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  1. That is essentially what they would be. Let's get this clear. We're talking about individual level airplanes. But the appearance and utility of a traditional car is being added to the design. This is really the only change. But that includes major obstacles. Easily fit it into a typical parking lot. Operates at a level that the common man can learn to an acceptable level of safety. Logistics of getting in and out, storing luggage, etc. This is largely geometry. But to couple those requirements with aerodynamics sufficient to make fuel economy reasonable is difficult.
  2. No, it isn't. That was unveiled four+ years ago. Video is 2 years old. But not a single unit has been sold.
  3. I feel the need to yet again remind people of what a community can do.
  4. I know I edited the article as you were writing your response. But here it is again. Here was a blatant opportunity for a child to get the care he needed where it was available, and it was a government death panel that deliberately prevented it from happening. This is a fairly common occurence. You have not taken into account the idea the fact that there are MANY ways of already treating long term issues even for poor people. Medicaid is available. Charities are available. Go Fund Me and sites like that are available. And the Free Market WILL provide many more opportunities to fill in the gaps this way. Remember that the free market also includes charities. These are free-will exchanges that people enter into. These are free-market principles operating charities. Also remember that there is nothing that is 100%. So, yes, there will be some that fall through cracks in ANY system. But even with a government system that is supposed to be 100% (getting EVERYONE in its safety net) they have even more who fall through the cracks than a free market system would. The biggest problem with government deciding vs WE THE PEOPLE deciding is that if a government agency makes a decision, there is no way to appeal. That is why government panels truly are "death panels". They're all encompassing. There is no other choice to be had. With the market, there are other options. People have a choice. If one hospital says no, another might say yes. If money is an obstacle, there may be a way to get it. People at a local church held a bake sale to pay for a life-saving operation for a man with a tumor. ONE BAKE SALE paid for it. For people with long term issues, people in a community can come together. There are choices. With government, there are none.
  5. You had once stated that you were interested in being baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We do NOT hold NDEs to be scripture. So, if you're not willing to plow your field and re-sow, you're not ready for the waters of baptism. The Church is enlightened by more people who carry with them the Spirit of God into the Church. Your intent from the beginning has been to bring with you all manner of false doctrine so that you may be driven with the wind and tossed. STOP IT! Humble yourself and learn from the Oracles of God. Learn from actual scriptures rather than the privately interpreted house-of-cards that you've formed for yourself. Those who have claimed NDEs are NOT PROPHETS!!! just because they claim an NDE. Stop treating them as such.
  6. Not so. Read the law. Even so, there is partial truth in what you say. But that partial untruth is pretty important. For one thing, we don't have the following happen because of government run panels.
  7. You'e overthinking this. We actually have working models of flying cars right now that fly at low aviation altitudes (helicopter). They don't go along highways. They aren't close enough to the ground to have their wakes affect anyone or anything on the ground. If you're talking about lift off and landing, yes, they'd have to essentially have mini-air-bases. Their underlying flight principles are more similar to gyrocopters. And they are about as (un)safe. For something like a mass-produced commercial item, they'd have to have higher safety standards. For today's prototype models to be brought up to modern aviation safety standards, they'd cost significantly more than they do now.
  8. While Obamacare was being debated, Sarah Palin was roundly chastized for decrying the inevitability of death panels. Whelp!! Here it is: Document Library/COVID-19/California SARS-CoV-2 Crisis Care Guidelines4-20.pdf A point system for determining who dies and who lives.
  9. We actually have the technology to build a flying car today. But it would cost several million dollars just to get someone to work.
