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  1. Id love gto know about Jewish life around 600bc. 1. Did the family eat together or boys adn girls separate? 2. The oldest boy was well always the one, who was supposed to be the patriarc of the family and the spiritual leader? 3. How many years the children of higher status were in school to learn the scriptures and to be a scribe? 4. And how old they were when they were educatged? 5. Was there any selebration after finnishing? 6. Did the family have all kids in scribeschools or just one? 7. Did girls get any such education?
  2. I have found out two different products with what you are able to drink directly from a raiwater pool or even toalett.... that is interesting. One is a straw and the other one is a bottle. I also know there are ways to make seawater so you can drink it... anyone here who could give me some links to seawater cleaning???
  3. Maya

    Have questions?

    If you have questions or your faith is wevering, you are loosing your faith, you got problems with LDS faith, but still you want to stay strong. FAIR has opened a new forum for those that need a place to ask and discuss deep stuff, in good spirit. You are well come : Forums | FAIR Mormon Outreach HI, to the good ol` moderators. Long time since I been here. I see many of you stil going strong. I been working with FAIR for a few years now. I also have been translating stuff and got work in a school, read: busy, busy, busy. My love to everybody here, this is still an awesom forum and Pam, the queen, is as awesom as ever. :)
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    Long time no see

    Hello all. Long time no see It is a few years ago I was here freguently. I dont promise to be here very often... but you never know! I suppose that the moderators are about the same when I got off the buss. I used to moderate here but had not any time any more for that. moderation is not so very easy and it takes a lot of time... and you cant imagind how many dangers ther are trying to get in ... so we all can be thankful for the mods for teh work and time they put to this. I am in full work at the moment so i dont expect I will be her often, but sometimes. So read your scriptures and dont let them decieve you. Even in here there are some wolves in borrowed sheepclothing. BTW I write and speak in 3 languages.. so ther is a possibility I mix them sometimes. Sometimes I talk in one language on skype, write in an other and read in third.. or just write to 3 in fb simultaneouslu in each language... and besides I KNOW I make a lot of spelling mistakes, but that just is the way it is. Pam need anythign just ask... is ther any special place to go for a roomer?
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    Will my parents be told???

