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  1. If you know anyone wanting to get into the Federal Bureau of Investigations I would advise otherwise. The organization has not gone in a good direction in recent years.
  2. I am posting this for someone that I have association with on another forum. I am requesting prayers for them. His story is below: November 30th 2022: Today, Paul Lipford, Emmaleigh Massey, and Mckenna Massey were in a serious car accident. Emmaleigh has a broken back, broken pelvis, broken leg, and a few internal organ injuries. McKenna has a broken pelvis, and we are still waiting for the remainder of her results. Emmaleigh was transported to Charlotte earlier today, and we are waiting on transport for McKenna now. Paul is shaken up and hurting pretty bad but ok. Please keeps us all in your thoughts as we navigate these next several weeks and make sure that they get the best care possible. They have both been transported to Charlotte for higher care and possible surgeries today." December 2nd 2022: "Mckenna Massey was released tonight. Her pelvis is broken in 5 places, and she has some broken toes and a very bad swollen/bruised/sprained ankle. She is 100% reliant on someone else to help her do all tasks such as bathing, moving locations, showers et cetera. she will be in a wheelchair for a while, other than for small moves such as transfer to bed/chair/et cetera. She is still in a lot of pain but is trying her hardest to stay mobile as much as possible to try to avoid a being wheelchair bound long term. Emmaleigh Massey is still in the hospital but has finally gotten a room on the children’s trauma floor. This is amazing because the adult trauma intensive care unit was very difficult for her. Her back is broken in 2 places, her pelvis is broken in 1 place, and her leg is broken on the left side. She does still have some internal bleeding from the lacerations on her spleen, kidney, and liver, which may require some intervention and/or blood transfusion. That is being watched closely, and hopefully we will know what they have decided to do to fix the bleeding tomorrow. Today they also found that she had a few blood clots in her right arm, so even though she has some internal bleeding, she had to be put on blood thinners to prevent issues with the clots. PT was able to get her up onto her feet today for the first time, but she was only able to stay up a short time and taking steps was very hard without someone to assist with pushing her feet forward to make each step. But being up with a broken back, pelvis, and leg is taking huge steps forward in her recovery. There is no real talk yet about when she may come home, but when she does she will be reliant on a wheelchair for several months probably. PT will help her through this and will work with her daily on getting back to walking as soon as she is able. She is scared and having a lot of fear about what has happened and what will happen in the future as well. Girls picture is below:
  3. I 100% agree with this. Opening the windows of heaven to have blessings poured out does not mean temporal blessings always. The greatest gift is eternal life with Heavenly Father. What greater gift can God give one of us? However, in paying my tithing I have seen many times the LORD rebuke the devourer for my sake. I believe I cannot afford to not pay my tithing.
  4. I do not think any new citizen gun restrictions will pass within the next two years. That is good in my opinion. We do not need anymore citizen gun restrictions, just enforce what is already on the books. (Some gun restrictions also need to go away like short barrel rifle and shotgun laws in my opinion. These types of firearms are good home defense weapons that should not require a Class III license with a lot of restrictions on them that criminals will continue to ignore.) The White House is doing everything it can to hurt and take rights and liberties away from the common people in since January 2020. They want semi automatic rifles gone from the common populace as they wish to exercise unrighteous dominion over us.
  5. I electronic mailed my Senators and told them to vote against the "Respect for Marriage Act" as it would violate religious freedom. As usual Mike Lee voted against it and Mitt Romney voted for it.
  6. If your brother in law is not practicing homosexuality then he is not gay. He likely has a same sex attraction that he controls and he lives his life like a saint if he is worthy to get a temple recommend.
  7. This reminds me of the film: The R.M. The main character Jared walks in on a multi-level marketing meeting with his parents. Jared: Are you guys doing Nuskin? Mom: Jared! We don't use that word. What they were marketing was: LD3 - Latter-Day Discount Distributors.
  8. I loved the movie Pursuit of Happyness. In the past I have watched it several times. I also read that drug problems helped push him into homelessness. Bottom line for the film in the message it is pushing (in my opinion) is to have good goals, review them often and never stop working towards them despite hardships and obstacles.
  9. We can send about $40,000,000,000 to Ukraine to help them secure their country and border but the Biden administration is just ignoring the mass influx of illegal aliens and drugs pouring into our country. It is disgusting in my opinion. I read an average of 280 Americans per day are dying from fentanyl drugs that is pouring over the southern border.
  10. I hope the Ukraine war will end soon. There are so many lives that have been needlessly wasted over this conflict.
  11. After seeing the 2022 election results I think I need some of that white powder you are all talking about. Yes, I am joking.
