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  1. Thank you for your input. It does give me a lot of understanding for what life will be like after marriage. I’m definitely going to have my own things that I enjoy doing independently, just as I do now. I guess I just get worried that once I’m around people my age they might think that I’m “closed off” from hanging out and stuff because I am married. I know marriage is definitely a commitment that will take time and dedication- more important than having fun with friends in college- I just think it’s still good to have some quality friendships outside of a marriage. Thank you for your advice, it does help to keep it in perspective. We go to Institute together and both of us have already made friends with different people, I think having a healthy environment like this will make it a lot easier to make quality friends with others as well. I’m very excited to being married to my significant other and I understand it’s eternal significance.
  2. He’s in the military, so he never really had the chance to go on a mission just yet. He wants to go on a couples mission someday, but as I was just baptized I don’t think I’m ready to serve a mission, of course. Right now he’s 20 and I am 18. When we started dating, yes I was only 15, but I never grew up in an LDS church where it’s believed that you don’t start dating until you are 16. And I have made a life for myself, it’s just changed completely now that I’m living in a different state, that’s all. I had a pretty close friend group in high school, but having moved to a different state I won’t be seeing them much. I don’t know why you’re assuming that I’ve never made adult decisions for myself or that I’m not independent. I have my own hobbies and stuff that I love. I have a full time job now that I’ve graduated and had a part time job in high school. I drive to the places I need to go. I can cook and enjoy it a lot. I don’t always just hang around my fiancé depending on him. I wouldn’t feel ready for marriage it that was the case. But I do love him so yes I naturally spend a lot of time with him; but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a life outside of him.
  3. Mandy01


    Hello, I’m new of course and I recently converted to the LDS religion this last spring. I live in Wyoming but I’m from Texas (born and raised); I claim both as my home(s). I’m college age and I look forward to getting to know some of you!
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    Whoa, it’s a fellow Wyoming....ite? I’m so familiar with saying Texan, I have to get used to this 😅 I just moved from Texas to Wyoming, and I can tell you, when someone from Wyoming says it’s hot, I really have to hold back from telling them how they really have no idea! But then again in Texas it hardly ever snows.... or at least for where I was at...
  5. Mandy01


    Welcome! I was born in Texas and just recently moved from Texas to Wyoming due to college (not that that matters though 😅) I’m from the Fort Worth area. I use to be a nondenominational Christian before I was converted to the LDS church. Hopefully this forum will serve as a good way for you to learn about the church. I’m new to this forum too so I guess we’re both getting familiar with it 😊
  6. So, this issue isn’t really on marriage itself, but more of the social complications it could cause. I am 18 years old and have been dating my now fiancé for three years. I wasn’t LDS and knew nothing about the religion at first, but overtime I became interested in learning about it because my boyfriend was LDS. Eventually I was baptized into the church and I’ve gained a strong testimony overtime. About half a month ago he asked me to marry him and I said yes. I am confident in my decision to marry him, and I do feel like I am ready because we have been dating for a long time. We have made wedding plans and will be getting married in the late fall. However, I am worried for other reasons. I am about to start college, and I always dreamed of having fun hanging out with college friends (nothing bad- just going to watch movies and stuff like that); partially because my sister had a good number of friends in college and I wanted similar experiences. I’m really worried that I won’t make any close friends now that I’m married though. Most girls my age aren’t married or even in serious relationships so I feel like being married in college would make me feel lonely. I’m also going to a college out of state so I don’t know anyone there to begin with. I guess I’m just looking for advice on how to still have close friends even when married, or if it even seems likely. My marriage does mean the most to me, but there is a part of me that wants to go out with friends and have some harmless fun. The college I am attending does have a high percentage of LDS students, so I would be around people with moral standards close to mine. I just don’t want to feel like being married will close me off from making important friendships.