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  1. Beautiful comment sister. You're right about the Mormon community being amazing, we really are a family and I know I can trust any of them with my life. I don't want to keep everyone waiting for long so I think I'll just do minimal makeup or wear none at all. It will be a bit weird, but there's no other people in the world I would rather see me bare faced and drenched than my LDS family. Thank you!
  2. Thank you! I will definitely wear white undies and bring towels with. What should I wear to church before the baptism? Should I try to look put together or just go minimally dressed and get ready later? Also, about how much time will I have to get ready after the ceremony? Pictures are definitely going to be taken and just forgoing makeup will be hard for me (blonde hair, no eyebrows.) I know it sounds petty given how sacred a baptism is, but being seen by everyone I know looking like a wet rat is super embarrassing! Any tips?
  3. I thought it sounded weird too but our priest said it could be up to 10 seconds completely submerged.
  4. So I show up to church in my normal Sunday clothes and then get into the baptismal clothes after? How long will I have to get ready after getting dunked?
  5. Hi y'all, I'm getting baptised into the Mormon church next week and was wondering what I'm supposed to wear. I have lots of friends and family coming to see me so I want to look somewhat decent even though I will be dunked under water for a good 10 seconds. Here are my questions: 1. Shoes - do I wear something or just go into church barefoot and put shoes on afterwards? 2. What should I do with my hair? Should I even bother styling it beforehand? 3. Makeup - this is a big one. I feel totally naked without any makeup on and really don't want to look like a monster for something as important as this. Do I wear makeup or just put it on later? Thanks!