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  1. ­čśş­čśşwoww l think that lve read this before but never had this made so much impact in my life as it did today ...l think you're the answer...this ...thank you soo much
  2. Hie´╗┐ every a´╗┐m from Zimbabwe and am new´╗┐ to this post site but l hope that l get some really inspiring inform´╗┐ation and advice Am a member of the lds church turning 18 a recent young adult.l've no valuable experience in steady dating or casual dating either ´╗┐ issue is l know that when ure in a position to consider steady dating and you want to end up in the temple dating a faithful worthy member is top priority yet l have this guy whose really serious and l like him and he loves me but he is not a member ´╗┐ l told him about my concerns towards temple marriage and after some time of consideration says he can be that guy..worse off am preparing to serve a mission as lve received confirmation that l can serve a full time mission in my patriarch and my plan is in less than 2 years time and lve told him about this and he said it would be hard but he would wait for me´╗┐ his promises are leaned toward joining the church and lve told him also about joining for the right reasons and it seems lyk he is working on it but complicated as he lives with his parents who are indifferent towards my faith..He attended services only once´╗┐ should l go for it??even though l know that l have about 1yr 10months left to serve ...even though l know that he might never join the church and this might deprive me of temple blessings ´╗┐ We once dated for abt 2 months and l broke it off due to this same reason..and now he wants to come back..lve been praying about it but l feel as though l haven't received an answer yet