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  1. David Archuleta hasn't let success spoil him. Even though he recently wrapped up his first headlining tour and his self-titled first CD debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 (and is nearing platinum status), he's still just a kid from Murray. "I was amazed at how many people came to my concerts," Archuleta observed during an interview Wednesday. "I knew people liked me on 'American Idol,' but I didn't think they'd care to come see me sing at my own show." Salt Lake fans will get a chance to see the "American Idol" runner-up at an event on Saturday, June 6, at the Rio Tinto Stadium. It will be a nice break for Archuleta, who is working on two new CDs, one of which will be for Christmas. "We're still trying to decide what songs might be best," he said about the Christmas release. "They'll probably be my favorite Christmas songs, and we might need to come up with more different approaches. "The pop album is different, (because) you need to try to find what suits you best," he said. "I definitely want to get more involved with the writing. But I feel like I have writer's block 24/7, with little openings. We've all got our weaknesses, and that's mine." You can read the entire article by going to: David Archuleta: Already serving a mission. You can also view a video interview with David by going to: David Archuleta Video Interview.
  2. i wrote in décember 09 i'm sorry. Marchons gaiement ensemble vers la chapelle Dans nos souliers claquant sur la ruelle De bonne heure réveillant la ville sainte Réciter en ce jour béni la complainte De Jésus, notre bien-aimé sauveur Qui fut persécuté dans d'atroces douleurs Implorez pardon de vos erreurs Venez nombreux écouter nos cantiques Priez pour éloigner les sceptiques De ce lieu mystérieux et aussi antique Pressez-vous sur les bancs luisants Venez femmes, hommes et enfants Se repentir, est venu le temps Marchons gaiement vers la chapelle Dans nos souliers claquant sur la ruelle Chaque discours, témoignage est réel Prenez réconfort, soyez à l'écoute Etroit est le chemin menant à la route Si un jour vous avez le moindre doute Ouvrez votre coeur, votre âme au créateur Ne cessez donc d'aimer votre Seigneur Toujours il sera là, n'ayez donc peur Réjouissez-vous d'être en vie Et d'avoir des temps de répit Un repos pour que les langues se délient Malgré les six jours noirs Etudiez, lisez presque chaque soir Le livre sacré, votre unique espoir Marchons gaiement vers la chapelle Dans nos souliers claquant sur la ruelle.
  3. I’m just curious what Mormon religious leaders (bishops and the like) and/or missionaries think about bad spirits, or maybe even ghosts? I’m not 100% sure weather “ghosts” exist (although I have experienced some VERY creepy things). But I KNOW there are evil spirits. So if a home is having trouble with unpleasant spirits, what does the church do? Do they perform blessings in the home, or on a person? Do they take any kind of action against it? Or do they prefer people just ignore it to smother it out? I really don’t hear a whole lot about this with LDS, so I was just curious. That’s pretty much the majority of my question. But for those who are interested in ghost stories, below, I will post the more specific reasons for wanting answers to this question, via my own personal experiences. Most of these things happened in my grandmother’s house, as it usually does. There are always lots of problems there, these stories are very common occurrences: Incident #1 (1999)-- I was staying at my grandma’s house one summer (on my mom‘s side), when I was 18. Several of her grandchildren live with her, because their parents were in jail. Grandma told me she was going to go pick up the kids from school. I said “ok”. I sat there waiting alone in the large, old, 2-story, 4-bedroom house. I was on the couch in the living room, watching TV. My only company was the family dog Cody (a large, brown pit bull mix), who was laying at my feet. Suddenly, I heard a loud thump coming from upstairs. I muted the TV, and listened. Then I heard distinct, heavy footsteps walking down the upstairs hallway (which is just above the living room). Cody heard it too-- he jolted upright and looked toward the top of the stairs. I heard one of the bedroom doors creek… So I thought somebody might be up there. I was kinda scared, but I ventured upstairs to check. I searched the rooms (closets, under the beds), checked all the window locks, etc. NOTHING. All was secure. So I went back downstairs and resumed my seat on the couch, Cody once again sitting at my feet. But this time, he wouldn’t relax… He was tense, sitting upright, and staring at the top of the stairs. Then he started growling, low and rumbly. He made his way toward the stairs very slowly, his back hairs raised. When he reached