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  1. TheTanakas

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    I heard of this line of reasoning before. I informed my evolutionist buddy (who believes in the Big Bang) that I could no more believe in that explosion causing all life to appear than I could believe a tornado blowing through a junk yard could produce a 747 airplane. Another expression I heard - if humans came from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes? 🙂
  2. TheTanakas

    2020 General Conference Via Technology, ONLY!

    Leaders, speakers, musicians, choirs, technicians and others assigned to assist with general conference will participate in all five sessions at the Conference Center in Salt Lake, but the public will not be admitted to the building. Will the choir practice safe-distancing?
  3. TheTanakas

    All meetings temporarily suspended

    Looks like we are back to where it all started - home churches.
  4. TheTanakas

    Conditions that make agency possible

    My thought is that I don't get the impression God wanted Adam and Eve to eat from that forbidden tree but provided all the other trees they could eat from. Is there a reason why you always use G-d instead of God? 🙂
  5. I had a question on this part: 91 - Note that Jacob also addressed the practice of having more than one wife. What do you find in Jacob 2:23–30 that helps you understand why the Lord has, in limited situations, commanded His people to practice plural marriage? How does He feel about those who do so without His authorization? I find another example (Doctrine and Covenants 132:34-35) where God is said to have commanded someone to practice plural marriage (Abraham with Hagar). How was Ishmael born after the flesh while Isaac was born after the spirit (Galatians 4:23,29)? Pete
  6. TheTanakas

    Conditions that make agency possible

    Why did God not want them to eat from the forbidden tree and gain that knowledge?
  7. TheTanakas

    Conditions that make agency possible

    I'm confused by your ideas about something being literal as opposed to something being symbolic. You said the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil is symbolic of something. Do you believe it was literal fruit from a literal tree? If no, what does symbolic fruit represent to you? thanks
  8. TheTanakas

    Conditions that make agency possible

    They had knowledge and ability to know how to obey or disobey God's commandment not to eat. What do you mean by 'they had no knowledge or intelligence'? If you are asking me from a Book of Mormon perspective, I do not know. If you are asking me from a Bible perspective, I would say that the Tree of Life, the forbidden tree, and all the other trees in the garden are not symbolic of anything in my opinion.
  9. TheTanakas

    Conditions that make agency possible

    Eve's first choice was to obey or disobey God's command 'not to eat' from the forbidden tree. When she was deceived, her choice then expanded to 'do I believe God or Satan?' Even in our society, we make many choices even though the devil is trying to deceive us. This does not make choice/agency less valid. Do you have a scripture to indicate what you mean? It seems you are criticizing God for his actions because he has foreknowledge. But what kind of human parent are you if you want to bring children into this world knowing full well that your child will suffer along the way? The Cherubim were not placed to guard the Tree of Life for the salvation of Adam and Eve. They were placed there to prevent them from eating from it after they had eaten from the forbidden tree. You are confusing the role of the Cherubim with the role of Jesus.
  10. TheTanakas

    Conditions that make agency possible

    Would that mean they did not literally disobey God by eating from a literal forbidden tree?
  11. TheTanakas

    Understanding 2 Nephi 12 and Isaiah 11

    I was looking at 2 Nephi 2:3-4 and sensed that Lehi was trying to teach that someone special would come through the line of Manasseh. That would make sense to me since I see no one in Ephraim's line writing in the Book of Mormon.
  12. TheTanakas

    Conditions that make agency possible

    That depends. If the Garden of Eden is not a literal place, then it would seem the Fall was not a literal event and thus the plan of salvation is not literal either. I never heard of the concept of the Garden of Eden being symbolic of our pre-existence.
  13. TheTanakas

    Conditions that make agency possible

    And the Garden of Eden was not literally a garden place?
  14. TheTanakas

    Conditions that make agency possible

    Are you saying Adam and Eve did not literally eat from a forbidden tree?
  15. TheTanakas

    Understanding 2 Nephi 12 and Isaiah 11

    Where do you see a reconciliation between the northern and southern kingdoms in Doctrine and Covenants 113:1–6? Who is the rod of Isaiah 11:1?