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  1. Hello everyone. I have been away from the Church for about 18 years. I officially resigned my membership about 9 years ago. Lately I have felt the pull towards the Church again. I want to come back, but I don't feel like I can. Well, maybe I can, but I am hoping someone here can answer a couple of questions for me. Please bear with me while I give a brief account of my story. I was married in the Temple to my first wife. We have been divorced for fifteen years. There has been nothing done regarding our Temple sealing. I am since remarried, and so is she. In order for me to come back to the Church, would something have to be done regarding that earlier sealing? If so, what? I will under no circumstances contact my former spouse, nor will I permit anyone else to contact her regarding me. Can anyone help me with this? What is the process for someone wanting to return regarding a former Temple marriage. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.