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  1. This is something I am curious about as well. In my experience my Bishop and SP have discussed my situations without me being present. I was not aware that there was confidentiality, but I was once upset that my SP knew things that I only told my Bishop. Now, if the rule is that the two of them can talk together about problems, but between the two of them they must keep it confidential it wouldn't bother me as much. So, I myself am curious if this is standard LDS procedure.
  2. bjw

    Is temple prep class required?

    Okay, I got some news and I'll share with you what I found out, since what I heard here it sounds like it depends on the Bishop you have and their opinion of the worthiness/knowledge of the patron. My cousin has trouble reading because of his dyslexia but in general has a good handle on the Gospel. They want him to first focus on getting the PH promotion to Elder. Since him and one other person are the only ones preparing right now they may not offer the class and just allow Home Teachers to review the material with the people to prep them for the temple. Then, when enough people need the class they will offer it, and it will provide a refresher to those who have studied the material under their HT. My cousin has worked the past year on being worthy, he even went through a 12-step program to get off of chewing tobacco and is really looking forward to growing spiritually through this process. I have enjoyed teaching my cousin and its been a spiritual journey for him this past year. So, everyone, please keep us in your prayers during this process.
  3. I had a quick question. Is the temple prep class required before someone can get a Live Ordinance Recommend and go to the temple for their first Endowment session. Assuming a person is in good standing, meets worthiness requirements, has a good handle on the gospel, etc. can they get the recommend before completing all of the temple prep seminar? The reason I ask is I have a person that will have missed the I think the first session of the class and he would like to join the class already in session and maybe get the recommend while there's still a couple sessions remaining. So, is the class a required prerequisite or is it just a recommendation? I realize that ultimately readiness can only be determined by a Bishop, but should we not even make the appointment for him until completing the class?
  4. bjw

    My friend is homosexual

    I have a brother that is gay and once I explained to him why the church has reacted the way it does to prop 8 and its policies about gays he was a little more understanding. He lived with me for 2 years and would never attend church with me though. I agree with gay people that homosexuality is usually a trait you are born with, but I think that is true with any other sexual desire. Many people have desires they have to suppress in this life, and that is the challenge of having a body in this world.
  5. bjw

    Patriarchal blessing

    I would pray about it, since the Lord will let you know when it is time. Not only has mine increased my testimony, but watching others get it has increased mine as well. I took my cousin in for his and there was one part the Patriarch could not have possibly known about my cousin that was mentioned. It sent a chill through me while I heard it.
  6. bjw

    Herbal Help for Hypersexuality

    Just for some info, there is something called "Chinese Vitex" in Airborne, the herbal/vitamin supplement made by a school teacher to help boost the immune system. I'm not sure if this is the same herb, but this may be something you want to look into.
  7. bjw

    Temple Recommends & Misdemeanors

    Misdemeanor driving w/o a license in California.To give a brief update to the situation, we confided in a member of the ward that is friends with a retired judge that is a member, so he's going to get the advice we need for us. Thanks to everyone who contrributed to the thread so far.
  8. bjw

    Just got endowment and feeling weird about it

    In defense of my previous post, D&C 109:7 says to seek out of the best books words of wisdom, which is what I was suggesting. Also, I agree with the blog link Skippy gave about Temple Study, its a very good blog.
  9. bjw

    Just got endowment and feeling weird about it

    I think to really appreciate the Temple Endowment in its proper perspective you really need to realize its connection with Masonic symbolism. I would do some research on the meanings of signs, tokens, and all other elements and how they relate to their counterparts in Freemasonry, keeping in mind the Nauvoo Saints knew all of these things. One of the first things I learned when studying the writings of Albert Pike, was that any initiation or ritual, to be effective, must be the opening of a problem. Therefore, you should not understand all of the endowment now, but you now have a basis to start a whole new field of research. In Hugh Nibley's "Joseph Smith Papyri," the book itself is structured in the same sequence as the Endowment, so that is a good starting point. For masonic symbolism I recommend Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" and Manly P. Hall's "Secret Teachings of All Ages" (Both masonic works are public domain and available on the net.)
  10. I believe you, but this doesn't make any sense. A church, or any corporation, should want to know if its local leadership is running it into the ground. Also, this involves the stake president and his personal feelings getting in the way of how he does his job, so I would think the area authority would want to check it out to see if it was true.I talked to the bishop tonight and it seems like it was more the stake president than it was the bishop, so I hope there is a way to talk to someone about him.
  11. How does one go about that? Do Area Authorities have e-mails, websites, or ways to access them, or must one contact SLC?
  12. I had a quick question: What is the complaint procedure for members if you have an issue with the bishop and stake president? Who is the next person above the stake president that can handle complaints? For instance, let's say that the bishop and stake president are letting personal issues of things that have occurred outside of church get in the way of how they are making decisions involving an individual (and this can be proven), what would be the complaint procedure?
  13. bjw

    Temple Recommends & Misdemeanors

    Thanks to everyone who answered about this. I definitely feel a lot better about it now, and you've definitely gave me some good advice about seeking council.
  14. bjw

    Temple Recommends & Misdemeanors

    Thanks for the response. He wasn't planning to do it all the time, and they ran out of money and couldn't take a cab. It was kinda a spur of the moment decision that resulted in an error in thinking. If they had it to do over again they probably would have done something different.The attorney part was for legal and not spiritual advice, so would that change things?