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    dprh reacted to Vort in Heavenly Father Doesn’t Have a Magic Wand   
    This is another of these articles where, after reading it, I say to myself, "Self, that was a pretty good article, and I mostly agreed with it, but I wouldn't have put it that way."
    One of my Muslim friend's articles of faith was that Allah could do anything. Literally anything. He was I Dream of Jeannie God. You name it, he can do it. In contrast, our scriptures leave no doubt that there are things God cannot do. Not merely chooses not to do, but cannot do, like save people in their sins. My Muslim friend would undoubtedly have said that God can save whomever he wants, including infidels, but that for the most part, he chooses not to. Allah could save the sinful people into a wonderful paradise if he chose to do so.
    But orthodox Latter-day Saints simply do not believe such things. God is indeed limited, not by a deficiency of power or of knowledge, but by our agency and by the simple meaning of words. Thus, God CANNOT "save" a sinful, unrepentant man, because the term "salvation" implies sinlessness—it's sin we are being saved from.
    Far from being a deficiency in God's power, it's just a word game: God "can't" create a rock so big that he "can't" lift it, because if he did, it would mean there's a rock too big for an All-Powerful God to lift. So either God is deficient in lifting power of sufficiently huge rocks, or else God is deficient in his ability to create such sufficiently huge rocks.
    Baloney. This is no longer a discussion of God's abilities, but of how we choose to define and parse words. There are plenty of meaningless "things" that God can't "do". One of those "things" might be "do something for someone that he can do for himself but refuses to do." One non-existent thing that God for sure cannot do is give us a blessing from heaven without our having fulfilled the divine law attached to that blessing.
    Bottom line: God isn't I Dream of Jeannie. We would do well to come to grips with that simple fact.

    (Not God)
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    dprh reacted to Third Hour in Everything We Know About the New Hymnal So Far   
    Get ready to breakdance: the new hymnal is coming on... Well, we don't actually know when. ...and it probably won't include any crunk songs, so I guess you can just forgot what I said about breakdancing. But while we don't know the exact date of the new hymnbook's arrival, there are lots of things we do know, too — and the first thing is that submissions are due JULY 1! Quick Facts This hymnbook is going to be the same across the world (although obviously languages will vary), so no national anthems will be included. You don't have to submit music — you can also provide feedback on songs you'd like in the new hymnbook, songs you'd like taken out, and general commentary on the current hymnal. The new hymnal is being compiled/revised by committees working "under the direction of General Authorities and General Auxiliary Leaders. The committees are composed of Church employees and called members with expertise in a variety of areas, including music, education, literature, world cultures, and Church...
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    dprh got a reaction from carlimac in Should I correct my stake presidency member/institute teacher on sensitive topic?   
    I would guess that more than a few people would have been grateful if you had asked the question in the class after he said it.  
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    dprh got a reaction from scottyg in Why Do We Bless Our Food?   
    I've had similar concerns.  About 3-4 years ago, my kids got the "nourish and strengthen" phrase from somewhere.  And they say it so fast it sounds like one word that they don't know what it means.  So when I say meal prayers, I usually express my gratitude for the food, without asking for a specific blessing on it.
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    dprh got a reaction from clbent04 in Why Do We Bless Our Food?   
    I've had similar concerns.  About 3-4 years ago, my kids got the "nourish and strengthen" phrase from somewhere.  And they say it so fast it sounds like one word that they don't know what it means.  So when I say meal prayers, I usually express my gratitude for the food, without asking for a specific blessing on it.
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    dprh reacted to MarginOfError in This Week in Onion News!   
    "He then rode away on a bike"  I don't know why I find that so funny.
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    dprh reacted to anatess2 in This Week in Onion News!   
    Latest Mormon entry on the Bee...
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    dprh reacted to MarginOfError in Standing Up to Those Who Take the Lord's Name in Vain   
    I don't say anything to strangers. Especially adults.  I might say something if a group of teenagers is cussing up a storm and there are children around.  I've rarely gotten any push back from a teenager when I've said "I know the kids will learn it eventually, but most parents would prefer their six year olds not be exposed to those words just yet."  (I've also rarely had to say anything, as most teenagers I've encountered are socially aware enough to dial it back around children)
    With people I work with, I have never said anything, and most of them choose to self censor around me simply because they have noticed that I don't use the words*.  
