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  1. If he failed it was because the people were short sighted and let him and the country down. Carter was and will always be a great man. His Presidency was sabotaged by the lazy voters and conservatives who worked with Iran. In other words - treason.
  2. As President Jimmy Carter said on the Colbert Report a few months ago - he would be willing to join the Catholic church once they let women become Popes/priests. I'm sure he and others would join the LDS church if the church let women become apostles.
  3. Nope. This is nothing but a "Get Hillary Clinton" story. There have already been investigations into this. The Republicans are simply trying to make an event into a "get Hillary and Obama" event. They tried to use a brain dead women in Florida to make Bill Clinton look bad. They used a poor Cuban boy in Florida and tried to encourage a riot (once again to make Bill Clinton look bad) when the authorities attempted to take the boy and return him "legally" to his father in Cuba. Now they are using the dead Government workers involved in Benghazi for their own dirty attacks. Republicans really have no shame. The only thing they do well is become outraged, hypocrite outrage. 2+2 = 4 - Outrage! The sky is blue - Outrage! Over and over again. What happens when its 1983 and Marines are massacred in Lebanon? No outrage from Republicans since their guy is in office.
  4. My "hand holding" statement was not anti-gay. It was anti holding hands with a king of a ruthless country. If two gay men or women want to hold hands, I don't care. But a president of the U.S. holding hands/making nice to the bad kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that is horrible.
  5. More like greed, Texas and Wall-street greed. The extremism comes from Saudi Arabia. We should have dealt with the whole country harshly after 9/11 but Saudi Arabia is big oil and has too many connections with that supposedly great state of Texas and big businesses in the U.S. One of the most disgusting things I ever saw was the second Bush holding hands with that Saudi king. It goes to show U.S. businesses were OK with 9/11 and the murder of innocent Americans as long as their precious oil businesses were not harmed. You want to destroy the Ka'ba? Pick it up and transport it to Iran. They didn't attack us. Then use all or military to remove Saudi Arabia from the maps. Then give the land that was known as Saudi Arabia to Israel or transport all the homeless Kurds and make it a new Kurdish country.
  6. Ukraine sits basically right under Russia. This is more or less Russia's territory. I would like to see the people of Ukraine move closer to the western European countries but again, this is Russia's territory. I don't think we can do much or should do much. The expert professor I've been listening to says U.S./Europe and Russia are heading close to war or another Bay-of-Pigs situation.
  7. Your whole post can be broken down to the above. It's typical economic predator talk. "Economic freedom" actually means "slave labor." If anybody were actually concerned about freedom and economic freedom they would be marching in the streets demanding the U.S. adopt President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Second Bill of Rights. Second Bill of Rights - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia When conservatives preach "freedom", watch out. It usually means the very opposite unless you are part of the super wealthy 1%.
  8. I can't believe any woman would seriously want to cover her face. If she says she does she only says it to please her husband or father/family and out of fear. If she were truly free she would not cover her face. Come on people - this is 2014! Not 100 A.D. Most religious groups in the U.S. are pawns of big business now. It's time the Federal government went after both - big business and their religious troops.
  9. And get a Federal hate crime slapped on me? No thanks. People do have the right to wear what they want. But I side more with western Europe and France on these issues.
  10. I'm against barbarism. I was in a shopping mall this evening just walking around wasting time. I saw a Muslim woman with here head completely covered except for the eye slit. This is 2014, not the middle ages. To force or tell people they have to wear a certain piece of clothing or cover their faces is barbaric and the people pushing those ideas should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and... If I were President I would try to pass laws that would free those poor women from quasi-slavery.
  11. I'm for freedom of religion. But when religion gets involved in politics, religion oversteps their bounds. I agree with France wanting to ban head coverings for women. Any religion that forces women women or anybody else to cover their face should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and if no laws exist, create them and prosecute them.
  12. I've never been to France but I agree with a lot of things I hear them do in that country. If only the U.S. were more like France. France is right, a lot of religions are control-cults.
  13. I have Stars for free for a year and so decided to give Black Sails a chance. I know how horrible Stars Spartacus programs are. They are nothing but horrible scripts/acting with soft hard porn thrown in to keep people watching. It really hows how untalented the producers are or how they don't want to spend good money on producing a good product. So I set my DVR to record Black Sails. After two episodes I'm ready to give up. Not a good story and not very good character development and they are pushing the s*x. I don't mind the s*x if it's part of the story but I do mind it when they use it to fill gaps in a story. I was disappointed.
  14. Hobby 1 - Bass fishing. I love buying plastic worms and catching fish on plastic worms. It's amazing any fish would go after plastic worm but bass do and they are the best bass catching lures out there. Hobby 2 - Video editing and video cameras. I love to edit videos on my PC. I can make videos that would make you think a real production company created them. Hobby 3 - books and reading.
  15. I listen to conservative radio sometimes and it's awfully hateful. I don't think it's wise to base opinions on such hateful broadcasting.