  12. I would not give money to many causes on GoFundMe. Here is a sob story about a couple whose boat sank. They wanted money on GoFundMe. They were in their twenties and tired of working.
  13. I still do not have a mainstream social media account. When these came out years ago I felt they would not benefit me but be used against me. It never crossed my mind that social media would be used to attempt to dismantle the spiritual faith of many. Apparently the Adversary is being successful in his works. After reading about this subject it makes me want a mainstream social media account even less.
  14. I asked my seminary teacher about this subject over fifteen years ago. The question I asked was why the Nephites were praying to Christ when He was present with them in the book of III Nephi. He replied to me that if Christ were physically present with you and a group of others you would probably be praying to Him as well. I have come to believe that Christ oversees and has a lot of personal interaction what happens on this Earth as Heavenly Father has committed it into His hands. But I will continue to do as revealed to the modern day prophets and pray unto Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ.
  15. This topic made me think of one of my many favorite scriptures. These verses are in Alma chapter 12: 34 Therefore, whosoever repenteth, and hardeneth not his heart, he shall have claim on mercy through mine Only Begotten Son, unto a remission of his sins; and these shall enter into my rest. 35 And whosoever will harden his heart and will do iniquity, behold, I swear in my wrath that he shall not enter into my rest.
  16. I wrote words in a reply just recently and tried to post them and they got wiped. Maybe the LORD wanted me to say something different. So here I go again. In my own opinion I do not believe in progression between kingdoms of glory but I could be wrong. I feel like I am so lacking in worthiness to qualify any glory in the next life. But I like these words written below: "The mortal probation is provided as an opportunity for advancement; but so great are the difficulties and the dangers, so strong is the influence of evil in the world, and so weak is man in resistance thereto, that without the aid of a power above that of humanity, no soul would find its way back to God from whom it came." -- James Talmage I love the way President Gordon Hinckley used to teach this principle. I heard him say, “Brothers and sisters, all the LORD expects of us is to try, but you have to really try!” So, to all who read this, keep trying and working toward the Kingdom of God in your mortal journey. “Yes, you are going to make it as long as you keep repenting and do not rationalize or rebel. The God of heaven is not a heartless referee looking for any excuse to throw us out of the game." (-- Elder J. Devn Cornish) So, do not rationalize or rebel. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. If you fall once or a thousand times, just get up again and keep moving toward the LORD.
  17. Joseph Smith History verse 37 reads as follows: "For behold, the day cometh that shall burn as an oven, and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly shall burn as stubble; for they that come shall burn them, saith the Lord of Hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch."
  18. I love Jordan Peterson and I have listened to many of his messages. He is a voice of reason and sanity in a world blown about by every wind of doctrine.
  19. I personally believe the 2nd coming of the LORD is not for years, but many difficult trials are coming upon the children of men soon. We have wicked people in seats of authority that are trying to put in motion terrible things and the consequences will be awful upon the general population. These people hate humankind. How can anyone think otherwise with war to reduce farming and crops and to make gasoline and diesel products unaffordable?
  20. Droughts seem to be hitting many areas in the world. Sadly I just got rid of almost all my water storage as we moved to an apartment recently. And in about five months we are going to move again. We sold our home while the real estate market was still decent in Utah.
  21. They disabled a normal user's access to view dislikes on YouTube. I think it is because certain people were trying to push a narrative on YouTube and a large part of the common population was rejecting it.
  22. This movie looks so awful. No interest at all from me. I saw out of 576,000 people that viewed it on YouTube only about 7,300 people gave it a thumbs up. Hopefully the film bombs.
  23. This is another follow up on this subject. A 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card sold recently for $12,600,000. Take a look at the below website. 1952 Mickey Mantle Card Sells For Record $12.6 Million At Auction (
  24. The other day I opened some Deseret canned chili. 7 years six months past the expiration date. I smelled it and it smelled okay. I then ate the whole can without cooking it. No food poisoning. The can was stored in a cool and dry location in my cellar. I would not recommend eating food that is this long past expiration date. Probably would limit canned chili or tuna in water to less than six years if it was stored in a cool and dry place.
  25. From what I have heard, if the Chinese were to invade Taiwan they would lose many, numerous troops. It would make their military look weak with the terrible losses. If China were to invade Taiwan they would first need to bomb and shell it for a long period of time. It would take a very long time I believe before Taiwan defenses would be weakened enough for China to attempt a land invasion of troops. It would be a very long campaign that would require many Chinese resources.