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  1. I think the whole title of the thread is really bizarre...especially the word 'now'. This is paradoxical...do you need to fight for rights that you already have or is a position of defence or protection only possible when you have gained those rights already? Are those rights reality or do they need to be tried and tested...? The right to property....it would be good if women could be employed and support their families without having to face the fact that their income is severely reduced due to childcare costs. Currently our government is looking at increasing the costs of pregnancy and hospital care by several thousand dollars and cutting the childcare subsidy. At the same time it is beneficial for those women not to work if they have another income to rely on because there are family tax benefits that will leave their families better off economically. For women who are raising their families on their salary alone...this leaves them the option of welfare. It impacts on the mother's future employment, career opportunities, medical insurance and superannuation and on their families in the longterm. The government was elected on the promise of maternity leave. The right to property is being strongly insisted on....not as an entitlement but as fair pay for fair work.....a loooooong time now. The question is not whether it is a right. I'm sure people believe in the right to freedom and property right along with inconsistencies. Feel free to tell the women who are having acid poored on them for getting an education or rape victims that they are just not doing a very good job of knowing and protecting their rights or, for that matter, to tell them that they have the rights that they do not have. Knowing and defending your rights is not enough.

    Snow has inspired me to ask a question

    Truth is a variable that depends on what you hold as the consistents.

    Snow has inspired me to ask a question

    IF a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around does it make a sound? We can't really comprehend anything that is beyond our biological limitations with any real degree of accuracy. All abstract nouns like truth....we try to identify them in concrete ways and apply such tests and definitions of what they look like, sound like etc....and some things may be agreed upon and on other things we agree to disagree. With the saying that ' something is not a lie if you believe it'...can you can you change the pronoun and still maintain it as a rational line of thinking e.g....something is not a lie if they believe it....something is not a lie if everyone believes it...obviously not....so who is the 'you'?

    Not attracted to wife

    I'm assuming that this didn't happen overnight...where exactly was he during this time? Some problems are co-dependent. Going to take as long to get out of the problem as it did getting into it and you know, in the meanwhile she may be oblivious to what he thinks and feels and until she identifies that she wants to change the way she looks he hasn't really got much of a hope. He's probably not the same guy in the looks department that she married either. And you know, they're both getting older....so if it wasn't weight would it be those fine lines or sagging body parts? Will she still love her balding hubby? Now I can understand wanting your partner to maintain themselves and take care of themselves and that this is love too. I guess he can attempt the conversation....but you know things might turn unexpected as in *she sighs with relief and goes yep I'm having the same problem I'm not that attracted to you either at the moment, isn't it great that we can be honest, I feel so much better* LOL. Really I think she has to want something...to look better for a vacation, wedding or whatever. Its definitely not going to be easy to loose the weight and it may be that she can't. Then what? Ask him what other things he finds attractive/or found attractive about her besides her weight? Love is blind...or at least staying in love takes a certain amount of maximising the positives. Yes, it is sad that he doesn't find his wife attractive. Does he notice the little things that she does to make herself so and pay attention to them? I just can't imagine his wife walking around in a sack. If he doesn't notice the little things...she probably thinks he doesn't notice the big things all that much anymore either.

    Clothes, how much is enough?

    My washing up method. No white clothing...okay that's not practical...I run those few items through with a load of blue clothing (for brighter whites). I prefer to run a full load because its time effective/environmentally sound. Delicates: light fabrics or gentle wash items are put on the delicate cycle and low spin option into the washing machine...hung on coathangers on portable wardrobe in laundry and left to dry in the breeze. Usually dry the next morning. Half to three quarters of my wardrobe consists of this sort of clothing. With some items I do the twist clothing thingy (a figure eight and allow to dry for the scrunched fabric look). Normal wash items: I have a hand clothes steamer thingy that they use in department stores rather than an iron. Its quick. How much clothing....? I work on the one month principle (I broke a bone in my hand and learnt that preparedness is a good thing). Wardrobe is sorted into non-seasonal (put away), current and from this weekly clothing options are hung on a separate rack by day of the week left to right, outfit/colour co-ordinated with hooks facing inwards/day wear and casual wear...if there's a weather change or whatever swapping is fine. Current wardrobe is cycled through. Items that need replacing/drycleaning/mending have their own section. There are three cane cylinder hampers with lids for laundry items that are placed in rooms/bathrooms: delicates, normal wash and towels. They are weekly sized baskets...when they are full I know I have one washing load that needs to be done. It sounds a little hyper-organised but once running it isn't and it takes the stress out of the mornings.

    but this is "good" fascism....

    The law about not smoking in a car with child passengers is already here I think. Along with no smoking in public places (all)....10-15m? from playgrounds, entrances to buildings, shopping centres, restaurants etc *not sure who enforces it but*. Some taverns have designated areas for smokers outdoors as they claimed it would severely affect their incomes. Cigarettes that automatically go out are going to be introduced over the next 6 months (to prevent bushfires from butts). Also laws about displaying cigarettes (they wanted them to be hidden from view, but settled for some sort of limited percentage on display). No advertising. Etc. Civil liberty isn't even mentioned here...I think with free health care there's the opinion that smoking and smokers overload the health system at the expense of others and are fair game. There are calls to increase laws and restrictions instead/they want to increase the tax on them and make them more expensive. It has been banned in mental health centres/homes. I think in prisons as well.

