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  1. Oh good, I'm glad I was just over-thinking it, honestly. The biggest problem in my mind was, I was looking ahead, and I thought, if I continue to let her go to this friends' house (and otherwise hang out with him) for years and years, then at what point would I say, "nope, you can no longer go to his house/a movie/the park/etc because now it's considered a date!" But I guess I won't worry about it, if it's totally normal for kids to hang out at this age. :)
  2. So, my 8-year-old daughter has a favorite friend from school who happens to be a boy. I've gotten to know the mom, and she's amazing, they're just the most wonderful family ever. My daughter asked if she could go over to their house and I said, "yeah!" and set it up without even giving it another thought.... Until now. Now I'm wondering, was I in the wrong? What do you think about letting your primary-age child visit and play with friends of the opposite gender? I know that For the Strength of Youth advises not to date until 16. But at age 8 they're not thinking in terms of dating, and neither was I.