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  1. I'm not sure if I'm seeing things or if there's something happening with Trump. I recently saw several videos of him throughout the recent political tour and some recent videos he's put out as a predecessor to his "big announcement" (as if we don't know what that will be). He seems to have lost a step. Maybe it's his age catching up to him? Maybe he's actually afraid of DeSantis defeating him? Maybe it's his vindictiveness coming out because of the FBI raid, how he feels the election was stolen from him... etc. I'm not saying any of that is truth or fiction. I'm saying that is what he believes. And with his temperament, it is taking a toll on him. He'll be older on election day than Reagan was when he LEFT office. He'll be older than Biden when he took office.
  2. I can see that. I wonder, though, if the cause and effect are actually backwards. I really don't know. I've mentioned that I was once homeless. But for me, I always knew it was temporary. It was not a lifestyle. It was several months, not even close to a year. I had long term plans and long term goals. For me, it was a choice. A temporary choice, but a choice. I had options of staying with family and so forth. But I had a mentality of independence. I did not want to leech off of other people. So, I chose it as a temporary measure. I made sure that I could have the bare minimum to be able to maintain a job. I knew that was part of how I'd get out of it. I knew what it took to keep a job and how to obtain what I needed to get those things. I wonder if most others choose a different path because they have different priorities. They don't choose to keep a job. They choose something else. And we see the result. I'm reminded of "Pursuit of Happyness". In real life the internship gave him a modest stipend to live off of (the movie said he had no salary). It wasn't enough to house him and his son. But it was enough to keep him going during the internship. The homeless shelter helped connect him with someone to take care of his son while he was at work. The movie said that he kept going to the child care center. It wasn't really clear what the details of the real life arrangement was. He always kept his belongings with him as much as he could because he knew about the theft at shelters. And he knew that his suit was an integral part of keeping his job. He never told anyone about his hardship. He knew that would cast a bad light on him. And he didn't want sympathy points. Those were the priorities he had during that time. What are the priorities of most homeless people? Are they valuing the right things? Do they have worthy goals? Are they working towards those goals? I really don't know. So, I'm asking. But life lessons tell me that values and priorities shape a person's life as much as or more than the trials we have to face. Often the values and priorities shape how we respond to our trials.
  3. Government: It looks like Repubs have control of the House by a bare majority. I'm projecting 221 (above the 218 majority needed) for Republicans. They may get as much as 225. But still not a strong majority. The Senate is now going to be firmly in the Dems corner (51/49). There's still a glimmer of hope for Nevada to result in a 50/50 split, but it isn't very likely in my mind. Bottom line: Government will still keep running along as usual. Keep tabs on how Senate Democrats talk about Biden and Kamala. This will be the signal that the Dems are willing to remove Biden from office. But they may actually believe that Kamala is even more incompetent than Biden at this point. Yes, really. Economy: So, we're seeing the bounce in the stock market I spoke of earlier. It is fairly common for the fourth quarter to show the "Christmas bump." But It certainly isn't as high as it normally is. That's because it isn't because of Christmas. I don't know if Christmas will have much of an economic effect at all this year. Our bump we're seeing over the last couple of days is due to a lower than expected inflation report. That may have the effect of the Fed hitting the pause button on the raising of interest rates. That will allow the market to breathe. However, it is probably short lived. The reason we have inflation so high in the first place is only partly to do with a run-away economy with ultra-low interest rates. A great deal of it has to do with the government's record deficit spending. No other borrower in the world will generate the amount of debt that the Federal government has been creating in the past two years. It generally takes two years for large sums of money to infiltrate into the economy enough to affect inflation. Well, it has been two years. And now it is coming home to roost. Lowering interest rates (or maintaining them as is) will have the short term effect of this bump we're seeing. But it does not do much for encouraging commerce. At first, we were only getting back to "normal" rates. Now we're historically higher than normal. When we start seeing the rates we saw back in the 70s, we'll know we're really in for it. I believe that if we can get a free-market President in there next election, we will begin to see things turn around. But it will take at least a year for people to stop panicking, and a full two years before people breathe again. Good luck to us all.