the bottom step, he paused, barking and snarling viciously! Again, I muted the TV and yelled out “HELLO??” ….. Then I heard BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! All the upstairs bedroom doors had slammed shut hard, one after the other. I completely freaked! Cody whimpered and ran over to me, and hid behind me. So I grabbed his collar and ran out of the house, probably faster than I‘ve ever run before. I sat on the curb outside the driveway, and didn’t go back in until grandma got back with the kids. It wasn’t the first time something like that happened, and to this day, I refuse to be alone in that house. I didn't tell grandma about it though, because she thinks spiritual stuff is just rediculous. Which is why nobody has ever been called in to bless the house, she probably wouldn't go for it. Incident #2 (1999)-- This happened a few months before the above incident. My cousin Nichole and I were at my grandma’s house. Grandma had taken the younger kids to Marine World, so me and Nichole were alone. We were in the back yard, by the pool. Nichole was practicing tricks on her skateboard, on the cement. I was relaxing on the white wicker patio furniture. Suddenly we heard a very loud, low, male voice yell out, “NICHOLE!” from the window at the top of the staircase. We both turned to look and we saw a very tall, very thin man standing in the window. He wore a black coat with a white under shirt. He had black hair and a mustache. Nichole and I looked at each other and I said, “Did you see that??” She said yes, and described the same thing I saw. We looked back up again, but there was nothing there. Now, keep in mind, this man’s head was way up at the top of the window, and it’s a LONG window! A person would have to be nearly 8 feet tall for their head to be that far up the window. We both ran inside, to see if someone was there. We checked around, but there was nobody. It really freaked us out. Incident #3 (1995)-- This happened when I was 14 years old. It was mid-August. Me and my 3 cousins (all a few years younger than me) were helping out with cleaning grandma’s house. I was not an active member at this time, and none of my cousins had ever been to church, much less read any bible. Our grandma asked us to sort through some of the junk in the old chest in the back closet, and throw out anything that was broken or useless. So there we were, going through a few old items, when we ran across an old Ouija board. It was still in the cardboard box, along with the curser. We took it out and decided to play around with it. We sat in a circle around it, gently resting our fingers on the curser. I didn’t actually touch it, because I didn’t want to be accused of moving it. We had this silly little “concentrating” moment, and then we asked it if there were any spirits in the room, and the curser pointed to “yes”. So we asked a few more questions: Are you someone we used to know?-- No. Did you pass away recently?-- No. Are there any messages you have for loved ones? -- No. Have you ever been alive on earth before?-- No. Are you an older spirit?-- Yes. Are you an angel, or a messenger of god?-- No. Where are you from? -- G-E-H-E-N-N-A I wrote the letters down on a piece of paper, and since none of us had ever heard of such a place before, we assumed it was either a silly nonsense word, or one of us must have been messing around. At the time, my dad and I lived in the same town. After I went home, I told my dad what we did, and he looked at me like he was disappointed. He went to bible college, and he is very religious (a baptized member, but not active). He knows a lot about the bible, and is very spiritual and liberal-minded. But he does not approve of stuff like that. Right away, he told me “You shouldn’t be playing around with those things.” Well, I told my dad about all the questions we asked and the responses. Then I told him about the name of the supposed location we were given… He looked at me kind of puzzled and asked, “Wait a minute… How was it spelled?” I showed him the piece of paper I wrote it down on. He looked at me like he was concerned. I shrugged and said, “What??”. He stood up, walked over to the end table, opened the drawer and pulled out our Bible. He flipped to the “concordance” as he called it, and looked around for a minute. Then he walked over and laid the book in my lap, pointing to the word “Gehenna”. Basically, one of its definitions was another name for ‘hell’. I looked at dad kinda freaked out, and he told me, “Like I said, you shouldn’t be playing around with those things. Don‘t do that again.” And I haven’t. I’m just saying, I think something is up in that house. If people get out of there, they are peaceful, happy, friendly…. But when they go in that house, they fight and yell constantly, and say the meanest things. Even get physical.
