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  1. dorave


    yo pam... how do I change my nick to 'The_Peoples_Champ'?
  2. It is not as if Isreal has exactly been Mr populariity of the world lately, tho huh..
  3. dorave


    I've almost been banned. But i'm too skillful. Plus, I'm like the Peoples Champ.
  4. You're semi right. I am talented enuff to not be seeking advice, and am usually quite the fountain of great ideas but I just thought i'd throw it out there, n see if anything comes back interesting.
  5. Just mostly an extended family gathering, no real reason or purpose other than making it a teachable moment.
  6. ur 5 points are good, and both tracks are equal id say, sorry for my briief answer as I gotta go.
  7. hi guys, id appreciate any ideas for a visual exercise/activity. itll be for 50 seated ppl, of all ages, lesson needs to be about 15-20mins. Thanks in advance.
  8. That's kinda ill. Peep this ol' gem from a band out of Japan YouTube - Sugar Plant - Rise (original short size)
  9. Rules for Radicals - Saul Alinsky. Such an evil book.
  10. I've always opposed defining hiphop, or trying to, as it was a convergent evolutionary group of elements organically coming together and being what anyone wanted it to be. Becoming an unrestricted vehicle of expression for those that felt oppressed had no or limited means to express themselves in a positive fashion. Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, Sugarhill Gang n all the originators just created what they felt like creating, using stuff they enjoyed disco/funk and making it their own, taking it a step further. This enabled Kids that couldn't sing, who could now rap. Those that couldn't afford expensive instruments, the possibility of making their own music by manipulating the family record player, sampling other artists recorded material, cutting it n scratching it up to make it there own, getting the beat timed on the break. Kids that couldn't use canvas to paint used trains. You didn't need to go dancing class to do the moves you just created your own, same goes with rapping - you just expressed what you felt, warts n all, your limitations that would not be accepted in other artforms made your output in hiphop much more enhanced, accent, delivery, high/low voice tones slangs, incorrect grammer, foreign language was embraced not rejected. And people were compelled to it regardless of its technical flaws because they could relate to it, the higher tempos opened the door for versitilaty with a more ranged possibility of musical output than most genres, where you could create from 70bpm - 140bpm. One did not feel distanced like you would find in other artforms or musical genres, due to all these factors and combined with its accessibility, it became a representation of you and people like you -- this was especially apaealing to those living in the lower ends of society. I don't think hiphop at it's core back in the late 70s is anything near the structured artform it is today. With all the ghostwriting, contractual oversight, hiring of external musical producers and artistry restriction nowadays I cant even say it is art, pop art sure.... but whats pop art worth these days? a worthless download? There is was no gatekeeper to say whats hiphop or what isnt, there is just your own personal compass that could identify and dig it. By what criteria should rap be judged? I say, whatever you can honestly claim that - 'that was fresh..' to, meaning innovation or 'that was dope' meaning honest intent. Judge an artist or rap on it's merit to be both honest, or to/and push boundries, both musically and intellectually. Grandmaster Dorave has spoken.
  11. You are in denial bro, admit it. I know the scene long enough now to know whats up, I was once naive like yourself -- until I finally realized what time it was.
  12. I read it. Voodou involved a technique of a repeitive rhythmic beat for ritualistic worship, that beat is what carried over into the modern world. its intention to use that beat kick today may not be the same in its original religious sense or purpose but its fruits are nonetheless identical as being club music (fertility, dousing of senses, submissiveness to worship) or directly with the new age, theosophy or mysticism to meditate/healing Oh n btw, what type of electronica are you referring to? And which em songs are you recommending?
  13. Do you even know how electronica began? I cannot expect you to understand anything I say n converse over it reasonably until you go do your homework young man.