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  1. My 18 year old exasperates me, he think he will be getting married this year with no job or education and no place to live. I'll just wait and see how it goes getting married may be the motivation he needs to figure out his future
  2. It sounds like your kids know what they want to do. My kids have no idea so getting a college degree whilst figuring it out seems like a good use of their time. I am getting exasperated with my 18 year old, he just doesn't want to do anything. He graduated high school almost a year ago and hasn't done anything
  3. I didn't start programming until 2002 and yes it was mostly Java but I picked up C. I self taught so didn't study it at college I actually never made it to college, which my son's remind me of when I try to convince them to go.
  4. Haha, well I didn't meet my wife on my mission I met her in a Chineese restaurant of all places. I was missing the Asian pork and she was working as a waitress
  5. Oh awesome! My son is still on his mission in England. I loved my mission in the Philippines so much so within a year of returning I married a woman from there
  6. C is fairly old school isn't it. I am not young but I joined the programming party later in my life so I guess I picked up what was trendy at that time.
  7. Thank you again for your advice. Quick update: My 18 year old son moved back home with me as his grandma wanted to self isolate, although he made it very clear to me that it was not by choice. My 19 year old son managed to stay on his mission. There has been a lot of tension in the house but I have enjoyed having my son home again. Regarding the wedding it is on hold due to the virus and my children's objections. I don't know if we will ever be married or how long she will want to wait but that is the situation right now.
  8. Java or nothing. Although, I spend most of my time patching vulnerabilities in C softwatre neglecting my actual role which is Cyber Security.
  9. I believe my daughter is struggling with this and it is the main issue. However, I will try to find out if there are any other reasons. Yes I agree my children come first.I didn't view the situation as me putting them second by remarrying but perhaps I was
  10. My wife was from the Philippines but she emigrated to the USA with her parents when she was a teenager and I served my mission there, a very special place for me. Actually, I would love to one day take my children there. I am going to try to find that balance where I can discipline when I need to.
  11. I don't mean to sound silly here but what kind of privileges? I don't believe my children have many privileges, I don't let them go out alone with friends, I don't give them money every week, I can't think of any privilege to take away from them
  12. I know the reason why my daughter doesn't want to attend church it is because she lost her testimony as she can't reason the discrepancy of being able to be sealed to more than one person. In question to your previous response, are you suggesting that I break up with my fiancee and don't have a relationship with her at all?
  13. Thank you for your response. How do you think a parent can make their children come to church with them?
  14. And this is actually my final question. I spoke with my daughters today and they are coming home with me tomorrow. However, my 14 year old asked me will I make her go to church when she comes home. I told her we can discuss it, but I am not sure. Is it counterproductive to force a child to go to church? Will they just end up resenting church and disliking me? I think lots of parents have been through this situation.