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  1. My family and I started reading the section for the week of February 3-9 in "Come, Follow Me - For Individuals and Families". I had a question on these passages. 46-47 - Lehi identified essential conditions that make agency possible and enable us to reach our divine potential, including the following: 1. A knowledge of good and evil (2 Nephi 2:5) 2. A law given to mankind (2 Nephi 2:5) 3. Opposing, enticing choices (2 Nephi 2:11) 4. Power to act (2 Nephi 2:16) As you read 2 Nephi 2, what do you learn about each of these conditions of agency and their relationship to each other? What would happen to our agency if one or more of these conditions were missing? Since essential #1 was missing from Adam and Eve before they ate from the forbidden tree, what happened to their agency? Did they even have it to begin with?
  2. TheTanakas

    Lehi's dream and today's Sunday School lesson

    I was confused when I read this lesson. It was mentioned that Lehi saw a fountain of filthy water (1 Nephi 12:16) and a river of filthy water (1 Nephi 15:26-26). Then Mormon 6:4 says the hill Cumorah was in a land of many waters, rivers, and fountains. What is the difference in the fountain and the river Lehi saw?
  3. TheTanakas

    The Temptations of Christ

    What do you mean by Father going before us to show us the way?
  4. I needed some help on this section. It was in a related link on your reference. "What occurred in this first estate is dimly understood, but we do know that we lived there as spirits, children of our Heavenly Father, and we made certain steps of advancement to prepare for the opportunity of housing our eternal spirits in earthly bodies." What steps? Another part said "God created Adam and Eve in His own image, with bodies of flesh and bones, and placed them in the Garden of Eden." Is that a misprint? I read that she was was created with that kind of body in the garden. Peter (it doesn't appear I let the forum know my christianese name earlier)
  5. TheTanakas

    Hi from a recent joinee to church

    My family and I were in the Shino religion. Last year, we had several missionaries from this church and Jehovah's Witnesses talk about their faith and we were shown from the Bible and Book of Mormon that Jesus was not Michael the Archangel. We attended a few Sunday meetings and felt it was a good place to learn more about the Christian faith. Then we were asked to be baptized. Now we try to follow a routine like the Come Follow Me outlines on a weekly/monthly basis.
  6. Hello. Not sure what to say other than hi 🙂 Been a member for a few months.