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  1. israel upon this earth is not God’s israel, the opposite.
  2. e v e

    The trinity = the family

    but the version given most the time was established by medieval platonist rome... and is based out of plato.
  3. e v e

    The trinity = the family

    each is their own person. God has His male attribute (christ) and female attribute (his spirit). Isaiah describes hands, with christ at His right side. i will find the chapter. this physicality is not the physicality of eden.
  4. e v e

    The trinity = the family

    God who started eden, His realm does not have this type of physicality, as on the current earth. eden is not on this current earth. the change will be when his 144k go back to eden.
  5. e v e

    The trinity = the family

    His Feminine Spirit is our mother. She is His core of love. He , she , and their sons and daughters , that is my only trinity, and my family. His sons and daughters soon will rule with Him in Heaven.
  6. a first step to understand is that cain and abel , the described events , did not happen on this earth or by procreating in the current bodies .
  7. e v e

    Almost saved

    the real point is His souls have their Change soon . yes i know that many don’t believe in the Change , being too busy with this ‘life .’ ..if indeed He likes you then this is what you need : the experience which will make you once and for all forget all you had before... and follow Him . and then , cross back to eden - which is our Change .
  8. e v e

    The mark of the beast

    the mark is the Self , the satanic mindset when a soul sadly makes as final decision to follow the satanic realm deities who made eden to fall and adam to betray God and who by using and deluding adam crafted this world . as opposed to , being most sweetly sealed to God who created eden and so hopeful any day now to be restored to eden man’s having rejected the satanic realm .
  9. e v e

    The trinity = the family

    so what is wrong with His feminine spirit being our mother? And that we are sons and daughters?
  10. e v e

    Almost saved

    Paul told christians (=already following Christ) to die to the Self. And not to be of this world but instead to be as christ and be of Christ. That’s not an easy job to die to this world. But a most honorful important job. A continual one, to follow the first commandment, in essence. Faith’s fine but meeting God and staying with Him no matter what is what apostles and prophets and his souls do.Faith professed as well as works are both but smoke screens to keep a soul away from Him, smug and satisfied “there is nothing to do and I have faith. Im saved already.”Horrible. What He wants is for His Sons to stand up and fight with Him and rule with Him. Now. To die to the Self.
  11. e v e

    The trinity = the family

    okay. I didn’t know. : (
  12. e v e

    The trinity = the family

    I was talking about the concept of trinity as an organization rather than a family. i like how you phrased that. Thank you.
  13. e v e

    Who is God: LDS and NAE versions

    I deleted all my replies not related to the op.
  14. e v e

    The trinity = the family

    I’m not a modern christian . I’ve met God and believe me they are most gorgeous beings. I hold to that they are a family, He, His feminine spirit and their son. Not simply that they agreed on an organization. The cosubstantial thing, to me, is that they are of the same substance or nature. I am of their nature too, since I am of eden.
  15. e v e

    Who is God: LDS and NAE versions