    I gave up long ago on getting people to stop invoking the word "God" around me.  It's just too pervasive. However, I will speak up when the words "Jesus" and "Christ" are employed inappropriately. I merely say, "I would prefer if you not use the name of my deities in that manner around me." With people I know, that is universally been enough to earn both an apology and a change in behavior.
    * Funny anecdote: In my current work environment, I've never had a discussion with anyone about the language I choose to use or not use.  One of the branches for our software development is named DAAMS, but the database instance it was associated with was named DAAM.  I spent more than half a day troubleshooting a problem in the software only to find that I had been trying to point it to the DAAMS database.  I stormed over to my supervisor and just started saying. "DAAM....DAAM DAAM DAAM DAAM DAAM." At that point she fell out of her chair (literally) in disbelief of what I was saying.  Then I proceeded, "It's DAAM, not DAAMS. Why is the code branch named differently than the database?"  After which there was much laughter. More importantly, the database was renamed DAAMS.
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    dprh reacted to MarginOfError in Chastity   
    This is the standard I fall back on to evaluate these questions.  It ties decision to your level of sexual arousal.  If you aren't overly aroused, don't sweat it. If you continue to get involved in these make outs specifically to get the arousal, then maybe you should dial it back.
    Keep in mind also that the nature of the relationship may play a role in the decision.  I am much less concerned with adult boyfriend and girlfriend who are moving toward marriage engaging in some make out than I am with teenagers making out on the first date.  
    While the law of chastity is clear (no sexual relations outside of marriage), there are dating-in-a-serious-relationship activities prior to marriage that are not necessarily sexual. It isn't always clear to me where the line is drawn for any two people.
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    dprh reacted to Third Hour in The Day We Found a Dead Man on My Mission   
    I was on a small island in the Central Pacific. My companion Elder Mattison and I woke up one clear, sunny morning with plans to perform a service project for a ward member in conjunction with members of the Elders Quorum. We hopped on our bikes and set out to round up some of the brethren to let them know it was time to start. Our first stop was Beeria, an older, single member who looked like an islander version of Robin Williams. As we approached his house, nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. Beeria's House The backside of Beeria's house. Beeria's house was more like a medieval fortress than the traditionally wide-open stick huts which you commonly find on the islands. It was unlike anything I ever saw during my two years there. A huge stone wall, painstakingly built from oceanside rocks he had chiseled off and gathered with his bare hands, encircled much of the enclosure. We stopped our bikes and called out to him from the path,...
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    dprh reacted to person0 in Can you decipher this limerick?   
    I got it: Chloroform!

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    dprh got a reaction from Midwest LDS in Can you decipher this limerick?   
    The number eight, 8?  cut in half is zero, 0.  On its side, it's the infinity symbol?
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    dprh got a reaction from mordorbund in Can you decipher this limerick?   
    A dozen, a gross, and a score
    Plus three times the square root of four
    Divided by seven
    Plus five times eleven
    Equals nine squared and no more
    How is that? 
    Thanks to @Moresfor the 'gross'
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    dprh got a reaction from SilentOne in 5 Ways Hypocrisy Is Fraying Our Society’s Moral Fabric   
    I watched the video on selective empathy.  It raised some good points.  But I think we have selective empathy because we as mortal imperfect humans are incapable of caring about everything.  Near the end he says "Saving one plastic straw is good.  Caring about the actual problem is even better."  My issue is that caring doesn't do any good.  Care all you want, if you don't do anything about it, it won't do any good.  And since our actions are limited by our time, we need to make choices using selective empathy of what we will focus on and do. 
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    dprh got a reaction from Vort in Can you decipher this limerick?   
