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  1. i’m not a member of any denomination so my views are usually rejected but my understanding is He and His (Feminine) Spirit have sons - adam and christ - (there being several generations but not of the perishable flesh) but adam fell and that the trinity is He, His Spirit and Christ... and the 144k sons, (the originals of eden) and their girls, as extended family, being of Christ’s generation.... and then many millions more (here on this earth) who will meet Him and go to heaven and have their glorified being and if not meet him here, meet Him in heaven . ❤️ that is the trinity and my family. I have a father and a mother. the mainstream trinity is a greek construction since plato and has caused much in terms of problems.
  2. e v e

    How to regrow my dead faith

    you talk to Him and ask Him what’s next and tell Him all you feel and give all you have to Him. It will be okay. Just talking to Him and listening to Him. Start there. Don’t worry about the rest... ❤️
  3. e v e

    Non-LDS: Why do you pray?

    are you lds traveler? I saw you wrote G-d with a dash. that’s so interesting what you said about pharisees and having written down scripture.
  4. reincarnation is a satanic concept having to do with what they did to torture eden after she fell. I won't go into it here.
  5. the seven spirits are the 7 torches : female gorgeous beings who attend to and are with His Spirit - who is also Female. He, His Feminine Spirit and Christ (a gorgeous son of Him and She but not in the physical sense of this current world...not at all.)
  6. e v e

    Non-LDS: Why do you pray?

    i dont know who you mean, so thats just vague to me... what is not vague is that He says so and He showed me what I wrote.
  7. Those of Him in sheol can meet Him just as we on this prison earth can meet Him.
  8. “The World” will never recognize Christ... we are not to be one it. So the world recognizing christians is not necessary and would be a horrible sign that those christians are not christian. Christians are persecuted by the world. Christ was persecuted.
  9. e v e

    Hello, my name is Alan Osmond.

    dear alan, i used to watch your shows, performances. honestly i forgot all that; I was a littlechild . was never lds, and was raised catholic... and didn't know you were even christians at the time. so I am glad to hear you are. tell me about your family and God and how you see things in terms of God and the other world where God is and being a Christian. Anyway, if you are long gone from this forum I understand but I was surfing around and saw this.
  10. The prophets go on and on about the pastors...and His wrath against them. It's not pretty but it's true.
  11. God will bring souls to Him at the Change... and is not going to exclude any soul who HE likes. It so happens that the evangelicals are in the dog house. They do not listen. Or care to! He will bring His 144k sons to paradise soon...and many in modern christianity, such as evangelicals, especially pastors, will cry to learn that they were left behind until the witnesses return.... because they did NOT listen to Him.
  12. e v e

    Non-LDS: Why do you pray?

    Praying...what is it? Praying is Listening to Him and talking to Him and Loving Him. It is turning to Him. His prophets are prophets because they can HEAR Him and they listen. His apostles are apostles because they HEAR Him and listen. Today modern christianity has dumped the idea of apostles and prophets...not understanding WHY the vision was SEALED..because they DID NOT listen (the OT fathers). He chooses simple souls who LISTEN and not theologians, ventriloquists, pharisees. He speaks to His souls. The modern view that HE ceased to speak is a horrible satanic view. And utterly messed up.
  13. all that matters is to meet Him.. and not so much to meet the pentecostals or evangelicals etc.... ❤️
  14. e v e

    Non-LDS: Why do you pray?

    Im probably outlier, as you know. I pray for Him to return and for Him to bring us Home and restore us to the other world. I never pray for things here, that I need. I've trials.. .yes but I never pray to make this life easier... If I meet someone sweet and loving who wants Him, of course I ask Him to care for them... and I do ask Him to protect me and care for me... but never from the point of view of material things. I find many evangelicals pray for jobs, wealth, success, relationships...but I see that as material stuff... to assuage the needs and wants of the Self... It is understandable that one is alone...and lonely, wants things...I only understand to fill that void with Him...and listening to Him and asking Him to help me understand what He is doing, not what I may need and want. I pray for others, to meet Him... because regardless of their situations, being with God is the only thing that can really help.
  15. The multiverse construct belongs to the fallen angels and their realm and does not belong to God.