  4. Is religion a force for good? The knee jerk reaction from most people who hold to a religious belief is "yes, of course it is." Then when you point out that religion is used to motivate people to commit suicide bombings they will likely concede that this isn't always the case. In one instance though someone said religion is always a force for good because the intentions are always good, even those of a suicide bomber. My reply was that "the path to hell is paved with good intentions". However the question got me thinking, is religion actually a force for anything? There are many definitions for religion around, one is: "A collection of practices, based on beliefs and teachings that are highly valued or sacred" My own take is that religion is the beliefs and teachings that are highly valued or sacred. The practices are seperate. There are many religions and many churches. I believe that while humans always have free will that it is the church and the way they encourage members to act that determines whether or not the church becomes a force for good or bad and this is regardless of the intentions of the church leaders of the individuals within the church. Take Islam. The teachings of Islam include concepts of peace, love and many other upstanding moral values and yet certain extremist sects, churches if you will, manage to use it to "radicalise" people and turn them in to suicide bombers. Islam as a religion is neither a force for good nor evil rather it is how the church teaches it that determines the acts of the attendees. I posit that religion is not a force for anything, that it is a catalyst around which churches are built. That it is church leaders and the individuals within the church that determine if the church is a force for good or not. I posit that many issues surrounding religion stem not from the religion but the presumption by some that religion is good therefore what the church commands under the trappings of religion must also be good. That the problems in most cases are not with the religion but with the church leaders. It's amazing how good teachings can be twisted to serve someone else's "greater good". Thoughts?
  5. No more long goodbyes. Concerns over the spread of swine flu have prompted The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to accelerate its plans to permanently allow only curbside drop-off of new missionaries at the Provo Missionary Training Center. Parents and families taking new missionaries to the MTC will have to say goodbye to their sons or daughters in the parking lot from now on, the church announced Monday. With this change, only missionaries will be allowed inside MTC buildings. Parents and families had traditionally accompanied their missionary children into the center for a brief orientation before parting. Precautions to prevent possible spread of the H1N1 virus accelerated the church's plans to allow only curbside drop-off at the Provo MTC. All other church missionary training centers around the world already operate that way. In addition, parents of missionaries entering the center are being asked to pay particular attention to the physical condition of their sons and daughters and to delay their arrival at the center if they show any signs of illness. Missionaries and staff at the center also will be washing their hands more frequently, avoiding handshakes and hugging, and not playing basketball for the time being, said Elder Richard G. Hinckley, executive director of the LDS Church Missionary Department. To read the complete story go to: MTC changes missionary drop-off procedures.