    Everyone knows why 6 is afraid of 7, but do you know why 7 ate 9?  (Spoiler below)
    Because it was told it should eat 3 squared meals a day
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    dprh reacted to Vort in Can you decipher this limerick?   
    Why is Six afraid of Seven? (Spoiler below)
    Six is not really afraid of Seven. Not really. It's not fear. It's...something else. When Six looks at Seven, he sees...things. He sees the Afghani children. He hears the bang and the whistling of the RPGs. He remembers the smell of grease under the HMMWV when the axle broke. That was when they lost Riggs. He was from the Bronx, and he always smoked Salems. Foul mouth, but Riggs was one of the good guys. When you needed backup, Riggs was there. So was the sniper...no, Six can't think about that now. It's too much. Riggs is gone now, along with Pops and Lefty. Lefty. What a card. And Pops looked like he was sixty years old, but he couldn't have been more than forty. And Butch...you could land a cargo transport on his head. And Wilma, and Rocco, and Tubes. All gone. Six knows that. It's just that sometimes, he...forgets. Something about Seven. Six doesn't hate Seven. He just...wishes he'd go away.
    Plus, Seven has a hook for a hand.
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    dprh reacted to Vort in Can you decipher this limerick?   
    "Loosen your belt"?
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    dprh got a reaction from Vort in Can you decipher this limerick?   
    The number eight, 8?  cut in half is zero, 0.  On its side, it's the infinity symbol?
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    dprh reacted to Vort in Can you decipher this limerick?   
    The author of this little gem is supposed to be John Saxon, of Saxon Math fame.
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    dprh got a reaction from Vort in Can you decipher this limerick?   
    A dozen, a gross, and a score
    Plus three times the square root of four
    Divided by seven
    Plus five times eleven
    Equals nine squared and no more
    How is that? 
    Thanks to @Moresfor the 'gross'
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    dprh reacted to Vort in Can you decipher this limerick?   
    No Googling, you cheaters!
    [ (12 + 144 + 20) + 3√4 ] / 7 + 5(11) = 92 + 0
    Hint (select to read):
    "A dozen, a gross, and a score..."
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    dprh reacted to askandanswer in Looking beyond the Mark.   
    If you look beyond Mark you will find Luke. If you look even further you will find John.
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    dprh reacted to clbent04 in Power of Love   
    My sister came to visit me in April 2019.  She knew I had been really down about life and specifically not being able to quit my addiction to pornography.  We are fairly open and honest with each other.  I said to her sometime last year that I no longer see life in color, that everything seems to be in black and white (i.e., in terms of your passion for life).  From that comment alone, it worried her enough to where she felt prompted to visit me recently. She took a day off work and flew in to Arizona for 3 days over a weekend.
    While here she really got upset about me being down and poured her heart out to me telling me how much I meant to her. As surprised as I was by all the emotion, it was that little push I've been needing this whole time to get my life back in order; to truly know there is someone in this world that genuinely loves and cares for me. And I know I feel the same way about her.  She even called Salt Lake and got the information of a weekly pornography addiction support group sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just right down the road from me.
    I doubt there are very many people that take their addiction to pornography as seriously as I do. But the Law of Chastity is in fact very serious.  And if you can't get over pornography despite confessing and repenting over and over again, was it ever true repentance if you never forsook the sin?  So if you're like me and always had it in your heart to settle for nothing less than the Celestial Kingdom, you might understand why this addiction has had the kind of toll its had on me.  
    What I didn't fully realize prior to my sister's visit was my need to feel loved. And for me that has made all the difference these last 2 months just from her brief 3-day visit. She reminded me that I'm needed in this world for more than just providing a paycheck to my family.  She reminded me this world isn't all about greed where everyone is just focused on building their own little empires and who don't truly care for others. In a way her love for me stirred a remembrance in me of the love my Savior has for me.  Sometimes remembering the love the Savior has for us can be difficult when we only see this world through a lens of selfishness and greed. It makes you question God's creation of this Earth when you can only see in black and white.
