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  1. I have felt my question most likely lies in the realm of “unknown” at this point. So far, just having a question about the atonement has been a blessing for me personally, because I have been thinking about it more. I’ve also thought that the answer may exist in the infinite nature of Christ’s atonement, as you have noted. So far, that feels like it comes the closest to anything that could be considered an answer. btw, what is this penal substitution theory you spoke of?
  2. Go back and read what I said again. I never stated I have suffered what the Savior suffered. I’m talking about the penalty imposed on all of us for our sins. We all would suffer never ending separation from God without an atonement.
  3. Our gospel vernacular often ascribes the phrase “paid the price” in reference to the Savior’s atonement. What exactly do we think this means? Part of the reason this has been on my mind is because we know that the consequence of our sins is spiritual death, or for that matter, eternal separation from God and no eternal redemption or divine potential. Essentially eternal damnation for all of us had there been no atonement wrought by Jesus. So we are told Christ paid the price…however from my view (which I concede is extremely limited) he didn’t suffer what we would have suffered. So exactly how did he pay the price if He didn’t endure what we would have had to endure?