okay, @LDSGator may at least find this interesting since he seems to be enjoying the esoteric stuff.
    I've been doing some simple research into how many solos some musicals have (for the sake of comparison as I write my own). These numbers are approximate because what I considered a solo, in some cases, was "mostly" a solo, where a chorus would join in for the end or something. And I didn't count short reprise moments unless they were significant. And I may have missed some or messed up counting.
    It should be no surprise that Les Miz comes in high with 10-11. (12 before they cut the complete version of Little People).
    Miss Saigon has 7.
    Jeckle and Hyde has 13!
    And Phantom of the Opera has a grand total of 3. (4 if you count Why So Silent, but that's not really a "song" -- definitely not and aria -- it's more recitative.)
    These are all thru-sung musicals which is what I write.
    By comparison, South Pacific (which is known for having a lot of music relatively), a "Book Musical" (not all singing), has 9.
    Here's my assessment. Les Miz has one too many. Jeckle and Hyde has WAY too many. I'd never quite placed why I felt it didn't work as well as a show even though I love a lot of the music. Well...that kind of explains it. Too many solos can kill a show.
    What surprised me was Phantom. I never thought about it before. Think of Me. Music of the Night. And Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. That's it really.
    Anyhow, I thought it was interesting. Maybe no one else will.
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    dprh reacted to NeuroTypical in Musicals   
    TikTok’s got your back.
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    dprh reacted to LDSGator in Musicals   
    Don’t worry about that. This is obviously your level of expertise and all of are enjoying your posts here. 
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    dprh reacted to mordorbund in Musicals   
    That would be 9 to 5. If you hate Roger Miller country (he did the music for Disney's Robin Hood) you could also try hating Big River (the Huckleberry Finn story).
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    dprh reacted to mikbone in What is doubt and how can we know we have it?   
    One of my favorites.  Don't lead with your doubts.
    I loved sports as a youth especially diving and pole-vaulting.  Those are 2 activities you should never attempt leading with doubt.
    I once turned a 2.5 forward full twisting dive into a 2.25 forward 3/4 twisting dive.  Which means I slammed the into the water with tremendous force onto my side.  I ruptured my eardrum and developed a nasty middle ear infection (worst pain I’ve ever experienced).
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    dprh reacted to LDSGator in What is doubt and how can we know we have it?   
    Hope this helps. 
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    dprh reacted to mikbone in LGBTQ+ Missionaries   
    Way back in the day…
    Contrast Alma chapters 39-42 with Alma 48: 17-18.
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    dprh reacted to The Folk Prophet in Musicals   
    Holy cow. How did I forget about that one?! One of my wife's most favorites. Silly. But fun.
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    dprh got a reaction from LDSGator in Musicals   
    One of my favorites is less popular, Thoroughly Modern Millie. Julie Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Channing.... Even Pat Morita.
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    dprh got a reaction from The Folk Prophet in Musicals   
    One of my favorites is less popular, Thoroughly Modern Millie. Julie Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Channing.... Even Pat Morita.