  6. Hello. Tonight I had a conversation with a fellow user. I will not give the name. I wish to post the emails we exhanged. I expressed my opinions on the questions this person brought up. It lead to an interesting conclusion on my view of the church and religion all together. I still want to be a member of the church and follow most of the teachings. My true feelings came out and it may be upsetting to other members. I apologize if that is the case. I'd be interested on other peoples take on what transpired. Thanks. :) --------------------------- user: Do you believe everything Joseph Smith taught about God the father? me: Hello, No, I don't believe everything that Joseph Smith taught. user: so why do you call him a prophet of God if you don't believe everything he taught in his sermons? me: The LDS church calls him a prophet of God. I've never personally called him a prophet. He may be correct in some teachings and wrong in others. He makes mistakes like everyone else who has ever lived with the exception of Jesus Christ. user: Sir how could you not agree with all of his teachings, the LDS church calls him a true prophet of God right? What prophet of God ever made mistakes because they aren't like you and me me: I can answer your question with a broader answer. The LDS church claims to be the only true restored church on Earth today. I don't think there is a church that has 100% of all the facts correct. As long as I accept Jesus Christ into my Heart and try to live a good life, I should probably be granted everlasting life in heaven. I'm a member of the LDS church because I've found it to be the one I'm most comfortable with. user:How do we know if someone is truly a prophet of God? and also are there Biblical guidelines for testing someone claiming to be a prophet? me: I recently listened to an evangelical talk about how one can tell if a person is truly a prophet of God. They stated a question. "What is the prophet's track record in foretelling the future?" Hopfully the prophet should be correct all the time. Joseph Smith was not right all the time. I'm not well versed in the Bible, so I'll unable to give you any biblical references about prophets. My advice is to continue to do research and pray about what is pondering in your heart. You will recieve an answer. user: So sir you've just stated yourself that Joseph Smith wasn't always right yourself. And I'll give you one example of a Biblical text that clearly states what a true Prophet of God is. Deut 13, verses 1-3, Israel was warned about false prophets who would try to lead them after strange gods. If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder, And the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them; Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your God proveth you, to know whether ye love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. (Deut. 13:1-3) So sir by biblical standards Joseph Smith was a false Prophet. I'd also like to pose the question to you have you ever asked yourself what the Bible says about seeing what is true and how to do that? and also what does the Bible say about trusting in your own heart? These are serious things to ask yourself because by what you've said and by what the Bible says you are believing in a False God by what Joseph Smith is teaching and you as a Mormon will be judged according the the standards of the Bible. So this subject should dearly matter to you sir. all paths don't lead to heaven. I'm only trying to ask questions and reavel what the Bible teaches and what truths aren't taught to you in the Mormon Church. I pray that you would be willing to ask some quesitons yourself for Joseph Smith is clearly teaching against what God explicitly taught in the Bible and there are sever consequences to pay for following another God me: You have a good point there. I did mention earlier that I did accept Jesus Christ into my Heart. I know the bible warns us that there will be false prophets. They will decieve the elect. I can trust in those teachings. Other things in the Bible I don't believe in. One example is the great flood. I believe there was a massive flood. I don't believe it covered the entire earth and all of God's Animals and plants were on an Ark. To be totally honest with you, I have thoughts on several religions being accepted by God. Christianity, budism, new-agers, muslims, all worship the "one source" of God. It depends on what you believe. I have chosen Christianity even though it may not be perfect. user:Sir let me ask you this. Why did God give us the Bible? me: God has given man teachings to help us understand Him and what he expects of us. The Bible is one example. The Quran is another example. Many teachings were givien to man thousands of years ago. Through out time, these teachings have been translated. I'm sure many are out of context of the original teaching. This was done by man by his own failings or gain. Diferent cultures wanted to have the teachings to meet what they expected. That is why there is such diversity in religion. Unfortunatly, these different belief systems have caused wars and will continue to. I think we should respect any persons belief system and not judge them. user: So your going to say that God gave us the quran? on what basis do you have to say such a blasphemous thing? And with your other comment your willing to doubt the sufficeny of God in the ways that he gave us his word in the Bible? me: God gave us teachings. Man compiled the Bible, Quran, and other written works that other religions read. That's my belief simply stated. If you feel I'm going to Hell for what i believe in that's okay with me. End on conversation. user: Sir I'm only asking questions please don't assume judgment. I am being sincere and care about you. Don't feel I'm trying to tear you down or anything by no means is that the case sir. I'll let you be and pray about words of encouragment for you. Have a wonderful evening and I look forward to talking more me: With your permission, i'd like to post our entire conversation in the forum section. I will not use your name. I'm sure many members would be surprised in what my take on religion is. thanks the user did not respond about permission. Since I did not use the name, I felt it would be ok to post this.
  7. This article appears in the Saturday morning, 17 January 2009 edition of the Deseret News. (Deseret News | LDS Church leaders to attend Obama inauguration) President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, second counselor in the First Presidency, and Elder M. Russell Ballard, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, will represent the LDS Church at inaugural events for President-elect Barack Obama. President Thomas S. Monson asked the two leaders to represent The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 20 and the National Prayer Service at Washington's National Cathedral on Jan. 21. "It is always an honor for the church to be represented at the inauguration of a new president," President Monson said. "We send our best wishes to President-elect Obama and pray for the blessings of a loving Father in Heaven to be upon him and his administration."
