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  1. the heart of the earth is destroyed eden in the other world, not this earth,
  2. when i see something signatureless to me that is a clue. i believe dreams can be living dreams from Him… but they are not be jumbled or vague .
  3. the usa is also a disaster, not just israel. capitals of Babylon.
  4. its not in this earth Dennis that His city is builtand not a specific physical group are synonymous to Israel . it is hebrew souls not any physical body He is saving… only His souls. further israel the country on this current earth is antichrist and an abomination to Him. mystery babylon.
  5. what would have been the correct approach? I feel your response was sincere even though I don't think it fits my case... also i dont view anyone as ignorant and I have no allusion of convincing anyone. I feel understand all this because I met Him... but that answer would not go over right? That I met Him and He showed me and that then, because of this... and... etc. I didn't decide She is feminine...but I totally understand that it looks that way.
  6. LOL. I matched most closely with Orthodox Quakers. I can't imagine that is accurate. I don't know what quakers believe.
  7. Is the program a general christian themed series? I have been watching Michael Landon's Highway to Heaven series the last few weeks. Its lovely and very kind the christian point of view in the series. But then I liked little house on the prairie too.
  8. e v e

    The trinity = the family

    thank you prisonchaplain for this. I don't know i I gave you a proper thanks originally. Michael is not Jesus, but is the 144k sons... I can expand up on that if you were interested. So the 144k themselves are Michael. They are sons and daughters but the sons being the legal representatives are the ones mentioned in rev. The 144k are the originals of eden restored, who will return with Christ to this earth after it went dark to save many millions more believers who had to suffer trib.
  9. Interesting you say that about Christ. The word indeed is Feminine and is Christ's core... Just as corporately you can say of your family we are the Smith's. Christ is the word because He is the head of His household. Female is the inside of male, being his core. Just as male is the outside or Head of that household. That is the concept of male covering female.
  10. the context has to be considered as well. In addition, we have all the feminine archetypes used in scripture to discuss His Spirit. Why would LDS not like that His Spirit is feminine? Do you not believe He has a wife? And that Souls in Eden have a mother?
  11. all his sons and daughters will be deities, having His and His feminine spirits nature. But not in these ape bodies which He did not make. His sons and daughters will have the gorgeous eden body, restored. In disobedience adam made these current substandard ones.
  12. and yes, many corrupted texts and quite a job to understand what He says from them for a few brave souls who listen to Him.
  13. the OT gives the NT her legal right… so the greek or latin are not relevant.