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  1. A friend of mine who knows I go to LDS church told me she has been really struggling with her 7 year old, basically she can''t control him and a relative of hers told her to go to some parenting course that is put on by a local church. As she knows I go to church she asked me does my church have one she can go to. I told her that there aren't any courses you show up to, but there are some guides that are printed and I could ask for some members who have kids to give her advice, but she didn't seem keen on this idea. I also have a child, I don't see them but I would like to go to some parenting course too. Pretty much all the baptist churches around us offer free parenting courses and my friend is going to go to one. My friend said she was surprised that the LDS church doesn't have any parenting courses as it seems to be a well known thing that families are central to the gospel. I would like to tell her why we don't offer them. Can you help me out please ? Also, I think I want to go to a parenting course at a church too, do you think it is okay ?
  2. @Junior bro just tell your wife not to bring the baby into bed with you. Tell her to settle the baby back into their crib. Your wife can go without sleep at night because she can nap during the day when the baby naps. You need your sleep. Only experience I have is my 3 younger siblings, I remember helping my mom and the best way to re settle them was to stay with them whilst they are in the crib. Don't take them out just wait and usually with in 20 mins they would have cried themselves to exhaustion and be back asleep.
  3. Agreed praise be to God I overcame my drug addiction but the meth addicts when I was in rehab and the one's I knew from street were in the worse states. IMO cannabis shouldn't be legal in USA
  4. @Junior The only real advice I can give you is don't make her feel like you have a huge part of your life that you love and enjoy but she can't be a part of it. You shouldn't be leading a separate part of your life without your wife.
  5. Well we were 17 but I wasn't a mature 17 year old. No even when I didn't care anymore that she went to church I still made her feel bad about it, just so she would have the mindset of making it up to me and she would never stay too long at church. Looking back now it was foolish, but I was young and petty.
  6. We are no longer married but I put it down to the fact we got married far too young, rather than our disagreements about her going to church
  7. JGarcia

    What's your first date stories?

    we got married about 10 months later, I would say it was good news about her
  8. JGarcia

    What's your first date stories?

    I was arrested on a first date once when I was 16 due to mistaken identity 😂Luckily, it didn't put her off.
  9. Yeah for sure, I used to resent her going to church. I didn't like it that she had friends there and it felt like she had a big part of her life that she loved and I wasn't involved in it. It made me jealous, I suggest you invite your wife to go with you even if she says no, at least she will feel welcomed into that part of your life.
  10. I don't want to offend Americans and I kind of view myself as American anyway. But that women's US team had no respect for their opponents or the game of football. I don't like any of the players
  11. It can be hard sometimes I remember when I was married and it took us a while to be on the same page. Although, I had the reverse to @Junior because my wife was really faithful member and I was inactive. Sometimes when she attended church I did feel that she chose church over me.
  12. JGarcia


    That's cool though you have some mixed culture like me
  13. JGarcia


    lol you still live in the filipinas ?
  14. JGarcia


    ew. Are you Hispanic?