  4. Are you sure about that? Who says they're not in Atlantis, huh? HUH??? Didn't think about THAT! Did ya, hot shot?
  5. OK, here is my long treatise on the topic. This is my personal opinion based on a lot of study and a bunch of pondering "what the heck does this all mean? I doubt many people will actually read this all the way through. It is a bit of a convoluted mess. I don't know if I can really explain the proper segues between each part. But it all comes together in my head somehow. Just forgive me if it doesn't make sense to you. I'm afraid it doesn't fully answer your question. But it should give you a good background to get most of the way there. And @mirkwood gave some really good quotes that fill in the blanks that I did not. PART 1. The part that you're probably familiar with. We read in Ezekiel 37 that the "Stick of Judah" and the the stick of Joseph/Ephraim will become on stick in the hand of the prophet. The entire Christian world believes that these sticks are representative of the two kingdoms being reunited in the modern day. They (we) are not wrong. (see Eze 37:11-14 & Eze 36). We take this to refer to a prophecy about the Bible and Book of Mormon. We're not wrong. (2 Ne 29) The underlined part is a dual reference. The nation of Israel was divided into the Northern and Southern Kingdoms (Ephraim and Judah respectively) prior to the diaspora. But they were not solely Judah and Ephraim. There were other tribes in both kingdoms which were counted with these two kingdoms. This is a type and shadow of today where we see Judah largely gathered in Israel with a few members of all of Israel numbered among them, and the Church of Jesus Christ which largely gathers Ephraim along with a few members of all of Israel among us. The bold emphasis is to indicate that the tribes will be gathered together under ONE prophet. We know the sticks are books. But if you think they are only the Bible and the BoM, you're missing a lot. PART 2: The rest of the chapter is what we tend to ignore. But it is very important. The sticks shall be one before THEIR eyes gathered from every side. No more strangers and foreigners. But they will have their own land. They are currently scattered with no place that they can call their own. They are not "gathered." They don't have synagogues or churches that they can gather and say that they worship in a unity of faith. So far only Judah and Ephraim do that. 2Ne says that we will eventually have the words of the Lost Tribes. And they shall have our words. PART 3: There is more to the sticks. Num 17:1-7 (too long to quote. Just open your scriptures). First, I need to indicate that there is a difference between a rod and a stick. ROD: (מַטֶּה) matte' means rod, branch, or tribe. The same Hebrew word is used for all three of these words in English. Thus we see a hidden meaning in writing the names of tribesmen on a rod. And to have those rods budding was just blatant symbolism. STICK: (עֵץ) ates (pronounced "8s") means "piece of wood", which is often translated as "stick". But since it is the Hebrew word for "wood" (singular) it could just as correctly be translated as "board" or "plank". And such boards were used for writing in Babylonian and Persian times. While these are related, there is a difference which is often overlooked in the cultural Christian (and Jewish) theology. There is no doubt that there is a connection between the two regarding the writing names on a piece of wood - be it a branch or a board. But the fact that they do use a different word indicates that there is more to it. We have one major advantage. We know what the temple is about. They do not. So, when Moses took these names of tribesmen into the temple, that says something to us that it does not say to anyone else. We're talking about a genealogical record. But it isn't strictly what we think of as "temple records" per se. When Nephi perused the Brass Plates, he saw that they contained a genealogy of their families. These were scriptures with genealogy. (It was a practice just a few generations ago in America to keep genealogy records written in the Family Bible. I believe my grandparents did so. But my parents did not. They knew about it and told me about it. But I never saw the practice.) PART 4: What is a book? I hope you understand how the meanings of what these scriptures describe are multi-layered. There is a concept of a "societal book." Often times, it is a real book. In the US, only a few generations ago, it was the Bible and the Declaration. Today, we