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    Traveler reacted to Anddenex in D&C 2   
    I think it is simply means that the Lord through Elijah would reveal the binding powers of the priesthood to Joseph.
    It could be similarly said, "Behold I will reveal unto you the Priesthood, by the hand of John the Baptist...." Simply meaning that through John the Aaronic Priesthood would be revealed and given upon this earth at that time.
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    Traveler reacted to Just_A_Guy in Censorship?   
    I, for one, have no intention of creating an account on some alternative to Facebook. My Facebook presence is primarily to keep in touch with loved ones, not to participate in political discourse or keep up on the news.
    Frankly, if any of the leaked Parler info turns out to be legally actionable and leads to arrests, then I say—good.  I’m not loving the idea of speech actually being shut down, but I’m very in-favor of prosecuting people who use their free speech make death threats, coordinate the invasion of public buildings, gloat about getting physical with cops, and the like. 
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    Traveler got a reaction from seashmore in Temple Clothing Bags   
    If you cannot find the bag fitted with the hook as you desire - you could add your own with a combination carabiner and j-hook.
    The Traveler
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    Traveler got a reaction from JohnsonJones in Censorship?   
    A close look at history; there was a great apostasy in the church and many that incited  the mob were previous members that fell away.  But what is most interesting to me is that all the suffering inflicted on the Saints prepared them for leaving the USA into the west.  Despite the hardships of the westward movement - the Saints were led away to a place of safety while the nation fell into a bitter civil war - the worst conflict this nation has been involved in - so far.  Sometimes I think history repeats itself.
    The Traveler
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    Traveler reacted to Fether in No title... just felt everyone should see this   
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    Traveler reacted to scottyg in Censorship?   
    I have been wondering if this place where the church was founded and grown (Utah and the U.S.A.) will start to decay while other places, such as South America, Asia, and Africa will overall be stronger in the Gospel at the time of the Lord's coming. In terms of spreading the Gospel message, Africa is booming right now. Before the Lord's coming to the Americas, the Nephite nation, who was the more spiritual for hundreds of years, began to dwindle, while by and by the Lamanites were the ones that grew in greater spirituality. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see today's "Lamanties",  (those who didn't have the Gospel at it's beginning), be stronger than the "Nephites" as we near the end.
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    Traveler reacted to NeedleinA in Censorship?   
    Well... interesting enough we just had 4 Missionaries in our home last night.
    Their message and invitation primarily revolved around the blessings of sharing the gospel with our friends via "Facebook".
    Who could we invite to learn about God on "Facebook"?
    How could we share the gospel with our "Facebook" friends? etc. etc.

    We were loving in letting them know that we are not really a social media family, but we would try in other ways.
    Once they left, my wife and I said, "we gave them the polite version, not the we won't support Facebook because of their policies/actions a company version".

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    Traveler reacted to CV75 in What is “Sunday Best”? (Style/symbolism/culture)   
    I would say “Sunday Best” is whatever conveys your best intent to the Lord, your humble willingness to submit your will and desires to His, and your respect for the holy ordinance of the Sacrament. It is an offering to the Lord for the period of time spent in His house on His holy day (some extend this principle to what they wear at home). This is largely assumed by cultural norms, and within the faith community subset, the example of leaders and the feelings of fellow worshippers. The “widow’s mite” counts, so I do not think it is acceptable to the Lord to compare oneself to others with a spirit of shame or enmity over clothing, and modesty would prevent drawing attention to oneself for their own satisfaction.
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    Traveler reacted to estradling75 in Censorship?   
    In Revelations we learn that there will be Tribulations in the last days and that Lord will cut this time of Tribulation short to prevent it from overpowering the saints.  This seems similar to some events recorded in the Book of Mormon.  Samuel had prophesied the coming of Christ in 5 years and gave the sign of his Birth.  During the intervening 5 years things got so bad that  the faithful were scheduled to be executed.  Ponder on that Ponder on how bad thing are that we have a (most likely) government driven execution.   Please note that at this time one of the Nephi was leading the faithful.  So the faithful were following the prophet and they were going to be executed.  They were not spared by the Church, or by the Prophet, or by the Government, they were spared by the direct intervention of the Lord in giving the sign.