    Hei kid you are cool You are brave, not so many dare to do what you do, and then the bad feeling just gets worse and worse. It is smart to do something about it! Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone are willing to pay the price of repention. It is between you and bishop as long as you want it to be. (btw it may well be that your parents already know... you would nto believe how much the parents know adn how much time they spend on their knees that the child would repend... I know I am a parent... of soon 2 missionaries)
  6. Itroduce to him Barleycup. I think that is pretty good and tasts pretty close to coffe (I am a convert, but coffe was not good for my ingestion, so I had no trouble leaving it) Btw I love Barleykop on isecream and in youghurt with suger. All we can do is to wait that they see the mistakes themselves.
  7. Here in Finland we celebrate Christmas with a Christmas tree. In may families they decorate the tree already a few days before 24th. In my family we have always decorated the tree earliest 23rd. We might have taken it in (a real one) on 23rd to melt, but decoration has been either 23rd or morning of 24th. Today many alike us are using a plastic tree. In my childhood we even had living lights on the tree. There was always the exciting moment when lighting up the candles that if the tree burns too... a couple of times we had a few flames on it, but not much... then we got the electric lights.... I am used to rull the glittery around the tree while my DH is used to have it strait down from top to lowest branches. We used to ahve a star on topp while he is used of a sound thing with a spire... Red or silver or goulden balls are set to the places. Lighting up the tre for first time is always a happenind that everyone should see. In my childhood and as long as I was lutheran we had a christmas church... they ahve many of them in a day as everybody is going to the Church that day... well not that many anymore, but the Churches are full once a year. I remember the smell of candles and christmastree adn all teh lights in the Church and te christmas carrolls. It never gets to be such a feeling in LDS Church on Christmas, even though we do have sometimes even an extra service on 24th. This year we dont have an extra and having the extras is not that good around here as so many people have long way top the service. It is not nice in the middle of all repairing for evening. 12.00 am/pm? In Finland the Turku cathedral (lutheran) declares Christmas peace. It is a very old custom and after that there are "not allowed" to make noice and fight. The food that day is a special treat that the family has made so everyone can eat .. too much good... In the childhood of my Dh they always got riceporage in the morning (with a mandel and who got that mandel got a marsipan (candy) pig). Then they ate lutefisk... uh specially made fish (NOT good!) Both of which my DH detests... so the Christmas of his childhood was not anything sopecial for him. I used to go to my Uncle where we got ham, potatoes, potatoes and carrot and turnip "boxes" (prepared in oven, smashed and good) rosoll(beetroot, carrots, salt cucamber, sil;salt fish with pink cream, which I like today), lutefisk, as desert fruit supe and løater plomblamashe. Tomorrow we eat Turkey, a bit ribb, turnip and our cabage and potatoes and rice, brokoli, rousecabbages. For desert icecream; cokies and cream and browneys and vanilla... and cakes Oreocake, I also made bananabred, fruitcake and we have christmascokies. Then after eating we wait a while and clean up then we read the gospel from Luke 2 and then we sing somthing (I dont think we do now but when kids were small we did a few christmas carrols and went around the christmas tree) Then comes the Fther Christams the one who lives in Finland! On ear mountain with all his good helpers with red hats and dresses. Then we sleep long til 25th. In olden days and sit some peopel go to Christmas church 6 am or 7 am in lutheran Church... but my family never done that. So we sleep in all day read the new books we got and play the new games... watch TV and eat what is left from the day before. This year I suppose my missionary calls me on 25th... I suppose they are allowed to call only on 25th. :) Cant wait to hear him... :)
  8. Finnish language has quite a lot incommon with Amayara, Quechua, Mayanga (Sumu), Nathuatli, Yanomam and Mapuchesta. I also have heard a north american indiantribe speak language which sounded to me as if I should understand it... Also that mt-X hablo DNA is from middle-east and you can find it in: Ojibwa-, Sioux-, Nuu-Chah-Nulth-, Navajo- ja Yakima indians
  9. I am sorry but we have nto really bumped in to lables that says: Welcome to Zarahemla or This is the town of Nphiha or Here lies the great worior Moroni From the beginning of the BoM we do have real places named, which JS could ofcourse see in teh Bible. However it is utmost unbelievable taht he would have seen one of the very few maps containing the Arabic peninsula where the name of NHM is written, yet the storytelling in the BoM clarely shows, that the place called NHM, where a few yers ago was found some althars with this name craved on them, is situated excactly wher the BoM says it should be. Also everyone in JS days thought, that the Arabic peninsula was bare sand and made fun of the BoM telling there was a very fertile place there. Later they have found a couple of fertile places and one or two of them lie due east from NHM, where the BoM tells that the people were travelling after berrying Ismael in NHM that incidentally was a graveplace for foreighners. About the Americas we have several theories, but because none of the places ahve come with the lables I mentioned in the beginning we cant say for certanity that this is the place. However many things are found adn many things will be found. The Biblical lands have been researched for hundreds of years, the Americas is only starting. The Biblical research can not either for certanity come out with more than a few real proves, but the proves that re not so certain are accepted easier than BoM proves... after all they DO have the old cities that have not changed their names in the history. Names of the BoM Cities again were probably changed a few times during the history. (A good example of changing manes is fex. Leningrad, that first was Pietari then Leningrad then St. Petersburg... or Oslo that used to be Christiania... names do change) One interesting new found town in Central america is the town of Lamonai. What most scolars now ar for is the limited Central America modell. And even there are a couple of possibilities. For more information visit: Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum
  10. I dont think that the belief you have is wrong. I dont know what to believe about: if there was something before God: as it is not told us. It really does not matter in our salvation and we are here to get through this part of our eternity. I believe we can speculate, but we need to be clear in what is spekulating as long as we are not given more light about things. We cant push our opinion, speculation, as truth to anyone. So if someone claims this or that and you dont believe it and it is not in the scriptures be in peace you are right! Remember speculations are not part of what is expected the LDS to believe. I believe that God will always be above us, no matter if He would make us same level as He is. It is like a father or mother, you can become even cleverer than them, but you will always be their child.... and hopefully act respectfully. Dont worry about thingsd you dont understand at the moment... life is like a long staircase, on each stepp you learn something new adn jumpping too fast or over steps can cause you to loose your balance and roll down adn hurt yourself... step by step is the safest way to God. Not every staircase are alike, everyone has their problems to overcome, their part of knowledge they must aceive. Your staircase is made jsut for you, you cant compare your staircase with someone eleses either. It is to make you whole.
  11. I been doing some misionary work on the internett and I love it. What I do is : I translate FAIRwiki and mormonwiki and have a discusition board for my language. All those undet More Good Foundation. I also have a couple LDS bloggs in my language that I have not done much on lately. I post LDS stuff on my fb site. Lately a new LDS misionary internett site was opend at Internet MTC | Digital Missionaries and I am there too... curious to see what it all is about. Lately I was contacted by MTC Provo for some on line teaching of my language to the misionaris coming to my country... so once a week I will be talking on skype to some missionaries coming to my country. There is so much to do... if one has time... which seems pretty bad for me now that I have started to jobb too. The jobb is just some idioty jobb, but it gives some money to the bankropcy... Oh I went to Missionary ServiceÂ* to be with the MTC Provo thing. There is also a site where you can go when ypun have time and do some timetaking check of punktuations aso... for ensighn, or some video stuff cant recall where that was but you get in only with your Church id... oh and then there is always the Finnish discusition site, the bad one. Stil I need someone to tell me to sit down and translate... it is too easy to use time on these forums! Anyway I am no more moderating this site... I jsut had no tiem to be here so much, just visiting every now and then. If your motherstongue is not English... translateing good stuff is important! See you around!
  12. On fb there are pretty many countrysites and more coming up everyday. Administrators are needed for different countries. Language English. Welcome to the excisting sites. Here is the Finnish site: Finland Genealogy Research Community | Facebook
  13. In my country if you nemtion religion to anyone you just met or start talking about it ... your conversation si dead. Sometimes if the discusition goes in taht direction... and sometimes you can help it to go that way... they may ask and then you can tell as you did not push it to anyone. Religion is considered so private that it is not talked about. That is also why I think it is highly important to have stuff in my own language on the internett as people surf a lot and may just by a chanse kilck on your site. Mostly the discusitions dies fast also after you have told that you are a mormon and they never ask again, they never come and visit the Church even if you invited them to.
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    A person in a discusition claimed once that Jewish dont have a word and dont know what a spirit is? (or a ghost .. there may be a translation difficulty here.) Is that right? So it would be very difficult to explain about life before and after earth life.
  15. Maya