don't have one, and we're falling apart. Britain had the works of Shakespeare. They no longer do. And they're falling apart. Judaism has the Torah (and the rest of the Old Testament). Islam has the Q'uran. Christianty has the Bible. We have our Standard Works. Religion will endure when nations and societies crumble. How important is a book? Ezekiel tells us that the bringing of the two books together is what will unite Israel. Can books really do that? Of course. I've heard several Jewish converts say that the Book of Mormon converted them because they read passages in the Book of Mormon that were "so Jewish" that a 19th century farm-boy could not have known about "such and such." But there it was. Plain as day. (See this for a few examples). It wasn't just language. There were also cultural markers that Christians simply don't know about. Yes, books can convert. They can bring people together in both secular and spiritual ways. The Books of Ezra & Nehemiah show us how the records of Israel brought back a religion from obscurity and darkness -- for the house of Judah. The Bible kept a candle of Christianity alive. But it was darkened. The Book of Mormon brought the true and everlasting gospel out of obscurity and out of darkness -- for Ephraim. The Books of the the lost tribes will bring the gospel to the lost tribes. PART 5: What about the temple? We take genealogical records to the temple. We also go there for learning and for worship. I've had the most wonderful insights when I take a few minutes in the Celestial room to study the scriptures. But we also go there to make covenants. We make an offering of a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Offering: There is a lot of debate about this referring to the offering of blood sacrifice again. I'm not going to get into that because I really don't know the answer at this point. But I will point this out: Joseph Smith wrote about the record keeping of temple ordinances in D&C 128:24 This certainly seems to allude to blood sacrifice. But then he goes on to say... All this coming together of books, tribes, etc. is about all of us coming together to complete temple work. This is about... Redeeming the Dead Perfecting the Saints Preaching the Gospel Gathering of Israel When we understand that the "rods" were records for each tribe of both genealogy as well as their spiritual record, we will understand that the gathering is what allows us to share our records with each other. And we will be under one prophet. And we will be servants to ONE God.
  6. HOLY FREAK! Gallagher just died.
  7. Just an interesting find... A marriage certificate for Graham Coltrin and Fanny Davis in 1839 signed by Joseph Smith was found in the archives of the Western Illinois University.
  8. I can't see anything I disagree with. I see it lining up with what I said. You just have to understand a million conditions, exemptions, rules, and caveats, etc. which I didn't feel like getting into.
  9. There you have to do your research in Ezekiel 37 and Numbers 17. I don't have time to go over it now. But I might get back to this later today. Also D&C 128
  10. You are correct. It has not been revealed. But we can at least make an educated guess based on what we do know. Jacob said that the Lord will command plural marriage when He feels the need to "raise seed unto the Lord." This has two parts: "Raise seed" and "unto the Lord." During the Utah period, there was a mismatch of men and women. We had plenty of young men (youth) and plenty of old men. But very few of "family age." But the women were well distributed by age. By the time the 1880s rolled around, the demographics leveled out so that we had a fairly even ratio of men:women of all age categories. Not all men were allowed to enter into plural marriage. Or at least, not many really enter into the practice. There were a handful of men with a LOT of wives. And those family names dot the Utah landscape today. They were faithful families whose posterity has remained faithful. Today, we don't need the practice. And in many ways, it would be impractical. And we have a sufficient population to move forward. Not established doctrine, but it seems to be a logical conclusion.
  11. I just gave it to you. Look at the reference to 2 Ne above.
  12. I had a companion who shared with me the lineage from his Patriarchal blessing. He was "a descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Of this there is no doubt." No tribe was indicated in his blessing. I'd never heard of that before or since.