    We have no reason to expect the last days to be any better.
    So the question becomes what can we do?  And that answer is also found in the scriptures.  When the early saints got repeatably kicked out homes and attacked and mobbed.  Joseph Smith prayed for the Lord to intervene.  The Lord's answer was very clear.  Follow the mortal means of redress, work the system, use the tools already given you and allowed.  Then he added, "When" (not "if" but "when") that Fails then the Lord will come out and intervene for his people.   So clearly we have a job to do, and just as clearly we should not put our faith in the system to really work but rather keep our faith in and on God.
    The other thing we are instructed to do is Preach the Gospel.  Prophets and scriptures are clear on the power of the gospel message.  The scriptures and prophets are also clear that not everyone will accept the gospel message when it is preached to them.
    Those are our God given tools in these times (and all times really) and we need to use them well.
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    Traveler got a reaction from NeedleinA in Censorship?   
    I listened very carefully to your supplied video of Trump and heard no call for any violence.  Would you provide that time into the video so I know what you are talking about.  BTW, I do recall a Hollywood type posting a picture of them with the severed head of Trump - I do not recall twitter or anyone else suggesting her accounts or freedom of speech be withheld.
    The Traveler
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    Traveler got a reaction from JohnsonJones in Censorship?   
    I am concerned.  I never liked Trump.  I do not know very many people that think he is a wonderful example of humanity.   For me, there are two dominate genre types of people that I do not trust and in this order:  Career politicians and corporate moguls.   Often, I think of adding a third and perhaps a forth - media celebrities and royals.  I will be open concerning my opinion, bias and prejudice.  I distrust these genre types because I believe that they are dishonest in that they present themselves as beneficial to society when for the most part (according to my opinion) they are parasitic and do more harm and destruction than any lasting benefit.   In short (my bias) they take as much as they can and give as little as they determine they must.
    At this point I want to add another thought - it begins with the deliberate act of what is affectionately known as "GAS LIGHTENING".    In case someone does not know what I mean by this term - it is shifting or diverting blame for what one person does onto someone else.  Again - I believe this most about the genre types that I do not trust because I believe they often try to get around the direct principles of freedom, liberty and justice with "gas lightening".  I believe it was Shakespeare in his play "King Lear" that the King goes incognito among his troupes as they prepare for battle and becomes involved in a classic debate in the argument of who is more responsible for the horrors of war - the leader (King) or those that carry our his orders.
    It is the object of freedom, liberty and justice for each and every individual to be 100% responsible for their deeds and acts.  A free people stand responsible for their own deeds and acts and also they expect others to hold themselves responsible for their deeds and acts.  
    As I have personally observed the events of this last year unfold and I am most concerned that for all the lawlessness that I have observed - there is little or no accountability - first to those that have committed crimes and those that have encouraged crimes.  Now, I want to say something about the last election.  I live in Utah and I cast my ballet for the last election here in Utah.  I did not see any election or voting ill regularities here.  But to be honest - I did not look for any.  I have in the past and I know for a fact when I have been involved I have observed gross election and voting ill regularities.  I have attempted to bring the knowledge of such violations before the public in the past but have faced bitter opposition both from public news outlets and governmental law enforcement agencies.  In short I faced more threats from both than those that committed the actual violations.
    I believe that civil war will eventually result when opposing elements of a society are no longer willing to listen to the concerns of another element of that same society.  Trump has exposed a number of concerns that underpin our society - that I believe need to be exposed.  This exposure is in our trade policies, immigration policies, foreign affairs, domestic health care, taxation, and many other elements - that I personally believe need to be brought before the public and debated openly and without discrimination.   And to be honest - it appears to me that the areas of our society most controlled by Democrats (or those that identify themselves as political liberals) are the most involved in gas lightening and objection to keeping our society based upon maintaining freedom, liberty and justice.
