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  1. 2 Nephi 20 Just stay on the Lord's good side. The Lord may use the wicked to punish his people who have turned away from him, but those same wicked which he used will also be punished eventually unless they repent. (So repent early and often. ) 2 Nephi 21 D&C 113:1-6 has some interpretations of things in Isaiah 11 (2 Nephi 21). v6-9: Cuddling with a lion is high on my Millennium to-do list... Good things to come for the righteous. 2 Nephi 22 Sing praises. Even if you can't sing. The Lord's anger is easily turned away, with sincere repentance. 2 Nephi 23 Flee Babylon! (In other words, give up your sins, turn to the Lord, be humble, repent.) v22: Part of the Lord being merciful to his people appears to require the wicked to perish. (Don't be wicked!) ...to be continued in tomorrow's reading.
  2. No, but apparently there's now a modular temple - Helena, Montana, if I remember right. Much faster to build.
  3. 2 Nephi 16 v8: Volunteer to serve the Lord; or at least accept the call. (And do it without worrying what it entails - if the Lord is giving the assignment, then trust him and do whatever is assigned.) v9+: Don't be blind, deaf, slow, or hard-hearted. 2 Nephi 17 When the Lord tells you not to worry about what looks like impending disaster, trust him. I have an experience with this, though it was just an impending deadline. When I was Relief Society President, the Bishop assigned me to make some appointments for us to visit some families in the ward (I was to select the families). I was praying to know which families we should visit and I got a clear impression: "wait". It seemed strange, but I waited. For a while. The day for our visits was approaching and I felt like I couldn't wait any longer, so I set an appointment. I don't remember how soon after that, but very soon, the Bishop called and told me something had come up and he wouldn't be free until later in the evening and we'd have to do fewer appointments - maybe just one. So I had to reschedule. I should have waited. 2 Nephi 18 v1: All who have been tempted to name their son Maher-shalal-hash-baz raise your hands. (also chapter 17): Don't ally yourself with the wicked instead of turning to the Lord. Rejoice in the Lord, not in the destruction of your enemies. v19: Stay away from all things occult. Turn to God instead. v19-20: Turn to God. Guidance should be in harmony with scripture (the law and the testimony) and be filled with light. 2 Nephi 19 Handel, anyone? v4: Christ can break the yokes, burdens, staffs, and oppressor's rods that cause us personal grief. v9+: Be humble. Repent. v16+: Don't abuse authority. v17+: Don't do that bad stuff.
  4. Savior. I don't know if that's me or a product of environment or what. I never really thought about it until the past decade, but that's the title I most commonly use. Hmm. Not really. Perhaps when considering stories which use those symbols. I'm more likely to think of my self as a (poor example of a) disciple.
  5. I watch on YouTube because I can speed it up - I find it easier to concentrate at high speeds. Also, I can pause it to take notes, then resume. But I like that the Church has an app and that it has all the features one could want (as far as I can tell).
  6. Alternately, you can get the Church's new "Gospel Stream" app! Now you don't have to be me to skip YouTube commercials. And it still supports playing videos at 2x. And you can download them for playback (in Sunday meetings, for example).
  7. This is the only documented version I could find: (I copied that from Verse by Verse The Old Testament Volume 2 by Andrew C. Skinner, D. Kelly Ogden - the entry for Isaiah 5.)
  8. Good question. I'd have to do research - I remember reading it in a manual, hearing it in class, but I couldn't tell you who originally said it.
  9. 2 Nephi 12 @Jamie123, we believe verse 2 is prophesying of the temple in Salt Lake. And that this: ...is saying that in the Millennium, Christ will rule the government from Zion (the new Jerusalem, which will be in / around Independence, Missouri) and the Church from Jerusalem (the old one). v5+: When we go astray, we lose the Lord's guidance, so don't go astray. v22: Who cares what people think? Follow the Lord. 2 Nephi 13 The fate of those who rebel against God. v4-5, 12: Am I the only one who feels like this is already the case (despite having a senile POTUS)? v10: A little hope for those trying to follow Christ. Just stay faithful, cuz the consequences for not doing so are icky.... 2 Nephi 14 ...but things will be good for those who love and obey the Lord. 2 Nephi 15 Don't be wild! Exercise good judgement, be righteous, regard the work of the Lord. v18: Quit dragging your sins around! (Love the imagery here.) v23: Sounds like our day, too! v26-30: @Jamie123, we believe Isaiah was seeing the modern world, with things like trains, cars, and air travel, and did his best to describe what he was seeing. The ensign to the nations is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Be humble, repent, follow Christ.
  10. 2 Nephi 10 v14: The greatest tragedy to befall the Americas is when, nation by nation, we reject our King (Jesus Christ). v23: Cheer up! The Lord won't forget you, and you are free to choose eternal life or everlasting death - whichever you prefer. 2 Nephi 11 v4: All things typify Christ - Part 4 of the talk I'm about to link is amazing in this regard. The whole talk is one of the best I've ever heard. It's longish (30 minutes - a BYU devotional), but I listen to it at 2x - and this is one of the rare ones I recommend listening to (I'm a reader more than a listener), but the way he delivers the talk is significant (and he's pretty funny)... “True Doctrine, Understood, Changes Attitudes and Behavior” by Todd B. Parker V4+: We should delight in the things of the Lord. (Right now, Klaw is delighting in the spring-style door stop... )
  11. Why not go for broke? I predict1: North Korea, Vatican City, Iran, and Israel. 1That it won't be any of these.
  12. Sorry, a post-lunch crash delayed my scripture study today... 2 Nephi 9 What can one say about the beginning? Jacob is teaching the plan of salvation and the take-away is to believe in Christ and his atoning power. v8-9: @askandanswer, I referred without reference to this very verse in my replies above. v9: Just cuz they look all light and shiny doesn't mean they're telling the truth. Learn the gospel. Learn to recognize the Spirit. v20+: Christ knows you and all the good and bad you experience, intimately and perfectly. Trust him. v23: Action plan. v28+: Don't let your learning make you arrogant; don't let your riches make you proud, stingy, and mean; don't think refusal to learn more will go over well in the judgement day. Repent early and often. v40: If you are striving to live as God commands, then even truth which points out your failings will not upset you (for long) because it will help you in your sincere desire. If the truth hurts, consider that it's because you need to repent so that you can welcome God's correction. v41: The keeper of the gate that leads to life, salvation, and exaltation is Christ. Revelation 1:18 (and I'm sure there are more, but I'm too lazy to find them): Christ also holds the keys of death and hell. Thus, whichever way you're going, he is the way, the keeper, the one with the keys to let you in or lock you in... Satan isn't the one with the keys to his own "kingdom" - Christ holds even those. v48: @Jamie123, in the Church, it's pretty common for people to express a desire to know what's on the portion of the plates that weren't translated, or to otherwise have more knowledge and revelation than we now do. Yet this verse makes it clear - until we master what we already have, we will not get more. (There's a verse in the D&C that says this as well, but I'm too lazy to go look for it right now.) v49: Our goal should be to feel the same. v54: Maybe this was General Conference. Or maybe 2-day meetings were common. And here we are complaining about 3-hour church...