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  1. I don't even know how long it's been! Since before I moved? I still live in the area though and yes, anyone should be afraid to marry me. BWAH HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!! Just ask Mr. Morningstar.
  2. The fun part was when the drone was flying over our heads and we had to be careful not to look at it as it buzzed loudly. Tel Stewart filmed it. He has done some Piano Guys videos, Alex Boye, and Poopourri. Hahaha!!!
  3. That's awful. We're lucky that my husband's company covers his premium in full, but it's about $500 a month just for my medical and dental premium and we have a $3,000 deductible. I almost didn't go in when I had shingles, but then I learned if you don't get the anti-virals, you can be in pain for years.
  4. Thank you. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better, but I'm really angry about all of the nonsense I have been dealing with and about the woman hitting me in the first place. She wasn't paying attention and even admitted so. Probably on her phone.
  5. I did finally talk to two lawyers and they were hung up on the amount of damage to my van. Apparently it wasn't impressive enough. I explained that the woman just jabbed my bumper. Her bumper was missing and two metal things were sticking out on front. She hit me hard enough that my van was shoved forward and the guy in front of me felt the jolt. He only got out because he thought I hit him. After months of doing all of the work, the lawyer said after they take their cut and charge me for medical record requests, copies, etc., I could be left with hardly anything. The other lawyer stopped responding after I told her how much damage there was. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!
  6. Just get a lawyer. Well, if you're injured. I should have done that from the beginning because it could have avoided a lot of stress. It's been over a year and I'm still trying to get bills paid. I thought since it was a simple rear ending and it wasn't my fault, it should be easy, but my insurance has been paying the medical bills and will get reimbursed by the other driver's insurance. My insurance is still dragging their feet about paying my bills. I felt like if I got a lawyer, that shows I just want a large settlement. No, it shows you want to avoid a huge hassle! I was 35 weeks pregnant and had to go to the hospital to make sure me and the baby were OK. It doesn't take a huge impact to cause a placental abruption. Thankfully we weren't in danger, but before the evening was over, I could barely lift either leg up. It was even painful to put on my flip flops. For months I couldn't roll over in bed without screaming in pain and my baby stayed in bed with me because it was too difficult to put her in her crib. For weeks I couldn't even lift an empty pot, let alone add water to that to boil some pasta. I couldn't carry laundry up and down the stairs and my husband had to stay home for a month because I couldn't carry our baby up and down the stairs either. After my 36 hour labor (on top of my injuries), it was even more fun when I got the labor and delivery bill for $9,700. My health insurance had denied my bill because I had an "open liability claim". They had to reprocess it after I explained the car accident didn't get me pregnant or cause me to give birth. I still had to wait a month for any diagnostic tests because the doctor was giving me time for my spine to return to normal after giving birth. I also had to wait until I was healed enough from delivery to go to physical therapy. After a round of that, my doctor declared I wasn't feeling better enough for his liking, so he sent me for two MRI's on my spine, which was also very painful because I had to lie on my back for long periods of time. Some degeneration was found, so that's when it got really fun. I kept explaining that whatever was there before wasn't causing me pain. I was fine before the accident - jumping on trampolines, dancing, cleaning all day, carrying toddlers, etc. It took months for them to pay for my MRI's. The insurance kept saying they needed "more documentation" and the MRI people said they were just playing games. Then the insurance said my MRI's were medically unnecessary, so I had my doctor write a letter stating why they were necessary. They finally paid for part of them, but left me with the rest because they said the office charged more than was reasonable. The office said they don't have a contract with any PIP insurance, so there's no discount offered. I had the same problem with my xray bill. I then had to fight for my chiropractic bills to be covered and that was starting to help a great deal. The insurance said their chiropractor was leaning towards calling it "chronic". I had to have the chiropractor right a letter even though he documented in my chart that I was improving. At our first visit, we couldn't do any tests with me on my stomach because I was screaming in pain. I then wrote a letter to put in my chart and sent it to the insurance as to the ways I had improved. Then I got shingles. I couldn't have anyone touching me because I was in so much pain. My adjustor said if I took a break from chiropractic treatment, they wouldn't cover it when I went back. Seriously?! They are claiming they never received my January bills for PT and PT is saying they resent them and that I owe over $1,000, yet they haven't sent me the balance. I don't know who to believe. And they still haven't covered one of the doctor visits. I'm $400 away from exhausting my PIP and then everything else can go to my health insurance. No one understands why my car insurance doesn't just pay the remaining $400 towards PT or whatever. So frustrating. I have spent countless hours on hold/on the phone/writing letters/writing emails, etc. when I could have been getting the rest I needed after delivery or just enjoying my baby the best I could. If you get a lawyer, you're not being greedy. Lesson learned.
  7. I'm somewhere in the front row towards the middle. Wearing a black dress. Haha!!!! Thank you! Connie, it's great to see you too!
  8. First of all, WHY can't I find mini cereal boxes this time of year anymore? I feel so bitter about that. We always do mini cereals and then that's breakfast. Last year I had to do Pop Tarts! OK, my non-candy ideas: Mini flashlights Fun duct tape (like camo for my husband) Toothbrushes (a tradition in our family) Scented hand sanitzer Hot Wheels Small bottles of bubbles Silly putty Chapstick Pocket knives (says my son who's reading over my shoulder) Fun socks (also says my son who's reading over my shoulder) A small book on not reading over your mother's shoulder What are some of your ideas?
  9. Hahaha!!! It's been a busy year - New house, new baby, recorded on an album (plus concerts), I'm the soprano section leader of our choir, trying to heal from my car accident/birth, etc. Missed you all though!
  10. Hello everyone! It's been a crazy/busy/wonderful time! I recorded on an album/this music video in May while juggling my now five children. It took me a long time to heal from being rear ended at 35 weeks pregnant and then my 36 hour back labor a month later. I couldn't sit at my computer much at all without being in horrible pain and had to lie down to nurse my baby quite a bit. Anyway, my husband was so supportive and made it possible for me to record on the album "Winter Symphony" and be a part of this video. Jennifer Thomas (the composer/pianist/violinist) is a wonderful LDS woman who is the mom of three young boys and it's so inspiring to see everything she has accomplished. Hope you all watch this and enjoy!
  11. My uncle recently defriended me, I'm assuming because I was challenging his "spiritual path". I don't really care what he believes, but his comments frequently included, "I don't believe in (fill in incorrect Mormon belief) anymore." He kept saying, "You believe you are a body." I don't know how he could be Mormon for decades and think that's correct. So share away, but don't tell me what I believe (incorrectly!). Basically, his beliefs sound like the Matrix. He took a break from FB and when he came back, he had defriended both me and my sister even though she didn't say anything to him. I was also defriended by my cousin's wife when I wouldn't play Mafia Wars with her. I think she didn't even know I was a relative of her husband.
  12. No, I'm not saying there's a simple answer, but wives should at least care about their husbands' feelings if they don't care for it. So they need to learn to communicate what they want or seek counseling if it's an issue of abuse rather than have an attitude of, "Sorry. I just don't like it."