    The Traveler
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    Traveler got a reaction from NeedleinA in Censorship?   
    I listened very carefully to your supplied video of Trump and heard no call for any violence.  Would you provide that time into the video so I know what you are talking about.  BTW, I do recall a Hollywood type posting a picture of them with the severed head of Trump - I do not recall twitter or anyone else suggesting her accounts or freedom of speech be withheld.
    The Traveler
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    Traveler got a reaction from NeedleinA in Censorship?   
    I listened very carefully to your supplied video of Trump and heard no call for any violence.  Would you provide that time into the video so I know what you are talking about.  BTW, I do recall a Hollywood type posting a picture of them with the severed head of Trump - I do not recall twitter or anyone else suggesting her accounts or freedom of speech be withheld.
    The Traveler
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    Traveler reacted to Vort in Censorship?   
    This is false, factually incorrect. Whether or not the election was illegitimate, asserting that it was so was not calling for violence.
    Suppose, purely for the sake of argument, that Trump was correct in his claim and the election was actually illegitimate. In that case, are you seriously saying that telling the truth about the election is a call for violence?
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    Traveler reacted to Still_Small_Voice in The Babylon Bee on the horrors of 2020   
    It looks to me thus far that 2021 may be worse.  Already we had hundreds of people break in to the Congressional buildings in District of Columbia and we are only 6 days in to 2021.
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    Traveler reacted to estradling75 in What is “Sunday Best”? (Style/symbolism/culture)   
    Sunday Best is about you (and each individual) choosing to Respect and Honor God, on his day, and while partaking of his Ordinances.  Thus our Focus should be God Centered.  Part of this also about not distracting others as they also attempting to Respect, Honor, and having a God Centered Focus.  Now some might rightly say hey I have enough problems of my own I can't concern myself with what others might be thinking or how they might react to what I wear.  While this may be true... its never been God's way, and it is not what he wants of us.
    So it is not about us (nor is it a place for us to ) expressing our individuality.  But rather about our willingness to be one with our fellow saints, as God commands.  And that is were the culture of various types take hold.  That  culture is what defines what that Oneness looks like when it comes to clothing and actions. While God likely really does not care about the dictates of our culture, he has commanded us to become one.  Thus while one might fight against a culture, we need to be very careful about breaking oneness with the Saints, because while the first might not be a sin... the second most assuredly is
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    Traveler reacted to Just_A_Guy in Already   
    [Trying to keep this apolitical]
    It seems to me like the Capitol Hill cops generally (with some exceptions) acted the way many folks have spent the last year saying that cops should act in the fact of massive demonstrations that threaten to vandalize public property. “It’s only property . . . it’s probably insured . . . property is less important than human life . . . you should have tried to de-escalate, rather than going for a gun . . . be accommodating . . . smile . . . pose for selfies!”
    I’d hate to be a police officer right now.  Those guys are literally darned if they do and darned if they don’t. 
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    Traveler reacted to Just_A_Guy in Media ignoring horrible people purely out of anti-conservative/anti-religious/racist bigotry?   
    Vort, one protestor was shot by a cop, another trampled to death in the Rotunda, and two more suffered heart attacks/strokes and died.  Two or three cops were also hospitalized and one later died.  The congresscritters were sent scurrying for cover and proceedings were shut down for several hours until the Capitol building could be cleared.
    Jedi, it would of course be foolish to say there were *no* antifa-types there.  But the lady who was shot trying to break into the House chamber was a known Trump supporter, as is the infamous Buffalo/shaman dude.  Andy Ngo, who covered much of Anrifa’s antics during the Portland/Seattle/Minnesota kerfluffles, is on-record saying he doesn’t think this was antifa-led.  I had an old elementary school pal who was on-site (solid conservative, ex/Coast Guard and currently living in northern VA awaiting his next overseas assignment with the State Department) and wrote the following on Facebook:

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    Traveler reacted to Jedi_Nephite in Media ignoring horrible people purely out of anti-conservative/anti-religious/racist bigotry?   
