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  1. "No Problem" especially from someone serving/waiting on you. Of course its no problem, you're being paid to do it!!! "My pleasure", or "Certainly Sir/Ma'am", or a lot of other responses are more graceful and proper.
  2. Germany, currently probably. Another year or 2 with Merkles immigration policies - no way. DW's brother who has lived in Germany 35 years now (with 2 kids born there) is talking about moving back to the U.S.
  3. Some Temples I like, some I don't The Dallas Temple (and the ones like it) is made for midgets. The dressing rooms are too small for a full sized 6'1" man to comfortably get changed, the lockers are so small everything you put in them gets wrinkled, the chairs in the endowment room are too small and too low for a large man and the Celestial Room is gray looking and looks dingy and is very small - you get more than 12 people in it and its crowded. I feel no Spirit there at all except one of depression. Having lived here for 15 years now, I've been to it 4 or 5 times and I've had a valid Temple Recommend through all of it. I do love the Orlando Temple which we visit every time we go back there (used to live there and were sealed there)
  4. There are LDS Singles dating websites. I met my wife on one way back in the very early days of the internet. We were both middle aged adult converts. Google "LDS Singles"
  5. I was half expecting them to need to re-organize the First Presidency between sessions. President Monson did not look good. I saw that he was helped out by a younger man and then a women took his other arm. I don't believe the Church is hiding things, I believe his health condition is a personal thing to him. I do wish he had given his talk sitting down though.
  6. Are LDS as 'judgmental' as Christians are? Come on PC -- LDS ARE Christians
  7. The new name/key word = iPhone Seriously, I've often wondered if the 'stone in the hat' Joseph Smith used was actually a crystal that served the same purpose as our computer/tablet/phone screens.
  8. I thought the forums were for the members - I guess I was wrong. Probably won't be here a lot then, I'm sure that's no loss to anyone here.
  9. Why did 'they' disable the ipc format? - it was what made this new site bearable How do we get 'them' to re-enable it?
  10. No, have not seen a news broadcast in well over a decade. I preferred newspapers before the internet, and been getting my news online since the days of dialup. I really dislike visual formats, my brain works too fast and I have been tested at reading over 600 wpm. Someone reading the news on a TV or monitor is just too slow for me. I almost never do news video's online.
  11. Oh, this is me, 100%. I know not all people are good at public speaking but please PLEASE take the time necessary to prepare and don't wait until the last minute or 'wing it'. A 10 minute talk takes much more than 10 minutes to prepare. I think I spent 4 to 5 hours (over the 2 weeks I had) preparing my last talk (which ran 13 minutes)
  12. Yeah, I don't doubt for a minute that its hard, but you know what? most worthwhile things are. Cravings whether its porn, cigs, booze, etc hit hard for a while, then with time they get to be less and less. I gave up smoking long before joining the Church, man that was rough, but I've been smoke free for 27 years now and let me tell you, I have not had a craving for a long time (at least 25 years) and in fact I can't stand to be near a smoker. Cravings are strong for a few months, may be even a year but then come further and further in between. It'll eventually be the same with your porn issue, just hold to it. As my tagline says: Worship, without sacrifice, is just words. We all have our favorite sins, but we can rise above them, its not always easy but its worth it. I wish you well.
  13. 6 months, you are lucky. To me a Full tithe payer is one that pays for an entire year. Are you actually looking for the Blessings of going to the Temple, or do you just want to claim you have a Temple Marriage? something to think about. All I know is what I read on your post here, I don't know you or your circumstances but it appears to me you have not yet caught the Spirit of the Temple and what it actually stands for, and perhaps that's what the Bishop is seeing also..
  14. That's kind of like telling your kids "Because I said so" I think we bend over backwards sometimes to believe things just because they are in an ancient record called 'The Bible' I think we really need to acknowledge that the Book of Genesis was a primitive peoples way of explaining things they had no explanation for. It was an oral history handed down for 2000 years or so before it was written down. I look at much of the Old Testament as allegory and faith promoting story. I learn the lessons available with out having to believe they are historical and accurate.
  15. As far as auto bill pay goes: So what if they use auto pay? the act of obedience is still there, the choice to pay was made and the act is followed up on. Do I have do decide I am going to follow the Word of Wisdom every day? or do I decide once and then just do it? Do I decide I am going to obey the Law of Chasity once and go about my business or do I have to decide every time I see someone new?
  16. mnn727


    So you don't think all those myths are based upon some reality?
  17. mnn727


    What is your belief on the Flood?
  18. No, I wanted to but we missed the first couple episodes - used to watch Smallville though.
  19. Walking Dead CSI Castle Agents of Shield Revenge Once Upon a Time Resurrection Falling Skies (although they have a year or so between seasons Dallas (the new one) Person of Interest Sounds like all we do is watch TV but we DVR them and then watch as we have time, which may be weeks or even months after they come on, seasons are not what they used to be. Occasionally we'll save a whole season of something for a rainy Saturday - did that last year with Revenge and CSI
  20. I'm pretty positive that I have seen all the Apostles at conference most of the time (usually only missing if they are ill). Easy to check now that Conferences are stored online.
  21. OK, so we saw Noah yesterday. Has anyone else? It was an interesting movie but barely Biblical. For a while I wondered if I was in a Transformers movie. I won't say it was a bad movie in itself. But if you're looking for the Biblical story of Noah, this ain't it. It did show what happened to a couple of strange animals that never made it. I did think for the story they told the acting was good. Spoiler Warning (synopsis ahead): . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The premise was man was evil and destroying itself and the planet. Fallen Angels (looking like a cross between Earth Elemental's from World of Warcraft and Transformers) help Noah build and defend the Ark. Tubal Cain was a King in the area, breaks into the Ark and lives (for a while at least) Only one of Noah's son's has a wife and then she bears twin daughters, supposedly becoming the other two sons wife's. Noah is torn between killing off his family, leaving the (now) perfect creation to the animals or letting his whole family live thus starting the whole mess over again. A couple things they did get correct: the waters not only came in the form of rain but also broke through the Earths Crust. Tubal Cain (besides being the local king in the movie) was also a metal worker.
  22. Be very careful if you do sleep with him after separating. Many men who are separating have an active sex life with other women (and visa versa. You don't want to catch a Sexually Transmitted disease. While technically you would not be breaking the law of chastity, why would you want to sleep with someone your separated from? There is either a reason to separate or there is not.
  23. Learning it is one thing, liking its an entirely different matter. WAAAAAAAY too much white space on posts!
  24. Too much garbage (colors, boxes,etc) on the forum pages, too much white space on each post, both distract from the purpose of the forum. I see a change theme button but it does not appear to do anything.