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  1. I took a couple of the grandkids to see "Home" today. It was cute for 4 year olds.
  2. I wonder what the inside of a tube of superglue is coated with. I want to buy a bottle of it to put on my fingers whenever I use that stuff because I nearly always end up with fingers stuck to something.
  3. I've never seen one but felt one wrap his arms around me for protection. I was riding my motorcycle home from work at dawn when a car in the oncoming traffic lane pulled out to pass. The car was so close I only had time to close my eyes and get killed. The impact didn't happen so I opened my eyes to find myself, still on the bike, out of harms way. I felt as though a warm blanket had been thrown around me and wasn't the least bit shaken up. That feeling lasted all the way home and I had the best days sleep I can ever remember having.
  4. Thanks. My daughter is teaching Sharing Time in Primary today and she was looking for questions to ask the kids.
  5. A lot about this site has changed since I frequented it. I see there is a place for warning points. Whatsup with that?
  6. Are there any scripture references that tell us to wear white clothing to be baptised?
  7. This is a great article about the priesthood: Linda & Richard Eyre: Women and the priesthood in Mormon theology | Deseret News
  8. Moses was a murderer. David had Bathsheba's husband killed. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Joseph Smith wasn't perfect. God can use anyone He wants to use in spite of their failings.
  9. It's supposed to be in the History of the Church, vol. 6, p. 408-409. Can someone who has this check and see what it says. I have a feeling this is a misrepresentation of the excerpt from D&C 135 Pam posted above.
  10. I was asked what my thoughts are on the 'Joseph Smith Boast' and had no idea what it was. It's supposed to be in "The History of The Church" and he claims to be greater than Jesus. Does anyone have access to this and, if so, would you please tell me if there is a Joseph Smith Boast and what he really said. Thanks.
  11. Haven't been on for a few years because of some life changes that made life really busy. I hope to have time to get on a little each day. For those who want to see what I look like this ------> is the best picture I have.
  12. If you think time is passing quickly now, just wait until you have.....um....calves?