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  1. I have had an emotional affair. Looking back I believe the reason it started was in dealing with depression. I'm not a very good communicator with my husband and often feel like he is annoyed or upset with me. I had a friend from high school that I felt safe talking to about absolutely anything, partly because there was no investment. I could say anything to him and if he didn't like it, oh well. He wasn't my partner so there was no risk. But it developed into more as I went to him to get the attention/comfort/ etc. I should have sought from my husband. It went too far and we had a "sexting" affair. We never had sex, but there were photos/videos exchanged and we met in person as well. My problem is this. My husband is an amazing man. He is a leader in the church and a wonderful father. Our issues are all about communication and my inadequacies in everything. We have three young children. I fear upon learning of my affair that he will immediately want a divorce because that's the one reason Christ said it is okay to divorce. I fear he will see it as just the consequence of my action. And I fear my children will suffer greatly. I'm considering just carrying on as if it didn't happen. Repenting as much as I can and just trying to be the perfect person on the outside that I failed to be on the inside. Isn't it better to go to hell myself than for my kids to suffer through losing a parent and all of that? Any advice is appreciated. Anyone out there survive something like this?