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    Slaughtered my Name and now my Image

    Yes! I was raised this way; meaning, my mother taught us not to use the Lord's name more often than necessary, and only in reverence. I can't remember from whom or where I learned this, but inside the recesses of my memory is the idea that the church purposely didn't use an image of Christ on everything in an effort to be respectful. His image was reserved for holy places, such as the temple, church buildings, and formal living rooms in the home. Or, one might keep a bookmark with a painting of the Savior in your scriptures. As a Primary teacher in the early 2000's, we were instructed not to use cartoon images of deity. The only pictures the church wanted us to use were paintings from the Gospel Art Kit or similar ones. And, unless recently changed, the current handbook has strict guidelines about people dressing up and role-playing the Savior; again, presumably, out of reverence.
  2. Comp

    Moving away when you're the Bishop

    Thank you! Having some reassurance that the calling should not be given so much weight in our decision helps a lot. It's hard with emotions involved, but my mind cleared when I took the time to write out my thoughts. And even more clarity came when seeing a unanimous perspective here on calling vs family. I agree that moving might not change anything. That's possible. Do you think it's possible that it WILL change things? It is a fact that we would not be neighbors with this kid and he would not be ever-present anymore. It's easy to say I'm wishfully thinking everything would be better without him....but is it possibly true that everything would be better without him? Aren't some relationships toxic enough to cut them out of our lives? Anyway, that's where my mind is.