    Anti-religion literature?

    You can ask a modertor to do it. Pam for example... it would help thanks. I no longer moderate so I cant do it for you. I think we can not .. or can we go to modify our own posts... such a long time since I was here... anyway you can modify it yourself if it says modify on the right corner of your textbox... low... I think. Go to advanced...
  16. And how did you show that to the members that it was not a contradiction?
  17. Maya

    Mountain Meadows Massacre?

    The question actually is WHAT would make the people craving for this happy? First it was NOT LDS Churches failure. You cant put on the Church its members mistakes! Second this is done: Mountain Meadows Massacre - The Encyclopedia of Mormonism People who keep this thing in spotlights only wnat LDS to feel bad about their religion, they have no wish for any admittings or what ever..... they just hang to it as the Church dont take the responsibility of something it was not responsible of!
  18. Maya

    Mountain Meadows Massacre?

    How about Haun's Mill Massacre also? Haun's Mill Massacre - The Encyclopedia of Mormonism
  19. Maya

    Anti-religion literature?

    Anti-mormon literature thread that is not of anti-mormon litarature? Change the name to anti-religion then! If anti-religious books are as stupid as anti-mormon books they are a waist of time. They just try to digg the earth from under you, so suddenly you might find out you stand on a grass-square in the air and fall. If you are faithless so you can read what ever you wont and it dont do anything to you and why should you care if you are faithless? Why start a thread like this in a religious forum? Cant see a point? Except constating here or elsewhere, that church is telling people what to read or what not. I have read a lot of anti- literatutre it dont bother me spirituallya s I read it not because of to find out the wrongs but how to defend against it. To find out how people who read or write such .... think and how to help the weeker not to fall for those stupid sceems!
  20. YouTube - Giga Puddi - PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI
  21. Maya

    Baptism soon!

    Hi sister! Great to have you with us! Congrats!
  22. Maya

    If you are baptized...

    Dear Lilac... I did not read all of this thread... so I dont know what has beeb said. You dont have to teach or give a speach, but let me assure you that IF you for some reason would dare it it would be a blessing not only for you but those that listen to you. The speach dont need to be more than a few minutes. ou have such good ideas here too that others should hear you. I hope you some day will share your faith with others it is very good and it makes your own faith grow. You can try to start with just to bear your testimony on a testimony meeting... that can be very short. There are also other things to do in teh Church than to teach, like secretary or such stuff wjere you keep book on who is present in lessons.. or such things. Talk to your bishop, it will be ok. Start with a small testimony, but do try to start... it will be fantastic... but it has to come from you!
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    Another Newbie here

    Welcome CTR man. really glad to see you here. It is sad that so many marriages go on rocks these days. I dont think that would happen if we understood the gospel better, the forgiveness would be greater... just my opinion and experiences...
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    Hello, I'm new to this forum

    Hi Billy and welcome. I hope you enjoy the site. You are around same age as I am in the Church!