  10. I have some problems with your facts and even reasoning. But they're not worth dragging through right now. The one biggest flaw in this theory (hold on till the end when I partially agree with you) is that we're now getting more and more complete data on the real numbers. And the fact is that it seems that it is far LESS deadly than we had originally thought. The whole reason for shutting things down was that the initial numbers + the deception from Chinese data indicated that this virus had a much greater spread rate than the common flu and it had about a 10 to 50 x greater mortality rate. That's panic-worthy. But the latest data we're receiving as we actually have time to administer accurate tests in large quantities indicate that it is not very deadly at all. The rate the numbers seem to be dropping, it may be that the mortality rate is actually less than the common flu. So, how do I agree with this conspiracy theory? Because by giving a false impression about the deadly nature of the flu, the US economy is in ruins. We have no idea if we'll bounce back or how fast. Maybe, THAT was the game plan all along. But that's ... just a theory. A CONSIPIRACY THEORY!!! (dramatic music/fanfare).
  11. Well, we need to understand that math is that gateway to underlying truth. So, we take the 666 and add the digits together = 18. Add those digits together = 9, A cat has 9 lives. And the Beatles wrote the song Revolution 9. Cats and Beetles will be the true plague rather than locusts that will be a sign of the end times. It's as clear as "Louisiana high ground" that the scriptures warn us that Cats are agents of evil. Tah-dah!!
  12. I interpret it in the following way. I'm grateful that I could help you understand it better.
  13. Dennis, I have to wonder, are NDEs your "scriptural canon" upon which you base your faith? If not, why do you lean so heavily upon these words of men, rather than the word of the Lord? Why do you quote them so much? If you do use them as part of your scriptural canon, then why do you lean so heavily upon these words of men, rather than the word of the Lord?
  14. Please explain what you mean by "unfortunate fundamentalism." What specific words or doctrinal declaration are you referring to as "fundamentalism." Why exactly is that fundamentalism unfortunate?
  15. Unlike people like you who will always blame him for ills and refuses to give even a modicum of credit no matter what he does to help. Yeah. That's MUCH more virtuous and even-minded.
  16. One more thing that most people (both in and out of homeschooling) may not be aware of is that only about half of homeschoolers choose to do so, in order to provide a religious background for the educational experience.
  17. Elder Bednar offered the following: Whether revelation or the change of the soul, the metaphor is the same. Not all of us are like Alma (either one) or Paul. But it does happen. And if it does not happen, it does not mean it isn't happening.
  18. They make no bones about it. Apparently, Harvard is not interested in Reading, Writing, Arithemetic, and Righteousness. They just want to unleash the libertine in all children.
  19. I don't think I've ever seen such a clear example (in my personal experience) of such expertise in tautology. I'm impressed. As you read the manual, have you noticed that each chapter begins with the counsel to seek out the Lord in understanding what you read and the counsel to RECORD your impressions? If you did that, what were some of the impressions you got for March 2-8?
  20. While I appreciate a sincere effort to help, in this case, you're putting words into my mouth that were never there.
  21. You're assuming that this "Spirit" is feminine. How do you know that? In LDS theology, the Divine Feminine is NOT a spirit, but a glorified resurrected being EQUAL to the Father. In LDS theology, if there is a "pecking order" the Holy Ghost is third on the totem pole (if there were to be a ranking). Whereas our Heavenly Mother is equal with the Father (at the top).
  22. Can you give a definition without quoting anyone? i.e. use your own words. No one else's. Example: Paul would quote as an opening to a discourse. Then he would expound. You've given the quotes. Now expound. In case you're wondering why I'm asking you to do this ... When you ask how the BoM clarifies what salvation means above and beyond what the Bible says, what we're really talking about is the fact that the written word can be interpreted multiple ways. Having a second source of the word of God gives us a more complete picture. With that second source, we can ask if our interpretation lines up with both sources or not. "Clarifying" does not mean "correcting" what the Bible says. It means correcting the individual's interpretation of what is written. Of course, by explaining this, it almost guarantees that you won't be providing any definition in your own words. So again, why do we keep taking the time to answer any of your questions?
  23. There is a lot of truth to this. As my family knelt down to end our fast on Friday night, I had a very special impression about something akin to the above image. I momentarily pondered all the religions of the world participating in the fast. All united. All one-in-purpose for one day. The Lord heard us. It was then that I knew that however this was going to be fixed was going to be by the Lord's Hand, and not by the hand of any man (even Trump ).