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  1. floridaman1

    Samuel the Lamanite and rocks above the Earth

    Maybe the rocks on the moon or another heavenly body?
  2. floridaman1

    Partial Believers place

    @anatess2 and @estradling75, thank you - that makes sense. I, by nature, am not really confrontational, so it gets to me when people push too much. However, I understand that not everyone is that way. I will just have to take my own time on this and keep moving forward.
  3. floridaman1

    Partial Believers place

    I have actually read a lot of your thread, though not all of it. Perhaps I will start at the beginning and go through it again. Thank you for the insight. I would never actively speak out against the church or prophet, that is not my intention or place, I try to respect people that I do not agree with, so that would not be something I would do But I thank you for that bit of advice, I can see how some people would not be able to control themselves.
  4. floridaman1

    Partial Believers place

    Thank you, this makes sense. I will listen to the talk.
  5. floridaman1

    Partial Believers place

    Mostly to not be ostracized or pushed too fast in one way or the other. Sometimes in other churches they tend to be over the top with trying to make you "one of us" that they go too far, and that ends up making me feel rushed or pushed. But also being able to attend services without actively pushing against the standards or protocol - that is not my intention.
  6. What of people that believe there is some truth to the BOM and that some of the LDS doctrines have merit, but also cannot jump full in? How would they fit in, or can they ever? I would currently fit into this category as I believe there is something to the BOM and that Joseph Smith had a sincere intention. The issues lie in that simply turning my back on traditional Christian Doctrine and beliefs is incredibly difficult, simply "jumping all in" is not a step I can take at this time. Simply believing in a Prophet is difficult as I do not come from a tradition that believes in them. Believing that God gave JS the initial vision and then the BOM is fairly easy, but the next steps further into the WoW, D&C, etc. become exceedingly more difficult. I truly am sincere in these questions, if this is taken as being too far or trollish please know that is not my intention, I am searching and have a desire to learn.
  7. floridaman1

    Why do bad things happen to believers?

    Thank you everyone for your replies, they do help me and I will have to ponder further. @Vort, thank you your reply is helpful and I really will think on this further.
  8. Something I have struggled with is why God allows bad things to happen to good people. Why do children get cancer and where one will turn out OK, another will die - and both sets of parents are Christians praying their hardest for healing? There is obviously a lot more to that question, but I think you get the idea.
  9. floridaman1

    New member

    Nice! I did the Ancestry research on my family, mostly English, Scottish, and a few from Germany. A mixed bag of denominations...mostly Church of England, but also some Lutherans, Puritans, Baptists, and Church of Scotland.
  10. floridaman1

    New member

    Thanks! I am not a huge CFB fan, but I am really into the new XFL.
  11. floridaman1

    New Handbook

    Thank you!
  12. floridaman1

    New Handbook

    pardon my ignorance, but what is the "handbook"?
  13. floridaman1

    New member

    I am a new member in Florida. I am a Lutheran, but different faith traditions interest me. As such I am fascinated by the LDS church and am here to learn more.