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  1. blackcat

    Scottish Clans

    fFrom what I understand it is Scotland, scot not scottish but gaelic not all that sort I was told by someone who is big on the Scotland stuff. So I would be from the (McAllister) gaelic group or clan but have been told that there was a different spelling to it when they arrived to this continent.
  2. blackcat

    So What Do You Prefer To Be Called?

    well i like to be call empress put thats not gonna happen so I like to be called Christian then LDS and Canadian but not a Canuck
  3. sure i agree with you nate. You need to give your all whether it is a year and a half or a full two years. its not hard to ask for.
  4. blackcat

    Women Vs. Men

    First i would like to say to the stay at home dads good for you and your family. Its nice to see or hear that the roles are slowly changing. For thoughs of you men who do choose to help your wife out with the family situation good for you too. Its nice to know that some men will actually help pick up the slack when they get home from work instead of having their little woman do all the heavy lifting.
  5. blackcat

    Rich come first

    well my hope is this that God doesnt mean rich as in wealth but in other means and that i to hope one day that i would be good enough to sit at His table and those that i love. I to believe that i do what i can in my spiritual walk with my Heavenly Father at this time. For i believe that i cant do anything without Him.
  6. blackcat

    Relief For Cutters/depressed People

    True. talk to your bishop, doctor and people you trust to help you we all need to endure all of our journeys in life remember God said it wouldnt be easy He just said it would be worth it. I too am depressed they say 1 out of 4 people have depression. I am getting the help that i need right now cause i dont want to take my depression back to where it was in the past. Some how i thought i could handle it on my own without the help of others and meds until i had too many episodes then i begged for help and now i am getting it from God, my doctor, family and meds i am doing what i need to get out of this darkness and I hope that you can too.
  7. when i served in the utah salt lake city mission. I was so blessed to see and hear from him in many other occasions as well. he was one of those people who you think will live on and on. but of course we all know that wont happen with anyone who is mortal. but only in our memories and in our hearts.
  8. I am looking for web sites for returned missionaries. You got any?
  9. blackcat

    This Or That

    I would do school if only I was being paid well and graduate with a better career. love or money
  10. blackcat


  11. blackcat

    Mistake To Resign?

    I know i am going off topic but... i love these little emotional icons especially the devil ones. just had to add that.
  12. blackcat

    New Year's Resolution

    my goals are these: 1) maintain my ten pound loss and keep losing adding another 10 each month to reach my goal weight. 2) be a nicer person 3) finally give my pain and frustration about others to God (truly forgive-but not forget lets make that clear) 4)read the bible front to back and taking baby steps to clearly understand what its saying 5)pay off at least one credit card by 12/31/08 6)save more 7)be the child that my HF would be proud to have 8)find away to live each day- "that when my feet hit the floor satan says, "Oh NO" they are awake" (taken from a quote from someone here.) 9)be a better friend and relative 10)"Pay it Forward" (name of a movie-a good one i think) something that a local radio station had suggested! i think its a good one.
  13. blackcat


    So, a-train when does group dates begin, explain? I am a convert and never had a problem become lds at 20. Ps don't ask how old i am i don't like it. Plus, this might be my answer "Old enough to know better, still to young to care" its part of a song. has nothing to do with age but enjoying life. Its a country song don't know who sings it.
  14. blackcat

    This Or That

    Chopsticks regular or unique things such as flowers? Me, I say unique always for I am not generic!
  15. blackcat

    A Fun Topic...

    lets see there are so many fun things one can do with or in snow heheheh i will try to make it clean hows thisskiing down hill