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  1. Mayor Defacto

    Apartment Hunting

    I sure hope you aren’t talking about facial hair. I would hate to shave it off :)
  2. Mayor Defacto

    Apartment Hunting

    It's all set! I'm moving. Thanks for all your help, ThirdHour. Now can you please find me a girlfriend?
  3. Mayor Defacto

    Apartment Hunting

    I’ve been wanting to relocate for a while for a few different reasons. The lifestyle in NY has become stagnant. I just don’t know how my prospects will play out if I stay in NY. I think there is more opportunity for personal and professional growth in UT. My job becoming remote suddenly makes relocation possible. I’m not a student, so I will keep that in mind.
  4. Mayor Defacto

    Apartment Hunting

    Thank you all for the helpful info! I’m hoping to make this move in July, but August might be more realistic.
  5. Mayor Defacto

    Apartment Hunting

    I'm planning on making the move from NYC to Utah soon... move is still in the planning stages right now and I'm trying to get a feel for what the rental market is like out there. I've found every NYC apartment I've ever had on Craigslist, but in browsing the Provo Craigslist, it seems a little sketchy. Is there another website that Utah people use to find apartments? Or is it not possible to find it on your own out there and you're better off with a realtor?