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  1. It's funny how the passage of time reveals the true nature of people. Remember the fuss caused by Sonja Johnson? She, the pioneer of equal rights for women both within and outside of the Church. She chained herself to the fence at the temple to make her point. Fast forward 40 years and where is Sonja and what is she doing? She lives in a tiny house in Arizona with her wife. A nut all along as it turns out. Whenever I see people wanting to upset the natural order of things I tend to let them blow their hot air and watch what they do when the air is depleted. They generally turn out to be nuts. Julie Rowe - you reading this?
  2. TheRedHen


    I am a Jew who converted to the LDS Church about 9 years ago. I'm very interested in what the future holds in terms of the last days. Does anyone know if Julie Rowe's prophecies are considered to be true by serious scholars on the subject? She seems a little weird to me but I don't want to ignore her if what she says is true.
  3. The concept of artificial insemination isn't the problem with your friend - it's that she doesn't understand that a child reared in a single mother home is harmful to the child's development. At some point she'll need to tell her child why she made that choice, and viola - we have another man-hater. If the friend has any concept of eternity and how families fit into the plan, she won't do it.
  4. TheRedHen

    Name of the Church

    Does it matter what the name of the church is if it doesn't change behavior? I think not, but as an official matter I can see why President Nelson wants to emphasize the name. It's more of an outreach effort in my opinion, meaning it's for consumption by those outside the church.
  5. TheRedHen

    Thanks, anti-vax movement...

    Why did it take almost 6,000 years of human existence (by the Bible's timeline) for something as simple as Penicillin to be given to mankind? Seems like rather than walk around the streets and heal a leper here and a blind woman there the Lord could have handed the recipe to someone.
  6. TheRedHen

    The Democratic Party's "leftward shift"

    I ignore pretty much everything the Democratic Party stands for except the stance on abortion. A party that promotes the murder of babies is enough for me to never consider supporting it, regardless of its stance on any other issue. There is no way to separate that one policy stance from the overall character of the party.
  7. TheRedHen

    Word of Wisdom question

    My mother-in-law hasn't been to the temple in 54 years, nor has she attended church in all that time. Her husband died a couple of years ago and the ladies in her neighborhood have gotten her back into attending weekly. Last week she showed me her temple recommend that she got the day before. I said that's wonderful - want me to help carry your bottles of wine, bags of coffee and coffee maker out to the trash? She looked at me and said her bishop said that's no longer a requirement to go to the temple and that she can keep drinking both for medicinal purposes. I see a trend lately - based on various conversations that I've had with various people, that there seems to be a very relaxed tone regarding the Word of Wisdom these days. Anyone else have a similar experience?