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  1. I'm sorry, but I fundamentally disagree with that. Faith doesn't require a constant search for truth and knowledge, faith precludes it. Once you put your faith into something, you need not search any further or explore other possibilities as you've already decided what the truth is. The computer you typed your post on was not created through faith, it was made possible by the pursuit of knowledge. I contend that it is faith that makes us stagnant, not knowledge.
  2. I like your approach to the subject but it still seems somewhat flawed to me, so let us debate this further. When I flip a light switch, I don't have "faith" that it will turn on and that the concepts behind incandescent lighting are sound. I have simply observed that when I hit the switch, the vast majority of the time the light will turn on. The same logic can not be applied to faith in religion. I have observed that when people pray using any religion, this does not improve their chances of anything. Good things and bad things happen just the same... if good things happen, they assume their prayer was answered, if bad things happen they justify it by saying either they didn't have enough faith or it was God's plan. This gives me no precedence to rely on as I haid with the lighting analogy. Yes it is true that I love my wife, but I don't believe it required a leap of faith. I didn't bare everything and leave myself completely vulnerable to her the second I met her, just as she didn't bare everything to me. As we got to know each other better, we slowly opened up to each other as new levels of trust were reached. Again, applying the same philosophy to religion yields no results. I have prayed many times and received nothing in return. No imperical evidence or even feelings of the divine. Reality is subjective. We each create our own reality through our unique neural mappings in our brain. All any of us have to go on is what we see and touch, so that's what I draw my conclusions from, and so far none of my observations have lead me to believe in a religion. Now let me pose another question to you. People believe in religion based on feelings, right? Arguing which religion has more emperical evidence is fruitless because because they are all meant to be taken on faith. But the problem I see with this is that there are many religions out there all with people that claim to have received divine feelings leading them to their particular religion. I've met people from different faiths, all extremely devoted and claiming to "know" their religion is true. Obviously all of them can't be right as many of them have conflicting messages, so how can these divine feelings be trusted if they obviously have the capability to mislead people?
  3. If faith is the gap between what you know and what you believe, how is it that you determine what you "know?" I don't presume to "know" anything for certain as I believe that would be rather arrogant of me, so it seems that any faith would be "blind faith" for me.
  4. First, let me explain that I am not religious, but am very curious about religion in general. My wife is LDS, I go to church with her most of the time (for just over a year), I've talked with our Bishop and also a couple missionaries but no one has been able to provide satisfying answers to my questions so I decided to come here. I have always been fascinated with the concept of faith. All religious people I have talked to refer to faith as an inherently good trait, but what exactly is "faith" and why is it good? I've always understood it as a belief in something that there is no evidence for. But there are an abundance of concepts out there that have no strong evidence for them, blindly believing in all of them doesn't make any sense to me, but if you blindly believe one, why not more of them? Having a strong scientific background, in general I accept whatever I've seen the most evidence for. I would like to be religious, but I can't find any strong evidence that any of them are true. But even if I did find evidence that one were true, I wouldn't be doing it correctly because it wouldn't be out of "faith", it would be because I've seen enough evidence for it. This presents somewhat of a paradox to me and I would like other people's opinions on the matter. I've been told to pray about the matter, but I've not received any divine inspiration as of yet. I've been told that I don't really want answers and maybe that is why I'm not getting them, but if someone really wants answers badly enough, when they receive them, how do they know it's not just their brain filling in the gaps and giving them what they want? How else do you explain why there are so many religions out there and how people can receive "divine inspiration" with completely conflicting messages? I'm sorry if this comes off as hostile, I really don't mean it to. I am just trying to fully present my viewpoint so that it can be properly discussed.