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  1. i guess leadership and politics of this earth will not matter... and will pass ... this earth will pass. i pray it be any day now. i don't know much these days... all i have is my experiences He gave me in the other reality... and I must hold to that ... and what He shows me. here is what I understand.... that the 144k are souls and attributes of Him... to be restored ver soon ... and are the Sons who rule with Christ ... and these mostly do not come out of pastors or elders... nor out of leaderships on this earth. And after restoration to our Deity, all his 144k sons and daughters return here to witness to the left behind during tribulation which starts any day now. In heaven mostly my experiences were personal ... the last time was but a month ago. i don't follow kjv or modern christianity nor belong to any group so I can only comment my own experience with God or what He says to me.
  2. I like your screen name because this earth IS a prison...
  3. I liked the Christian novel by Peretti, This Present Danger. I also liked The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis.
  4. thank you for writing back. I believe that they have the same nature and they are God.... both versions, you mentioned ... the lds one and the other, seem different than that. the 144k going to rapture soon will receive His nature, their glorious body made by God and will rule paradise with Christ... and in that group will be all sorts of sweet souls. Maybe that's what the Shack is trying to say? (I have not visited it, so I do not know their intentions.)
  5. He, His Feminine Spirit, and Christ are of the same nature = deity. His Spirit and Christ as the Hands of God and the sons and daughters who fell and will be restored soon are represented by Christ and are God's actual family... I'm saying this in case I did not express it well before... I would enjoy to discuss this with the @prisonchaplain if he is still on the forums... Each of them is a Being...what they share is the same type of Eden nature and body of Paradise.. whereas the satanic realm entities formed a different type of nature, of this current earth, and a different type of body which is flesh.
  6. man what an awful series of posts I wrote.. I'm so sorry... though some things are fine here what I said... I feel overall I didn't really listen to the posters who responded to me.. and for that I do apologize that instead i went off topic into obscure things... all that matters really is to meet Him... and stay in Him and go Home.
  7. I was wrong to say that Adam will lead anyone out of here...because I understand that adam works for the fallen pantheon and is anti-144k. I'm sorry I said that. I was learning still and I didnt understand anything at all....
  8. our comforter, yes… our mother
  9. .it's not fault of believers, rather of pastors and leaders of the type of esau... who teach by the own Mind and its leading of the soul such to hear only that own Carnal mind.. and not Him. theology has trained for a long time souls not to hear Him, --- those pharisees bible expert types, who claim it violates the Roman Sola Scriptura devised by them to label what they will as heresies and to keep any soul from Hearing Him...such as to attempt to make it so that He cannot speak anymore, because that would threaten the esau roman version of scripture... if He said something different from what the pharisees say. Of course Scripture is the highest authority and what HE says, goes, the problem is that commentaries, scholars, translators, theologians, expert pharisees and religions systems have utterly corrupted His words. the protestant 'reformation' failed. He speaks to simple souls... and these same pharisee pastors are busy with their versions and that sends people away... they themselves by their false teachings do that, hurting His souls... many poor souls want Him and thirst for Him... and He will bring them to Him in spite of the pharisees.
  10. hi earl He and His feminine Spirit are God… All the originals of eden, sons and daughters, are sons and daughters… eden is in the other world… this earth is part of Death, the sin realm after the fall… the sons and daughters are paradise beings and will be restored at the Change to our original nature, deity, which is the birthright stolen by the enemy, by which the enemy realm who adam went to work for, create the current ape bodies imprisoning us… none of this makes the sons and daughters to be God, our mother and father.
  11. the heart of the earth is destroyed eden in the other world, not this earth,
  12. when i see something signatureless to me that is a clue. i believe dreams can be living dreams from Him… but they are not be jumbled or vague .
  13. the usa is also a disaster, not just israel. capitals of Babylon.
  14. its not in this earth Dennis that His city is builtand not a specific physical group are synonymous to Israel . it is hebrew souls not any physical body He is saving… only His souls. further israel the country on this current earth is antichrist and an abomination to Him. mystery babylon.