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  1. We have surgery on the 12th to remove adnodes and tonsils. They will also reevaluate his laryngeal cleft and decide if they think another surgery is necessary. Took him to Disneyland last week he was so spoiled with gift cards he had gotten from customers at my work. Was a much needed vacation from all the stresses of life. I needed it and so did he.
  2. Come home from work tonight and he's passed out on my bed waiting for me. And yes he is pajamaless the joys of sensory processing disorder clothes and anything touching him is a constant struggle. Took a temporary second job so that we can take him to Disneyland the end of this month. Love coming home to cuddle with him and love that he tries to wait up for me. 😍😊 These are the moments I just love.
  3. Just like that two more diagnosis'..... Autism which isn't a surprise to me but, I always hoped I was wrong and that he would "grow out of it". Second on sensory processing disorder. I feel like I am glad to finally have more answer. But, on the other hand feel like a failure again because more doctors and more therapist that I will have to rely on others to do for me....
  4. You are so right without my support system I would be in a much different place now. From day one when his dad was arrested and me finding out I was pregnant two days after, I have literally have the most amazing support system. Update: for now there will be no surgery just monitoring him. Well, I shouldn't say no surgery. There will be no surgery on the prolapse. But, there will be surgery most likely a tonsil removal and another attempt to repair the laryngeal cleft he has. We will also be following up with neurology to see if we need to switch up medication, he had a sleep study and the doctor believes he may be having short little seizures in his sleep that we haven't noticed. Along with central sleep apnea now that she thinks may have been developed because of the seizures... After years of fighting for Emerson to get a sleep study we finally won the battle and came out knowing why he doesn't sleep well and what we can do to fix it. He stops breathing for about 20+ times in an average hour period caused by both central AND obstructive apneaas well as a few possible small seizures throughout the night. We have also FINALLY been okayed by his doctor and insurance to go through with behavioral testing. Started that process well over two years ago and finally there. Both excited and almost scared? I don't know hard to explain. I am so happy that we will finally maybe know why he has these random outburst of hurting himself and others. As well as hopefully finding a solution to all his sensory processing issues. But, worried about what these diagnosis' will bring? It's been an incredibly challenging , amazing journey that I wouldn't trade for the world. Even with all the bumps and bruises gained along the way. It's just extremely hard to see the light sometimes during those bump and bruise moments.
  5. Even though me and my son's dad have been separated for 5 years (yes still married ....) His parents have always been there to help me and spend time with our son even though there own son doesn't. I am so grateful they take the time to build a relationship with my son even though his dad doesn't.
  6. I myself was sexually abused by a brother and an old family friend. For your daughter and your son please please please get them counseling. And please report it. I am so very thankful that my parents did. Sexual abuse of any kind is abuse and way too many people just get a slap on the wrist and don't change, just get better at hiding it. The bishop himself should of reported it and could actually get in trouble for knowing something like this and not reporting it.
  7. My son has apraxia of speech. His speech therapist is literally the best... O ly problem is our insurance only covers 10 visits a year....
  8. My son can't have one vaccine because of medical reasons so he literally relies on everyone around him being vaccinated.
  9. My little one has yet again had more medical stuff come up. He is now back into pull-ups full-time and can't control his bowels at all. He'll be 5 next month and was out of pull-ups completely for the last year, except at night. He is literally having 10 or more poopy pull-ups a day. Come to find out he has a prolapse.... A prolapse at 5??? I feel like every single time we start making really good strides and improvement we are literally knocked right back down. The worst part of this all is I can't literally can't take time off to be with him for appointments and possible surgeries coming up in the next few weeks. I have to rely on others around me to take him. It sucks because I am not there, not sure if all my worries are being relayed properly or if he is being advocated for like I would. It sucks and I hate it. Being a single parent of a special needs child is a constant struggle. Don't get me wrong I love him and am so blessed to have him in my life! But, it's extremely hard. Feel like I am drowning between his medical stuff and opening a small cafe in a call center last year with my best friend. It's hard to stay afloat when everything around you is trying to sink you.
  10. You might need your eyes checked. Lol
  11. I say go. I will be attending my gay cousins wedding in a few weeks. He knows 100% I do not agree with his life style, but I still love him and will be there at his wedding supporting him.