  13. I've never heard of a concentration of Benjamin before. South America makes sense for Manasseh. Nephites. Lehi was from Manasseh. Most Saints should be from Ephraim. I don't know if anyone has taken a census. But I'd bet that of all those receiving a patriarchal blessing worldwide, over 90% would be from Ephraim. But to your original question: Where are the lost tribes? They're lost. I believe we can say that Ephraim is found. But I've heard some people say that we're technically still lost. I had no idea why they thought that. The Book of Mormon is for gathering Ephraim and eventually unite with Judah (2 Ne 29:13, Ezek 37). We'll know that the lost tribes will be gathering when we see another book of scripture that is held in the hand of the lost tribes. So far, none. The "uniting" will be when we take genealogical records to the temple en masse.
  14. That is the very argument you're making. Not me. You've just made a perfect argument for racist hiring policies of the past. This is a real curiosity. You cannot fire someone for causing psychological harm to themselves and others around them while at work (flamboyant transgenderism). But you can fire someone for making a political statement on their own time. I'll have to digest that for a while.
  15. I think you need to look more closely at the highlighted word.
  16. You may have heard that Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake received some envelopes with "suspicious white powder" in them. An unfortunate misprint was found in the CNN coverage. Wow. I didn't know that could be put in an envelope. But the following wasn't a misprint. It was an intentional deception. What Democratic leaders in Arizona have been attacked? I just did a search. The only "attacks" were typical verbal attacks on normal campaign trails. No one attacked any person in Hobbs campaign. Some random guy appeared to have broken into an office to do some burglary. But no attacks on any people. Yeah, makes them sleep better at night telling themselves that the attacks are not lopsided. I saw nothing on CNN about this supporter.
  17. Wow. I just found out I was right about the "test" that Nebuchadnezzar was using. Footnotes in our edition of the Bible indicate that the "Gone from me" is actually a Persian figure of speech. It means that he knew, but was withholding to test the magicians.
  18. In a way, yes. But not directly. I still need to keep up appearances.
  19. Minority Report? Do we fire a person because he "might" be a problem? That's not how business operates. I said that they need to make a business decision, not a political one.
  20. This reminds me of something I did with my eldest son. He was kind of in limbo because he didn't feel ready for a mission. And he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life while "hanging around." At some point, I started charging him rent at $50/month. Every few months I'd raise the rent another $50/mo. This wasn't meant to make him go bankrupt or make me rich, obviously. I meant to just light a fire under him. He slowly started realizing that his income was not going to keep up. So, that's when he did the training for his "real job." By the time I got to charge him about $550/mo, he finally found a profession, the folks at Whataburger were very disappointed at seeing him go to "real job." But after a few months of hearing rave reviews from his co-workers, I realized that he was going to be fine. The lesson had been taught. I stopped charging him rent and explained that I just wanted to light a fire under him. He understood. And he was grateful.
  21. Whatever makes you sleep an night. If we did live in a truly free economy, that would be true. But we don't. We live in an economy where the biggest bank in America is being threatened by Congress because they are resisting elements of the ESG agenda.
  22. There is a fine line here that needs to be highlighted: If a business (like the NBA) realizes that they are losing money because fans are refusing to come to the games because one player did something stupid, then the business can look at the income, salary, and consumer activity and say,"Hey, look. You're making us look bad. Can you tone it down?" And if he doesn't, then they make a financial decision. An economic decision. A business decision. That's quite different than a business saying,"I don't like what he said when speaking his own mind on his own time. Let's fire him."
  23. Well, Musk just announced that he was actually TRYING to appease the left by agreeing to "some" moderation and censorship that he would not have been willing to do on his own. But even with some concessions, a whole bunch of sponsors have just said they are leaving the platform. This was enough to take Twitter from a profit-making company to one that loses $4Million/day. Big corporations are all in bed with conservatives, are they? Among those who left: General Motors, General Mills, Pfizer, and Volkswagen I don't know about Volkswagen. But the others are companies that depend heavily on government subsidies (or other funding that amounts to the same).
  24. These are funny. There are four episodes. But E1 & E4 talk about guns.