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  1. Do you have a website/link to YOUR soap and canle business where I can look up for more info? I'm intrigued.
  2. Hi all, So i recently got to a group of people who are fans of the essential oils. They smell nice, and claiming for various health benefits ( I have depression to some extend, and insomnia) But I'm still kind of on the fence about it, since it is not the cheapest to buy. Also I heard that you can also be a potential "seller" to make regular income, which is also appealing to me. But that's what they say, I want to get a second opinion, here. Soo.... anyone's has experiences with those?
  3. Got it.. I love the community of this forum, everyone's so helpful.. Learned a lot. Thanks yall. :)
  4. Thanks everyone... this has been very helpful... Ok now I know you have to be 18, and no speculating for first timers... But I know for a fact one of my remote cousins had gotten married at 17, and she was sealed in the temple. so... how did that work about...I' ask her but she's not with the church now sadly to say...
  5. But Can you get temple recommend under 18, though... I'm not talking about getting endowed or sealed.. but a standard temple recommend to attend temple wedding as such? Can anyone give written source? Otherwise it's as good as words off the internet.
  6. So I recently met with a potential investigator who wrestled me with a couple of questions I cannot answer. I have not gone to a mission myself, so I redirected him to the instutue( he was a YSA age) . But it gets me to ask these questions myself. However, hoping to stay as anonymous as this forum permits, I came here to ask. This is what he asked: 1) When a couple had gone through the temple divorce, will their children be sealed to the father or the mother? a) And when each or both remarry in the temple again, could the children be sealed to their new partner? Therefore, answers to those will also implies i) if sealings can be canceled at all(I had heard "no" before.) as well as ii) who children of their previous marriage be sealed to. 2) Is there a written rule that puts an age limit for someone to obtain a temple recommend? Say a minor at the age of 15, 16 desires to obtain a standard temple recommend, not the limited-use type for youths. I couldn't find any rules says there is an age limit, yet we all know they can't…? It was kind of embarrassing for me not being able to answer him, and even more embarrassing that i had to come here and ask... But then... what's the answer?
  7. I heard there are such things called magnet ward, but looks like there is none in Utah where I live. I've been tagging along with my sister's family since my divorce, but I'm sensing it won't do for the long run. My daughter is off to college, YSA. I'm so bummed... what should I do? Are there any one in the same boat?
  8. Ok. this is the mother: she'll make one for her own.. everybody can rest in peace now.. lol
  9. My daughter is 18... she accidentally posted one thread without loggin me off, now that everyone jumps on it... 😐
  10. 😔 I'll try my best, but I might ending up finding myself spraying sugar on top...
  11. I think you are right... I normally eat healthy, but ever since my divorce... I find myself take it all out on cookies, brownies, lots of sodas.. while binge watching tv shows on the couch. Do you have any advice on that..?
  12. Was it Fun? Awkward?....Weird?.... Exciting? Romantic....or just Nonchalant? What did you do? Where did you go? What's your first date stories.... and... go..