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  1. blondie))

    Is religious liberty threatened in USA?

    Sorry? I didn't think anything I said was unreasonable
  2. blondie))

    Is religious liberty threatened in USA?

    Yes, it is legal? It's a time of national emergency, unless you've forgotten? You're seriously comparing public health and safety to HITLER. . .what? Are you anti-vaxx as well?
  3. blondie))

    Playing with opposite gender--primary age

    As a teenager I have lots of friends of the opposite gender, and I don't want to date any of them. I would trust your daughter to choose the right, and I would avoid supervising their friendship too much or being a helicopter parent. You don't want to instill unhealthy attitudes in your daughter - I know some friends in the church who have been raised to never have friends of the opposite gender, and that causes them to be fearful of the opposite gender to this day! Besides, it doesn't make a lot of sense to screen every child that interacts with your daughter if you want her to have a good social life. What if she's lesbian? Something to think about.
  4. blondie))

    Is religious liberty threatened in USA?

    Thanks! When I mean "majority" I mean that religion has been saturated into our culture to the point where nonreligious people are ostracized and harshly judged. Just by looking around you, you can see "under god" in the pledge or "faith in god" on our coins. I mean, nonreligious parents often lose custody battles because they are seen to have a "lack of ethics" (Source: I'd argue nonreligious people are more discriminated against than religious people. Atheists in 13 countries today can still be killed just for professing their beliefs. Where have religious people been discriminated against in this way? (Source:
  5. blondie))

    Is religious liberty threatened in USA?

    Any public gatherings are going to be cancelled, religious ones included. I would agree with you, we have liberties in the Constitution to meet together, but there are exceptions for health reasons. The coronavirus is a public emergency, luckily we have the Internet to help us with our worship. Heck, we are using the Internet to communicate NOW. Sometimes we are too quick to freak out about things. Quarantining for a few weeks is NOT a big deal if it means we can slow the spread of coronavirus to the point where we don't have to worry anymore. The coronavirus symptoms can take up to 14 days to show up. (Source: and in that time period you can spread it to anyone within 6 feet of you. Ignoring public safety rules to have your own fun is not only selfish but dangerous. As for the overall topic: NO, religious liberty is not being threatened. Over 76 percent of Americans are still religious (Source: and it is ridiculous to victimize yourself when you are in the majority. Atheists are still attacked and in eight states cannot hold office. (Source: I absolutely agree that antitheists have been hateful and horrible towards religious people, but these people are a very small minority. My experience being a Mormon hasn't been difficult. It usually goes like this: Me: I'm a Mormon. Person: Oh, okay, cool.