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    Roger Beutel reacted to mikbone in Church policy change on same sex marriage   
    What I hate to see in these discussions is the absence of the name of Jesus Christ.
    Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith had to deal with the legal system during their lives on multiple occasions.  Joseph Smith had like 200 legal cases against him.
    The Church has to co-exist in a legal system.  Good thing we have some great lawyers in the Church.
    Jesus was an infinite number of steps ahead of his legal enemies.  And Joseph Smith had a damn good legal mind.
    Homosexuality is a sin.  It is not apostasy.  Teaching that homosexuality in not a sin is apostasy.  Entering into a legal same sex marriage is borderline...  It is obviously a sin.  But the intent of the marriage itself may not be apostasy.  If you enter into marriage for tax purposes or to declare your love to each other it isn't apostasy.  If you have same sex marriage to publicly show your distain for church doctrine - that probably is apostasy.
    I think as a Church we should try harder to be more like Christ in our legal relationships.  
    They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.
    We should stay out of government.
    And I have a hard time getting bent out of shape for the dozen or so cases where same sex married couples will want their children baptized in the LDS Church...
    Anyway, I am sure that during conference all our concerns will be alleviated.
    I was sealed to my eternal spouse in the Dallas TX temple 12/27/91.  My marriage license was obtained in the Dallas County Courthouse on 12/23/91.
    There is an incredible difference between the two.
    I hope that we see Marriages no longer offered in the Temples of the Lord.  Only sealing ceremonies.  
    If you have ever been in the basement of the Salt Lake Temple waiting in the cattle runs and having to hear the temple staff repeatedly remind everyone to be reverent in the house of the Lord you might understand my point.