  8. THIS IS A DISJOINTED SINGLE PARAGRAPH POST. SORRY FOR RAMBLING LIKE THIS. Well it's october 2008. I was re-baptized in the church only 3 months ago. I began my quest to return to the church in June of 2007. I've have attended a baptism session at the Winter Quarters temple and have been fully restored to an Elder. In the past month something has been going wrong. I no longer feel enthused of things related to church. I don't feel the spirit nearly as much as I did. Especially at church. I continue to pray every morning and night. I find it increasing difficult to think of things to pray about. It kind of like i'm just going through the motions when praying. I have not transgressed and continue to repent and partake of the sacrament. In fact my calling is to help pass the sacrament along the the young men and missionaries. Dealing with anxiety, that calling makes me a nervous wreck when doing that duty. I try to convince myself I'm serving others on behalf of Jesus Christ. That does not help the anxiety. I've been attending my ward since July 2007. I still don't feel like I'm part of the ward. I participate in the classes by reading and answering questions. When it comes to interacting with the church members all there is the pleasent "hello." I see new members come in the ward frequently. They seem to blend right in and quickly make friends. I was never one to make friends in the first place. Attending a church function or having a dinner at a members house seems so un-natural to me. I totally hate most sports and other masculine related activities. Most people my age are already married and have children. I can't relate to the "parents" and am fearful being around the children. The missionarries still come over once a week to visit. That my only connection to anyone outside my ward. Missionaries don't stay in my area very long. I have no probems talking to my Bishop. Due to dealing with "same gender attraction" marriage is not possible until the Millennium. I have no desire to go back to that lifestyle. Thinking of the rest of my life, I really don't have much to look forward to. I'm planning on moving to Bountiful. I am on a waiting list fo an apartment. I'm 7 months into what could be up to an 18 month waiting list. This particular apt complex has it's own branch. It's consists of elderly and disabled people. I feel this is the only tpye of congregation I can be a part of. Single wards are definately out of the question. I've found that family wards are not for me either. If this branch does not work out for me I fear I may become inactive. Again I don't know when I'll be moving to Bountiful. The only people I can relate to is the elderly. I'm counting on that to help me. Another main concern is that we are in the Latter-days. So much is happening in the world now that I wish I was not living through it. The past month has been especially hard. Somewhere in the Bible there is a verse. It's something like " In the end times men will cry to God wishing they would die and not have to witness all the turmoil." I'm definately doing that. I fear if I see things worsening, I may make the most "selfish" choice. Right now, even in my prayers, I make the comment I'm waiting for a small meteor to strike me. To sum things up, I see my social life being a lonely one due to feeling uneasy around people. My activity and feelings in the church are becoming more awkward feeling. By the way my bishop is aware of my social issues. He says is there anything people in the ward can do to help. Unfortunalty there is nothing I can think of. I'm not a pocker player, but I'm putting most of my chips on this branch in Bountiful. I almost forgot doing my greeting messages her on makes me feel like I'm doing something good. However I don't really feel excited in doing that as I used to. Sorry for this rambling disjointed paragraph. I'm sure there are words that are not spelled correctly. Thanks for reading though. One last thing, I do suffer from depression and am in therapy & on meds for it. Anoter thing, I do have family that are LDS. It hard to relate to them too. John
  9. I am not a meber of the LDS church, but have been interested in joining for sometime. I bought a Book of Mormon from the supply center on [in my case], and im still waiting for that. I've filled out a form on to have missionaries contact me, and they still haven't ... I'm just wondering how long they will take? I'd just "turn up" at my local church, but, I don't know ... it just seems a bit, out there, just turning up ... i dont know. Can anyone offer advice? If that made any sense?...