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  1. star.bright

    Evil doesn't Think, it just Does

    Ask the victims of those murderers I've mentioned here, but they can't speak any more. Ask the young flowers of South Carolina, that were killed by a psychopath. And he looked a little bit pale and slightly aged when the execution team finally (after years of appellations) was finally leading him to South Carolina's Old Sparkey. From their standpoint the universe would be a much better place if their murderers were prevented by God from torturing and killing them. Wouldn't you agree ...? 🤠 By the way, that Larry Gene Bell worked as an electrician before. I guess there is such a thing I'd call diabolic inspired irony after all.
  2. star.bright

    Evil doesn't Think, it just Does

    Your comparison also has a small lack of consequence, as you've mentioned some kind of external power. If the perpetrators were inspired by -let's say- Satan, this would heavily interference with the freedom of choice and that external influence of such a power you mentioned. And so we'd be back to the question why God seems to permit those misdeeds (assumed, he hasn't lost control), and, the most important point here, the torture and suffering of the victims. You wouldn't really believe that the decisions and the will of the victims were of getting murdered...? The freedom of the one part in committing murders stands in opposite of the other part, the victims; why this disadvantaging of them ...? Whatsoever - do men really have a free will...? David Eagleman, an author and well-known American neuro-physiologist is of a decidedly different opinion. And if this was true, what world would we really live in...?
  3. star.bright

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    My oh my. "Hello, a Jedi I am. Out of trouble I will bring you." ...That gnome with donkey ears and some kind of a jute sack wearing as a coat should first learn how to speak properly. 👨‍🌾
  4. star.bright

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    He doesn't wear the hat a Cowboy would. 🤠 ... And it's not a Cattleman.
  5. star.bright

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Kindergarden. A SF movie for children. And Hollywood...? Wrecked movie makers. Riding the same old stallion and trying to impress the world with movie trash in the first degree. 🤠
  6. star.bright

    Evil doesn't Think, it just Does

    "The rarest product of our universe appears to be life. And the rarest of life is intelligent life. Outside of our planet life is not known to exist anywhere in our vast universe." In our vast universe... how could we step into contact with another civilization, and how, since the velocity of light and, thus, electromagnetic waves is limited, and it would maybe take thousands of years before our message arrived the aliens by chance, if it weren't absorbed and disappeared in the big noise of the universe long before? "You seem to selfishly ignore the cruelty of this universe to countless struggling lifeforms to concern yourself with but so few of your own species. " I'm quite conscious of the cruelty of this universe and its nature. I wouldn't say I was ignoring this fact. "Since we all die - what difference does it make how we die? 10,000 years after an individual death even the most intelligent creature will be forgotten and remembered no more." My oh my, and what about empathy and compassion? There are significant differences of how we can die, as described in this thread before. "Let me be very simple - It appears to me that you really do not believe in a resurrection from death." I would call it transformation. Maybe it's the same, only another word. "... would you explain to me why flowing currents (electrons) generate magnetic fields?" Electromagnetism is due to something in common with other phenomenons of our universe. It started with Maxell and it maybe will end in a all-encompassing theory.The fundamental surface of our universe is the quantum world. In an additional interaction with a supposed superordinate universum it makes me unsure what we see is absolute; and we see very less, by the way. However, it's only my thoughts, based on my own empiric perceptions, but let me take this risk of being wrong, and nevertheless let me guess one great spirit has granted us the ability of reading even between the lines of the twinkling stars' firmament; and, thus, even would let us understand the secrets beyond that darkness.
  7. star.bright

    Evil doesn't Think, it just Does

    Surely the devil's poor, and poor devils, also.
  8. And, what's even two years in comparison to ETERNITY...? Only approx. 17.000 hours more than 16 hours; insignificantly more. 🤠
  9. star.bright

    Mark Harrison

    How would you become acquainted without a profile picture...? 🤠
  10. star.bright

    Evil doesn't Think, it just Does

    Let's go medias in res: the Theodizee-Question: The question, why God Almighty seemingly allows the evil to murder in cruelful ways and by letting the victims suffer in a way I'm miles away of being able to describe, has never been solved by Christian concepts. I've made my own thoughts about this paradoxum. On the one hand, there is an almighty God. On the other hand, he seemingly allows a psychopathic murderer like, e.g., Gene Bell (I've mentioned that case before) to murder young girls who were just at the beginning of her live as daughters of God and the young flowers of Virginia. So, Mrs. Doe, would you be able to give a statement...? And please don't come with "God has given us the freedom of will and it's up to us to act evil or god" and all that trash. I'm rid of all that. See the VICTIMS. That's the point. Tell me please why God seemingly accepts the unimaginable suffering of the victims only by holding high the principle of giving a free will to the perpetrators. Give me an answer. But give me a good answer. Nevertheless, I will give the answer, and my view has to do with the question abour reality and the high-dimensional architecture of our holographic universe. It's always been my wish to get an answer, and God's revelations haven't stopped with Joseph Smith. The biggest revelations can be found in the field of science. SCIENCE. But maybe ninety-five percent of the nutheads that call themselves human don't even know or can describe how an electro-motor works or how electric voltage comes to their house. And how a washing machine works (but, Mrs.Doe, this of course concerns only the male part of the population of our "Planet of the Apes" - by the way, one of the movies I watched when I was some significant years younger - can't say exactly why, but I had a thing about those apes). 👨‍🌾
  11. star.bright

    Evil doesn't Think, it just Does

    "But He will not force anyone to walk in His goodness and happiness. And to those that refuse, His wrath is beyond our ability to fathom." Yea, and HE hates those ones more than cruelful psychopathic murderers, of course. This is your belief...? And our ability to be empathetic is so shallow compared to God's... ? Ask the parents of those children, that have been murdered; some have died of grief.
  12. star.bright

    Evil doesn't Think, it just Does

    So you're pleading for forgiveness...? Those women and children who'd been brought to death by shameful and absolutely cruel murderers are not just names for me. See what Larry Jean Bell did and how he brought those poor young girls to death. READ it. Read how that animal brought them to death. Read it. Wikipedia will certainly give you the complete information. And THEN think about it, and what the victims felt and what their last thoughts may had been, when they were in the hands of that abominable monster. I don't pardon your bluntness - I think it's only pure arrogance. Probably your empathy isn't enough to feel pity and compassion for the right side; namely the victims. God even loves the perpetrators...? Don't be so sure, even if it's your doctrine. Why should God Almighty hate the sin, but love the sinner (murderer)...? Tell me, then, why did HE send Lucifer into the outer Darkness...? Maybe 'cause HE loves him and his followers...? No forgiveness, no mercy, no pardon, nothing of HE loves Lucifer but only hates his sinning? You're talking about God as if you've got the entire truth in your hands and I'm the most ignorant idiot. But take a look at your hands; they're empty. There's nothing you hold in your hands that might convince me. Only arrogance. Pure arrogance. Pardon my bluntness, by the way.
  13. star.bright

    How do I change my name?

    Oh, yes, I remember that. I once had to do with Basic and Cobol and IBM assembler. And in the dual system and others, zero indeed is the index of the first item.