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  1. I've been a big fan of Trump for 20 years. I dealt with him on a deal in New Jersey where he now has one of his country clubs. We thought we were pretty sophisticated and had looked at all the deal points. When Donald Trump got involved he made so many observations that we hadn't considered that I felt way out of his league. He made the deal far better than it was before. He's always been critical of the way this country has been run. Watch old footage of him speaking about immigration, trade, federal spending - way back in the 80's. He has been completely consistent. How anyone could vote for Hillary or whichever dufus the Democrats put up this time is beyond me.
  2. TheRedHen

    BYU to allow same-sex dancing at annual competition

    Let's face it - BYU really doesn't have standards that can't be adjusted for money. The ballroom dancing world is full of gay men. Always has been. Women who associate with gay men don't seem to mind it. Thus, even at BYU those who are involved in this thing are going to push for a lot of gay men to be involved. They don't want to lose the 'prestige' and associated money with this event. Thus what most of us consider to be a standard that doesn't promote homosexuality can be bent to accomodate this. All sorts of reasons and excuses can be found to justify the decision. I won't be surprised when BYU athletics at some point decides that participating in competitions on Sunday can be justified in much the same way. My point is that although the Church and BYU pretend to have principles regarding certain things they often break their own rules. It's hypocritical and sadly stupid.
  3. TheRedHen

    Can you please help me respond??

    Oh it exists all right. It's thinned out a bit, but my city is definitely trying to keep the marauders out.
  4. TheRedHen

    Can you please help me respond??

    Having lived in the Bible Belt for years I can guarantee you that nothing you say will convince a fairly devout Christian of anything. I'd rather try my luck convincing someone who is a Buddhist, Muslim or Athiest of the truth than an Evangelical. They are seldom open to discovery. That's my experience anyway.
  5. TheRedHen

    Are you blessed or lucky?

    I believe God is agnostic as to our bank accounts.
  6. TheRedHen

    Are you blessed or lucky?

    I'm not saying that. I was replying to someone who said that.
  7. TheRedHen

    Are you blessed or lucky?

    So the Marriott kids were valiant in the pre-existence?
  8. TheRedHen

    Are you blessed or lucky?

    Anyone who owns land out there can lease their mineral rights to an oil company. I assume the tribes have the same deal.
  9. TheRedHen

    Are you blessed or lucky?

    I was sitting in a room not long ago with some older relatives who were all raised out in the Uinta Basin. As a result they all get checks from oil companies on a monthly basis - sometimes small and sometimes pretty big. Over the years they've accumulated some pretty impressive bank accounts - particularly when considering that they all had pretty menial jobs in my opinion. As I listened I was amused as the conversation turned spiritual - as in how blessed they are to receive this money from the Lord. One even said that she feels like the oil prices go up according to how faithful the recipients are in paying tithing. I have my views on this and my question is therefore rhetorical, but does anyone really believe that God sends oil money to the faithful, or is it the luck of the birthplace draw? It's almost like they're equating the non-oil people to the fence-sitting spirits in the pre-existence who were destined to be born in Africa. Thoughts?
  10. TheRedHen

    Women and children as witnesses

    This is as significant as when the Church started using plastic sacrament cups. Not a big deal except on a personal level for some. There will be mothers asked to witness sealings instead of fathers and if that's what the bride and groom want have at it. As a doctrinal issue it is meaningless though.
  11. It's funny how the passage of time reveals the true nature of people. Remember the fuss caused by Sonja Johnson? She, the pioneer of equal rights for women both within and outside of the Church. She chained herself to the fence at the temple to make her point. Fast forward 40 years and where is Sonja and what is she doing? She lives in a tiny house in Arizona with her wife. A nut all along as it turns out. Whenever I see people wanting to upset the natural order of things I tend to let them blow their hot air and watch what they do when the air is depleted. They generally turn out to be nuts. Julie Rowe - you reading this?
  12. TheRedHen


    I am a Jew who converted to the LDS Church about 9 years ago. I'm very interested in what the future holds in terms of the last days. Does anyone know if Julie Rowe's prophecies are considered to be true by serious scholars on the subject? She seems a little weird to me but I don't want to ignore her if what she says is true.
  13. The concept of artificial insemination isn't the problem with your friend - it's that she doesn't understand that a child reared in a single mother home is harmful to the child's development. At some point she'll need to tell her child why she made that choice, and viola - we have another man-hater. If the friend has any concept of eternity and how families fit into the plan, she won't do it.
  14. TheRedHen

    Name of the Church

    Does it matter what the name of the church is if it doesn't change behavior? I think not, but as an official matter I can see why President Nelson wants to emphasize the name. It's more of an outreach effort in my opinion, meaning it's for consumption by those outside the church.