    Canada steps on the necks of child porn

    the Canadian thingy is happening here too, good on em...gubbermint wants to censor the national internet to stop people from being able to log onto inappropriate/illegal material...in the pipeline but strongly protested...trial stage is looking pretty dodgy in terms of it's ability to work effectively. From what I understand the sixteen year old is looking at being charged and this could affect their future employment and college applications. Illegal...okay, I can understand why -as the photos could be exploited .....but it needs to be handled with a little bit more thought considering that the aim is to protect minors. Agree with logic and intent comment.

    No more war on terror!!

    War on terror....the war on our own terror of course. Overseas contigency operation...that would be what to do about the China computer spy network getting into stuff...

    What is your favorite dessert......

    Homemade dutch cinnamon banana cake, warmed up, with a drizzle of maple syrup and a dollup of cream. Or pikelets with the same. I'm not much of a dessert person. I'm addicted to licorice chocolate bullets....lolllieess : )

    How do you tell a friend that......

    you can't really live your friend's life for her...she might accept your help every now and then but that's about it. I don't think any adult women is going to let a friend turn them into a personal project no matter how much they like them...and even if she''d let you sort her out...those shoes she wears and walks in may be far heavier than you can imagine. Who is to say...if you had her life..that you would be doing better than she is? If you could possibly fix it for her...you'd have done that already. By the same token, I'm sure that you have helped more than you can know. If you don't want to be her friend than don't...don't make her be the friend that you wish you didn't have. That is no kindness and is taking advantage of her need to be your friend. We all change and move on in life and if you've outgrown the friendship then perhaps it is time to move on.

    Swimsuit Question for the Young women

    Wearing something that is going to give you vitamin D deficiency or rickets/osteoarthritis is over-kill. Fearing to expose your arms and legs for the sake of morality is sad...vitamin D helps your immune system throughout life. It's tied to muscle power in girls. It has anti-cancer effects. It protects your heart. Lack of vitamin D is linked to weight gain and stunted growth and can up your chances of diabetes. Caesarian sections are more common in women with vitamin D deficiency etc. 40% of young children do not get enough vitamin D and one in 7 teens is vitamin D deficient. That means that on x-rays their bones will show a lack of density...the damage is already done. Sun cancer however is very unattractive. Swimming shirts with uv protection make good sense for both guys and gals. When spending large amounts of time out in the sun when the uv is high good sense should apply to all. At other times, clothing should expose the arms and legs to sunlight. Quite frankly...some perceptions of modesty sacrifice people's health. Guys/men need to cover up when swimming (cancer) and girls/women don't need to wear long skirts (bone density, osteo and such). Sexually repressed men from having to cover up their chests and slutty girls from not covering up ... um like of course...guys problems stem from wearing too much clothing and girls from not wearing enough.... soooo ; )...all you'd have to do to cure a porn addiction is fix up your wardrobe.

    She just left now what

    Jolee...I'm sure your daughter will have panic moments while on the trip...she hasn't been to NC for three days before on her own. Acouple of responses *increase responsibilities (you said no, she went anyway...if you're adult enough to do that then you're adult enough to take on more ; ) because respect needs to be maintained). Not worth storming out the door is always worth impressing on kids. *you need to break the cycle of doing all the worrying for her...what has she done to increase her own safety for this trip (I have the mobile on, I'll call you at such and such time, I know what bus to get on if I don't like it and I have the money to go home etc...). At 18 she needs to do this thinking for herself or at least start...a purse with cab money home is mandatory. My mother's response to my massive hissy fit etc was to be dead asleep when I got home after curfew. Very effective. Instead of the expected waiting confrontation I ended up waking her and talking to her (what the?...no one missed me!) and to any comments that tried to up her worry level she just smiled and said calmly...I didn't raise you to be stupid, I'm sure you were fine. I ended up going to bed feeling like I lost the battle...yes, I got what I wanted, but...the roles had reversed. I got the adult status...but it became my responsibility to write down addresses and phone numbers and such and peg them up and do the phonecalling...my lesson in that...if you take responsibility you can't give it back. Um....in hindsight...she probably wasn't half as asleep as she pretended to be...but she did a great job of it and understanding teens. I became the obsessive aren't you even going to ask where I'm going kid...look here are the contact details etc. I needed those skills because I was also leaving home for uni. I might have been a pretty good 'rebel'...but never got much of an opportunity as I was constantly 'out-thunk'. I did quiz her about it years later and she just shrugged and said, you would have done it anyway...arggghhh...cause I honestly thought my mother had me so completely under thumb. She will miss you heaps you know.

    Women equality

    Evil = good and good=evil Yes that's what I am saying...oranges are oranges and bananas are bananas. Either it's good or evil...how can it be both at the same time depending on what gender you are?

    A question in good faith.

    I believe it is 5 seconds of music to be in violation of copyright.