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  1. Interesting. I guess I'll just pay for the license and wait the 3 days. As long as the marriage is planned within 60 days I feel better. Feels like I've done all I can to make things right with God.
  2. I hear you. We've lived together for quite some time now. It isn't about having sex at this point. Imagine living like a married couple for years and then realizing "oh we can't do that anymore until we're legally married." So basically that's almost what it becomes. Hope that makes sense. I understand what you are saying though.
  3. Yes and she's totally is interested. She's Zulu and from South Africa and the appeal to ancestry was interesting to her. Yes legal marriage is what we want. And then definitely temple. I've been away a long time
  4. I grew up in the church, fell away for 15 or so years and started coming back a few months ago. I've read the book of Mormon for the first time willingly and by myself. Things are growing spiritually. I live with my girlfriend and we have been "living in sin." We've decided to get a marriage license and get married very soon. However I don't see us stopping sleeping together and I feel conflicted. Has anyone had this situation or know anything? Also I have not been chaste at all in those years. Never been married and I never went through the temple but did receive aaronic priesthood. My girlfriend and I are very faithful to each other and already consider ourselves married. I know that sounds dumb.