    She also told me how inadequate her boyfriend makes her feel when he looks at porn. She was so distraught and hateful towards women who are porn stars or strippers or anyone really that dresses immodestly or who might exercise in a provocative way at the gym. She had so much hate for these women for the way they made her feel inadequate and for the hold that pornography has had over me.  I tried calming her down with a more balanced perspective that it's really us men that create the demand leading these women to behave the way they do, so in a sense men are more guilty or at least equally guilty. But seeing the perspective of my sister who is on the receiving end of her boyfriend participating in these kind of actions was very eye opening for me.  I wanted to change not just for myself at that point but also for her to prove to her people can change for the best. I also want her to be able to have sympathy for these women who quite often are taken advantage of or are struggling with confidence issues and feel the need to dress for attention or what have you.
    So honestly, that was it, that was the little bump I needed to get my life back on track to truly see in color again.  After a 3-year period of being in what I call a black hole, not going to Church and progressively becoming more imbalanced and unhinged from the feeling of hopelessness, I have had a truly transformative last 2 months.  I don't know if I've ever felt as spiritually grounded and positive in my life as I do now.
    For the last 2+ months I've attended Church regularly. I'm wearing my garments again. I attend the addiction group every week. I follow the gospel as closely as I can with exact obedience. I even shaved my beard. I think my coworkers have finally accepted my new face. I don't cherry pick which pieces of the gospel I'm going to live. I've eliminated all the road blocks and excuses for disobedience in my life. I met with the Bishop and Stake President and have a temple recommend again. I went to the temple for the first time in a long time and attended an endowment session this last Saturday evening. For the last two Fast and Testimony meetings, I have been the first person to go up to the pulpit expressing my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for helping get me out of that awful slump I was in as well as His many blessings he has graced me with in my life. And all of this because of a little bump from my sister. That is the power of love. And with that I'm praying to God to help me love more freely so that I too may reach out to someone in need as my sister did with me. 
    From the beginning of my participation with this forum, I have been concerned with some users' constant need to debate or prove a point rather than to base their posts out of a genuine care and love for those who participate on this forum.  I share my experience here hopefully as a reminder that sharing the gospel should be approached with love in your heart for your fellowman however different their perspective may be from yours.  If you're responding to someone just to prove a point rather than first having love in your heart, rethink what you're truly trying to accomplish.
    Here is an example of how I have been guilty of this too.  I've done a disservice to my wife with my inactivity from the Church since my inactivity ultimately led to her inactivity. She didn't grow up in the Church but decided to get baptized when we dated.  We got sealed in the temple and attended church together for about 3 years from the time she was baptized. I then entered into my period of inactivity and my wife decided to follow suit since she still at that point hadn't been truly converted to the gospel with an independent testimony of her own.  I could have helped her get there a lot sooner had I stayed on track, but the motivation was just no longer there for me to go to church at that point.
    Anyway, she has since been exploring spiritualism and meditation. She talked to me this last Sunday about how she thinks God is neither male or female but rather just an energy or something to that effect.  She also raised other doubts about the Church.  This to me was very frustrating to listen to considering how much ground it seems like she's lost with her spiritual knowledge. At this point she will more readily accept a random internet blog's opinion on who God is rather than have an open heart to the gospel. And it was so frustrating to me that I started to debate her. I started to feel angry. I wanted so badly to prove my point over hers to get her back on track. I know what I know in my heart about the gospel, but I'm not going to get anywhere with my wife if she doesn't know where I'm coming from is from a place of love.
    So as with my wife, I hope to from this point forward share the gospel in the love that Jesus intended us to share it with as He said in John 13:34-35, "...love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."
    As with any comment you make, it can be one bump forward or backward for a person in need.
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    dprh reacted to SilentOne in Doesn't sit well with me   
    And then said pastor (or whatever religious figure he is) can be roasted for his geographic illiteracy instead!
    Edited to add: Just messing around. I have high regards for @MormonGator.
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    dprh got a reaction from pam in What is the bishop NOT allowed to ask me?   
    I think we are wandering into a topic that is prohibited on this forum.  Your question is answered in @pam's thread.  Talk with your Bishop.  He is allowed to talk to you about it.