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  1. Nobody can be touched by the spirit if they dont come with desire to seek in there heart.:):)
  2. jadams_4040

    How do you know God exists?

    You need to desire the answer for yourself; :)
  3. forgiveness from the lord means we have truely repented; how can we be truely repentant if we have to lie or misslead about them. we should always be mindfull and honest of our wrongdoings. yet have the joy in knowing we have been forgiven for them. this helps keep us humble and strong.:)
  4. jadams_4040

    House Republicans call on Obama to secure border

    Somehow i,m gettin the very real sense that obama is going to do something very serious about this issue, but till that can happen we need to have people working in this country first, one thing at a time. or in obamas case three things at a time!! Go obama!:)
  5. When truely repentant the sin is truely forgiven; but forgiveness depends on honesty and sincerness to not commit again And to not forget, to not forget is to remember, to remember not to do that again; being honest with another is part of remembering.:)
  6. jadams_4040

    Just some thoughts on Adam

    uncle ned!:)
  7. jadams_4040

    Hey friends

    Hey, welcome!:)
  8. jadams_4040

    Cheating in the church

    research shows;; the numbers are slightly lower among l.d.s. quite a lot lower amongst active l.d.s; and only about 5 percent of average for those whom attend the temple regularly.:)
  9. jadams_4040

    Did Glen Beck "step in it?"

    Glenn beck is another rush limbaugh; he will say anything to get his ratings and paycheck.
  10. jadams_4040

    Reasons to embrace Mormonism?

    The fruits obedience brings are quite obvious.:)
  11. jadams_4040

    Southern Baptist learning about the LDS faith.

    Well i hope yer feeling compelled to continue your investigation cause you are the only one whom can be led by the spirit nobody else can do it for you; good to have you hear and hopeing you find what heavenly father needs you to find nomatter where that may come from.:)
  12. jadams_4040

    What song is currently stuck in your head?

    Called to serve; {lds music book page 249}.:)
  13. jadams_4040

    Imaginary Friend

    What do you mean young? I,m 56 and still have lots of em!
  14. jadams_4040

    I've had it!!

    Well that happened to me many years ago; and i finally had to come to the realization to accept a shitty paying non enjoyable job that was way below my normal pay and skill level.
  15. jadams_4040

    Two Mormon Missionaries Die in Romania

    Well today {in logandale nevada} we buried one of our missionaries that passed in romania last week; from what i understand his companion was also buried in provo today as well;Quentin l cook presided hear and Russel m nelson presided in provo; the funeral hear was very nice; Although i didnt know either of the elders or there families; the spiritual presence was very abundant for all; it was nice; and very somber indeed; it is a very differant situation when the lord calls home a missionary; from what Elder Cook said; there was a large group of romanian people whom were very kind and helpfull in this sad situation; And it caused sevearl hundred people to be put on the "call list" for the missionaries to contact. So its obvious there are many reasons why the lord called these two wonderfull elders home; I know this is true as well; and as time gos on more things will become clear as to why he took them home to everyone involved; our local missionaries father was recently released two weeks before his sons passing from bishop. this is the lords work; and its so obvious in so many ways;