    The media is lying. They are trying to say it was stormed by Trump supporters, but the evidence is that it was instigated by Antifa, and the violence was caused by them as well.
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    Traveler reacted to Vort in Media ignoring horrible people purely out of anti-conservative/anti-religious/racist bigotry?   
    So I just read that a conservative "mob" or some such thing had "stormed" DC. I don't know what happened. Did anyone die? I could go to the news sites, but I don't trust anything they write. Literally. They are liars. Where was the condemnation of the news media for the leftist "mob" of Antifa and idiots who took over downtown Seattle? Even Seattle's worthless mayor refused to call them what they were. But they are quick to denounce and name-call pro-Trumpists who, you know, get together for political reasons.
    I admit I am ignorant in what's going on. I have intentionally avoided almost all media since October. It's just too ugly and draining. But I still know what a liar is, and I still know that the media are liars, and the vast majority of leftists are liars and/or dupes.
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    Traveler reacted to Just_A_Guy in Media ignoring horrible people purely out of anti-conservative/anti-religious/racist bigotry?   
    A couple reasons:
    — @Godless is right, to some degree.  Local police blotters often do report the denouement of some of these cases, and it just never goes national the way the news of the arrest/arraignment did.
    — @Vort is also right.  There is propaganda at play here.  I was absolutely shocked, for example, at the lengths the Salt Lake Tribune went to to conceal pertinent details of the Madi Barney story. And of course, much of the riots that ensued regarding folks like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Jacob Blake, etc., could have been avoided if media had openly acknowledged the weakness of the various cases against the shooters from the get-go.
    — Quite bluntly, it’s hard to track a bunch of court cases to see how they end; as reporter, you’ve got to be pretty on-the-ball to be able to gather and report the resolution of high-profile cases in a timely way.  Over 90% of criminal cases plea out.  Often a criminal case will have 3-5 pretrial conferences over several months before a plea is entered; and if you aren’t privy to the correspondence between prosecution and defense, you ever know if *this* next hearing will be the one where the case settles.  It would be a huge waste of resources for a reporter to attend each and every hearing for a given case—let alone a few dozen (formerly) high-profile ones.  Even if you’re just checking the court minute entry orders after every hearing to see if anything has changed—in Utah it often takes a couple days to get everything updated in the system; so by the time the docket includes the terms of the disposition, it’s old news.  
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    Traveler got a reaction from JohnsonJones in Media ignoring horrible people purely out of anti-conservative/anti-religious/racist bigotry?   
    I am thinking that instead of getting caught up in the current news and events - that this may be a good time to go back to revisit and listen more carefully to the talks from the last two conferences.
    The Traveler
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    Traveler reacted to scottyg in Already   
    You are correct, they have no solution. It is foolishness to think that any political party will align with the Lord's teachings in the short time before he comes again, or even in the near future. The hate and violence that is being spewed from both sides will eventually become normal, and will start to spill over into religion rather than just politics. The persecution of Christians, and members of the church, will take place in this country. The time is coming when everyone will have to chose between the Lord's side, and their political ideology.
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    Traveler reacted to Backroads in Already   
    Yesterday's events really made me take a hard look at my own political views. No, I'm not about to take a 180 on parties, my values are the same. But my values do run into conservatish lines of thinking, and I had to wonder if I could associate with such people as yesterday.
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    Traveler reacted to NeuroTypical in Already   
    My favorite online arguing buddy and I had to take a break from verbally battling each other last year.  He showed back up yesterday, after I talked about once you throw a rock, start a fire, trespass, or vandalize, you lose my sympathy and support. Even if your message and opinions might be something that resonates strongly with me.  He came back to agree with a notion I had expressed:
    Isn't it about time we all said 'enough'?
    Perhaps folks' appetite for unrest and change-at-whatever-cost and all that, is waning.  Perhaps we can all agree that protesting good, until a line is crossed.